A/N - Okay here is Young Reggie. A little outline for the diehard Mac fans of which I am one. When I wrote Young Mac, it was an experiment to see if I could successfully enter the mind of Mac and make him believable. He is a psychopath after all. My ultimate aim is an adult Mac/Reggie multi-chapter story. With many back and forth e-mails from fellow Mac fan and writer Peachylana I think I managed to create a reasonable facsimile of Mac. When I was part way through and Mac's obsession with Reggie was coming to the forefront I thought of writing Young Reggie. The Reggie in Red Canyon, is most assuredly not the original Reggie. Her personality underwent a massive change after the experience in the cave and Devon's subsequent emotional deceit. So I thought I would give a go at a young Reggie, before the cave, before she is as damaged as Mac and Devon. This will have Mac POV. It is basically Reggie's time spent in Cainville, commencing directly after Young Mac finishes. I've made Reggie eight years younger than Mac, so when the story starts she is ten, Mac is eighteen. Remember this is Mac we're talking about, there will be nothing nice about this story. I'm basing a lot of it around that look that Reggie gave Mac in the cave while he watched her make out with Harley, that look she gave him inspired this story. The look he gave her in return, well that factor's in too.


"Mama!" Reggie jumps out of the car and runs to her mother's arms hugging her around the waist. Her mother hugs her stiffly unlike she usually does. Reggie pulls back, her bright face looking up at her mother with a frown. "Are you okay?" Her mother smooth's her hand over Reggie's hair

"I'm fine sweetheart, I have a headache is all." She steps away from Reggie leaving her feeling bereft.

Devon walks by with his bags, "Sissy," He mutters under his breath. Reggie frowns after him before she turns back to her mother running to her and putting her arm around her waist, snuggling to her side.

Later that evening Reggie enters her parent's room without knocking, she only had to knock when they were both in the room together. Her mother is sitting on the side of the bed facing away from her. Reggie walks toward her quietly intending to surprise her. But when she looks at her mother's reflection in the mirror she is distracted. Her mother is putting ointment on her breast. "Mama, what are you doing? Are you okay? What happened?"

Her mother jerks around looking at her. "What are you doing in here? I told you to knock." She grabs Reggie's arm and pulls her toward her shutting the door behind her. "Sit down and don't move." Reggie watches with silent tears as her mother continues to put the ointment on, she puts it on three things on her breast. Then she covers them up and puts her bra on along with her blouse.

Moving to Reggie, kneeling in front of her she takes her hands. "Sweetheart, I need you to keep this a secret okay? You can't mention what you saw to Daddy or Devon okay?" She looks almost afraid though Reggie is too young to realise that is the look. She stops crying and sniffles looking at her mother. "Sweetie, I love you, but you have to do this for me okay?" Her mother leans in and hugs Reggie to her, not pulling away when Reggie hugs her back and presses on her wounds. She inhales at the burn it causes.

"Mama?" Reggie snuggled closer to her mother.

"Yes baby girl?" Reggie feels her mother stroking her hair.

"Do they hurt?" Hesitantly Reggie touches her mother's breast where the burns are.

"They do." Reggie nestles closer.

"Is it a good hurt or a bad hurt?" Reggie finds herself touching the burns through her mother's clothing again.

There is a sharp inhale and Reggie thinks she hears her mother say something under her breath. Then she finds herself pushed away from her mother's warmth. She frowns.

"Reggie," She licks her lips and speaks again "Reggie, do you like hurts?" Reggie looks down shamefaced and refuses to answer. "Reggie, baby. You can always talks to me, no matter what it is you want to say, do you like hurts?" Her mother hugs her again and strokes her hair. Reggie feels the flaming in her face recede.

"Mama? Is it bad to like hurts? Like when Devon pinches me? I don't like when he says mean things, but when he pinches me, even though it hurts, it doesn't hurt. Is that bad?" Reggie thinks her mother says something under her breath again.

"No baby, it's not wrong, some people are just wired differently is all. They react to things differently than others." Reggie felt her mother kiss the top of her head. "Everyone is different, you just happen to like something most people don't, that doesn't make it wrong, but a lot of people won't understand it so be careful who you tell. Don't tell Devon okay?" Reggie frowns.

"But Devon is my brother?" Reggie questions.

"I know baby but there are some things you shouldn't share." Reggie hears her murmuring to herself again. "I have good news, we've got a neighbour now, down the road. A young man has just moved in." She strokes Reggie's hair soothingly lulling her to sleep.

When she wakes later that evening it is dark, she is in her room and her window is open. She still feels her hair being stroked though the smell isn't her mother's familiar smell. She wrinkles her nose but the stroking is so soothing she doesn't open her eyes. She snuggles closer to where she feels the bed dipping slightly and falls asleep again.


Reggie kicks stones along the road as she walks home. Her baseball cap has her hair caught up under it and she feels the sun burning the back of her neck. Stupid kids, she thinks. Just because she didn't live here all year they didn't want to play. She sniffs as she continues to walk.

There is the sound of an engine behind her and she moves off to the side of the road. She hoped it was one of her parents but hoped not at the same time. They were supposed to pick her up but she hadn't been able to wait. She hated being ignored and the kids at the party had done nothing but ignore her.

The vehicle doesn't belong to her parents. It belongs to her neighbour Mac though. She'd met him two summers ago, he was cute and older. And cute. And he made Reggie's heart go pitter patter. She finds herself flushing as he pulls up beside her. "Hey girl," He drawls causing her flush to deepen, "You wanna ride?" She can only nod without even looking at him. "Where are your folks?" She toes the ground with her foot and eyes steadfastly refuses to look at him. She knows she's going to be in trouble.

"I left early." She pushes her hands into her pockets, inadvertently pushing her shorts down a little, exposing her hipbone. There is silence, except for the truck engine in idle.

"Why'd you leave early pretty thing?" Reggie gasps as she looks up at him. He'd called her pretty! No one had ever called her pretty before except her mama. She flushes as she sees his blue eyes looking down at her. "C'mon, hop in I'll drive you to my place." He opens the door of the truck on his side. He'd pulled over on the wrong side of the road so the driver's side was closest to her. He puts out a hand and she puts hers in it unhesitatingly. Her mama had said he was nice and that he was their neighbour so she should be nice to him. Plus, he made her heart go pitter patter.

She feels the strength in Mac's arm as he pulls her up and into the truck, then he makes her gasp as he grabs her hips and goes to slide her over him to the passenger seat. Reggie couldn't say why she took hold of his shoulders. But she did and he stopped sliding her over his body, instead settling her on his lap, between his chest and the steering wheel. He closed the door cocooning her with him in the cab of the truck. "Comfy?" He asks her with a smile that takes her breath away. She nods.

He smiles again and leans down sniffing at her neck loudly, "Mm, someone needs a shower." His beard thing scratches at her neck and she hunches her shoulder on a giggle. "C'mon pretty thing, over you go." Mac's hands grasp her hips again and slide her over his lap to the bench seat of the cab. What they don't do is lift her before he slides her across. Reggie feels his legs and his hip bones and something else hard that she can't identiry as she slides across him. She is too distracted by the slow burn he causes in her instead.

She is flushed, sweating and shaky without understanding why. She squeals however when Mac's belt buckle scrapes her inner thigh. It doesn't hurt like it should however, merely intensifying the burn that Mac has caused in her. She finds herself gasping, gasping for what she doesn't know, but something. "You okay pretty girl?" Mac questions her.

Rubbing the spot on the inside of her thigh Reggie nods. "It doesn't hurt like it should." She stops, flushing even more as she realises what she'd said. Her mama had said not to tell people about the hurt being good. There is silence in the cab of the truck but she can hear Mac breathing, and she can see a muscle jumping in his thigh.

Taking a breath Reggie gather's her courage and looks up at him. His blue eyes are blazing down at her like fire. Like the hottest blue flame she had ever seen. "Why doesn't it hurt like it should?" Reggie looks down again and Mac's hand comes to lift her chin so her eyes meet his again. "Do you like the hurt pretty girl?" Reggie squirms on the seat beside him, she tries to take her chin out of his hand but he won't let her, merely holding her tighter. It is the first time Reggie has been held against her will. Those eyes stare her down though, not letting her get away. The burn in Reggie that she can't name intensifies. She finds herself panting as she looks up at Mac. He frowns at her as he looks her over.

"Fuck me," He swears as he looks at her. He lets her go suddenly. His hands take hold of the steering wheel and then he shoves the truck in gear, it is an old manual truck with one of those long stick shifts that come up out of the floor. Reggie feels tears prick the back of her eyes as she curls beside him on the seat. She thinks she should move away from him but finds herself leaning into his strength anyway. He ignores her while he drives home. When he pulls up at his place he switches of the engine this time. He shoulders open his door and then stands there for a few seconds looking out at the landscape. Then he turns back to Reggie still sitting huddled in the middle of the bench seat.

Mac holds out his arms to her and Reggie flies into them winding her legs around his waist as she does so. Mac swears again as he shuts the door of the truck and then walks toward his house. He sits down on the back steps as Reggie burrows into him. "C'mon pretty girl, it's not a bad thing." He stroked her hair as he spoke. Reggie finds herself grinding on him, searching for something, but she didn't know what. Mac groans this time as he swears again. He stills her hips as he breathes heavily. "Okay baby, do you know what you're even doing?" He pulls her head back as he looks down at her.

She frowns at him, "Burns." It is all she can say. Mac purses his lips as he swallows.

"Yeah, yeah pretty girl, it does. But it's a burn you can fix." He stands and unwinds her legs from him and then places her on the ground pulling her arms from around his neck. Then leaving her there he walks a few steps and grabs his hose. He turns it on and without warning squirts it at Reggie. "This'll do you for now though." He chases her around the yard as she tries to run away, though not too hard. The cold water does feel good on her skin. Eventually he corners her and squirts the hose on her for a good several minutes. Then before Reggie can say it's getting too cold he turns it on himself. She watches with her mouth agape as he simply lets the water stream down over his face, wetting his hair and pushing it back from his head so she can see his cheekbones and then down his shoulders, making his t-shirt stick to him and then down his stomach, soaking into his jeans and then down his long legs and over his boots. Suddenly she feel's flushed again.

As if he knows what she's feeling Mac looks over, pinning her with his eyes. He flicks her with the hose, soaking her again before he moves over and switches it off. Reggie pouts at him, "Now you need to dry me off." She frowns as he smirks at her.

"Oh no pretty girl, I like you all wet." She doesn't understand what he's talking about but before she can question him they hear one of her parent's cars drive past, coming back from town. Mac glances toward her house then back at Reggie. "Go on now, tell them I picked you up and hosed you off to cool you down." Reggie looks at him as he starts to soak himself with the hose again and then runs off, back to her place. That burn is back again worse than ever as she recalls the water running down over Mac's body.


Mac hoses himself down again knowing it won't stop the inferno raging inside. She was getting ripe, her scent was more than her mothers, it was wild and untamed. His hands clench on the hose as he turns it off nearly snapping the tap off in the process. He doesn't know if he'll be able to wait until she is legal. He goes inside toeing off his boots and heads back to his bedroom where he divests himself of his clothing. His hard on is raging, he looks down at himself, his cock is purple, pre-come is dripping from it steadily. Envisioning Reggie on her knees sucking him with his marks already on her body has him hunching over bracing a hand on the wall as he comes all over his floor. Fuck, she was going to fucking kill him, he fucking knew it.