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Now on with the first chapter.

Nosedive Flashblade was returning to the Pond when he spotted a tan owl in a tree holding what looked liked a letter.

"What do you have there?" he asked the bird

Come on you're talking to a bird even though you are one the blond youth thougt to himself

With that he took the letter from the bird and he saw that it had his name on it with an H emblem.

Oh well better read it after practice Nosedive thought

You see the Mighty Ducks weren't just 6 alien ducks stranded on Earth a long with their enemy, the Saurian overlord Dragonus and his henchmen, they were a Hockey team consisting of Nosedive's brother and team captain/leader, and goalie Wildwing,, the team's tech Tanya, the ex thief Duke, Mallory who was a part of their planet's special forces, Grin the team's strongest member, and finally Nosedive himself who was the youngest. There had been a 7th member named Canard who has been the leader before giving the gold mask of Drake DuCane to Wildwing before sacrificing himself to save the rest of the group.

Upon walking into the stadium which also served as their home and base, he saw Wildwing in already in his practice gear when he entered the locker room.

"What do you have there baby bro?" asked thw white feathered mallard

"No idea Wing but I'm going to read it after practice" the blond answered

With that the blond placed the letter in his locker and got ready for practice.

Meanwhile back at Hogwarts

"Let me get this straight, Albus. You want me to travel to Anahiem, California to enlist the help of 6 talking ducks and have the youngest attend Hogwarts?" asked a shocked Snape

"That's right Severus and if you would, help the young Mr Flashblade buy school supplies. I've got a letter explaining things to them and I belive the youngest already got his Hogwarts letter which he will be attending lessons with the 6th years." said the Headmaster Dumbledore.

"Why not have Hagrid or Minerva do this task?" Snape questioned

"Because Hagrid is busy in France and Minerva is visting family in Scotland and won't return until a week before term" answered the old wizrd

"Alright, fine give me the letter and I'll go to America" answered the unhappy Potionsmaster

With that Severus turned on his heel and exited Dumbledore's office on his way to America.

Anahiem, California

Snape saw that he had landed in an empty parking lot next to a stadium which he guessed was The Pond.

After he tranfigured his black robes into a black shirt and jeans and turned his boots into muggle shoes, he placed the feather portkey he was using and his wand into the pocket of his jeans he set off to do what Dumbledore had asked.

When he entered the arena he saw a team of what looked liked humaniod ducks playing on the ice and a middle aged man with brown hair and portly figure watching the team and he guessed it was, the team's manager Phil Palmfeather.

When Phil noticed the man he asked "Who are you?"

"Forgive me but I have important business with your team to discuss and it's not sports related" answered Snape

The ducks had stopped practicing when they noticed the tall man with greasy black hair, hooked nose, and thin frame talking to their human manager.

After the 6 team mates walked to where the two men were at, Wildwing was the first to speak.

"Who are you and what business do you have here?"

"My name is Severus Snape, Potions teacher and I'm here on behalf of Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The reasons are explained in a letter written by the Headmaster and in the Hogwarts letter a young Mr Flashblade should have recieved by now." the wizard explained

"I'll be in my office" said Phil and he turned and headed away from the rink

"Wait a minute you're a wizard?" Duke asked

Snape turned to the grey featheed, one eyed duck and said "Yes, I am as is most of those at the school, Mr?"

"L'Orange, Duke, L'Orange" answered the duck

"Mr L'Orange and as I said there a note here which I will give you and the letter which has sent to your youngest member" answered the man and with that he handed the note to the white feathered bird who had spoken before.

"Forgive my manners Mr Snape but allow me to introce myself and my team. I'm Wildwing the leader, this is Duke nodding toward the one eyed duck, the red head next to him is Mallory, the blonde with glasses is Tanya our team tech, the large duck behind her is Grin, and the other blond is my brother and the youngest member, Nosedive" Wilwing said

"It's Professor Snape but since you aren't familiar with the magical world, I'll let it slide" the Potions techer said

"Wait a minute I did have a letter addressed to me delivered by an owl that had my name on it just before I returned for pratice" the youth said

"Why don't you get the letter and after that we'll read the other letter from this Dumbledore and I'm sure that Professor Snape here will answer any questions we might have" the team leader said

"Right big bro" the teen said and with that he went to retrieve the letter.

The teen returned minutes later with the mail he had gotten moments earlier and once he was back, he opened the envelope and started reading it out loud to the rest of the team

Dear Mister Flashblade

We are pleased to announce you'll be attending Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Term starts September 1st and you are to be sorted with the first years .Your list of supplies is attached to the back of this letter. You'll be attending lessons with the 6th years and basic spells and things that the other students have learnt will be taught to you privately after dinner and on weekends in my office.

I've already gotten permission from the Ministry of Magic to give you a wand to do magic with. If you have any questions you can ask Pro Snape

Send your and the team's reply via Snape

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

The youth read the attached supply list to the rest of the team and saw that he needed a wand, books, robes, Potions supplies and was allowed a toad, owl, or cat as a pet

"If you're really magical, prove it" said Mallory

Snape took out his wand and said Lumnos and his wand lit up

The humiod birds looked stunned when they saw the light coming from Snape's wand.

When seeing the looks on the duck's faces he took out the note addressed to the team and sias "I suggest reading this and I can answer any questions you have.

Tanya took the parchment from Snape's hand and read out loud

To the Mighty Ducks

You don't know me but I've heard of you and your dealings with your saurian enemy and I request your help in stopping a Dark Lord named Voldemort, who manged to return a little over a year ago using Dark Magic.

I need your help fighting him and protecing a wizard named Harry Potter who first defeated him as a baby after Voldemort murdered his parents. Severus can explain the entire story to you you decide to assist, you'll be helping some of our staff, who I'll pair you indivisually.

Also I'd like for the youngest to attend classes as a student. If you're worried about practices or games. I can give you a reuseable portkey you can use to transport you to The Pond and back. or I can provide you with a private rink to practice you can park any flying vehicle you have next to school grounds.

Just to warn you muggle or non magical devices don't work at Hogwarts so your gear might not work on the grounds.

Snape can take you 6 to Diagon Alley to set up a Gringotts account and so he can take Mr Flashblade to buy his school supplies

Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts Headmaster

"So, what is the deal with this Moldy wart guy and this Harry Potter defeating him and later having him return?" asked Wildwing

With that Snape explained about Voldemort, the reason he went after the Potters, Harry's defeat of him and the child survived because his mother's love, Potter defating him again in 1st and 2nd year. Then his return at the end of 4th year and the killing of a student. After that he explained the happening at the Department of Mysteries and the loss of Harry's godfather Sirius Black, who had escaped from Akazban, the wizard's prison in Potter's 3rd year.

Once Snape was done explaining. Wildwing spoke up again "Do you mind explaining about Hogwarts?"

"Ok, let's see students are sorted into one of 4 houses and they are: Gryffindor, for the loyal, brave, and known for their rashness, Hufflepuff for the hardworking, Ravenclaw, for the clever and knowledge seeking, and finally Slytherin, for the ambious, cunning, and those with a thrist for knowledge and contrary to what you might hear, is not an evil house.

I'm the head of Slytherin" explained the dour man

"Team let's discuss this in the locker room" said the team's Captain looking over at Snape

Snape nodded and the 6 ducks headed to their locker room to talk things over

"I think we should help out and this Dumbledore did say we could use something called a portkey so we can still practice and attend games and Nosedive should attend as a 6th year, what do the rest of you think?" Wildwing asked

"I don't trust him but I think we should help the wizards" said Mallory

Wildwing turned toward Duke who said " You know magic is my kind of thing so I'm game"

He turned toward Tanya who said "I'm not sure our gear and your mask will work on the grounds but I can invent new things that will work with magic around"

He then looked toward Grin who said "I sense he's telling the truth so I'm in"

After that he looked at his little brother who said "If the rest of you are there I'll go and besides the letter said that one of the pets I could have is an owl so I can still communicate with Thrash and Mookie"

"Ok come with me Dive and I'll let Snape know our answer and he can take you shopping" said Wildwing

With that the two brothers went to give Snape the team's answer.

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