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Warnings: contains slash between two ducks and a wizard and a duck, Weasley bashing (except the twins, Bill, and Charlie), bashings of Hermione and Dumbledore

It had been the next morning when Malfoy had tried to wake the blond from his slumber "Go away, Wingster five more minutes."

After several minutes of trying to wake the duck, Draco had decided to find Wildwing or one of his other teamates and see if they could wake the drake.

He found the one eyed duck, Duke in the corridors near Snape's office and the grey featherd duck said he would wake Nosedive up and with that Draco led Duke toward the Slytherin common room and up to thier dorm.

Smirking, Duke asked Draco to get him a glass of water, which Draco did and the duck poured the cold water over the younger bird.

Nosedive woke with a yelp "Duke, why'd you do that for?"

"Because you need to get up, get breakfast, and get your schedule for classes." answered the older duck

After Duke left the room, the youth got up dressed, and joined Draco and Harry in the common room where the trio exited the common room and headed toward the Great Hall.

They sat down, eat quickly, and Snape past out their schedules with Nosedive's being


Potions(GS): 9:30-11:30

Lunch: 11:30-12:30

Herbology: 12:30-1:40

Transfiguration: 1:45- 3:45

Free period: 3:50-to dinner

After dinner, lessons with Dumbledore in his office and all classes will be with the 6th years except Potions


Charms: 9:30-11:30


History of Magic: 12:30-1:40

DADA: 1:45-3:45

Pratice with team: 3:45-5:00


History of Magic: 9:30-11:30


Transfiguration: 12:30-1:45

Potions: 1:50-3:50

Free period until dinner


Free period until lunch


Charms: 12:30-1:45

Flying lessons with first years 1:50-2:50

DADA: 3:00-5:00

11:00PM-12:00AM Astronomy


Potions: 9:30-11:30


DADA: 12:40-3:40

Hockey pratice: 3:45-5:00

After dinner, more lessons with Dumbledore

"What classes do you have?" asked Harry who was beside Nosedive with his back facing the Gryffindor table.

When Nosedive showed him the parchement, Harry told him what to expect in the classes and what the teachers were like,

They were so deep into to conversation that they didn't notice Wildwing sans the mask but in his normal armour approach the table from the Head table.

"Are you nervous baby bro?" he asked

"Naw, Harry here was filling me in on the professors and what the classes were like. No mask today, Bro?" Nosedive asked when he saw that his brother wasn't wearing the mask he had gotten from Canard, when the other Drake saved theirs lives by giving his.

"No, I figure I'd put it on later." replied Wildwing

"Ok, bro." said Dive

"Alright, I'll see you later Dive." said the older drake

Wildwing then turned and walked back to the Head table where the rest of the team were sitting and eating breakfast.

Nosedive waited until Draco and Harry had finished before they returned to their dorms to retrieve the books they'd need for classes.

It had been a week since the sorting and classes and the youth decided that he hated History of Magic due to the ghost teacher's droning voice, he liked Charms, Transfiguration, and didn't mind Potions too much but thought it was more of Tanya's area of expertise

Currently the ducks were on their way back to The Pond where they had a game tp play against the Philedelphia Cardinals

They had praticed Saturday morning and had the game that evening which they ended up winning 4-2

It had been a month since they arrived at Hogwarts and the youth was looking forward to the Halloween feast and the first Quidditch game of the season which Draco had explained the rules to Nosedive, who in turn informed the team (as they had no games to attend that day, the team decided to watch Slytherin play against Hufflepuff)

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