The Last Prince II: The Pact and A Prophecy

PART ONE: THE ROAD TO NOBILITY (Prologue –Chapter 19)

Summary: Post War, Severus Snape escapes the clutches of Death, only to be pulled into the most horrendous faith of being bound to an unjust and corrupt Ministry of Magic. With Dumbledore dead by his hands and Harry Potter gone missing in action, who is to prove his innocence and true allegiance? Meanwhile, a revolution is cooking up from within the bonds of the past as the legendary High Lord of Wizengamot emerges from awnings long-forgotten. What is his involvement in our favorite Potions Master's current plight? Will he be able to stop this in time? And where in the world is Harry Potter? Will he come back to save the fate of a man who despised him so?


Summary:Now that Lord Tristan Peverell had successfully rescued Severus Snape from the clutches of an unjust Ministry and has rightfully restored power to where it truly belongs, their lives will suddenly take an unexpected turn as they continue to rule Wizarding Britain. Part Two of this trilogy will see our dynamic duo back at Hogwarts. A new prophecy comes to light and the pact between the Houses of Peverell and Prince will be put to the ultimate test. Allegiances are revealed and tested and new enemies will arise. What shall become of our Last Prince and his beloved Chosen One? Find out.

PART THREE: THE FINAL ACT (Chapter 51- Epilogue)

Summary: (to be released)


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The Last Prince II

The Pact and a Prophecy

By: C.M. Oliver

© 2013


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Soon, it was September 1st again.

"Ron!" Hermione Granger ran towards her boyfriend at Platform 9 ¾. She, like many of their classmates, opted to go back and re-take their 7th year. The tall red head welcomed her with an embrace.

"Blimey, Hermione! Australia suited you. You look wonderful." Hermione blushed.

"Oh you. I'm just happy that I was able to reverse my parents' memories. Although, I did not count on them wanting to stay there." She sighed. "I'm just glad to be back."

Ron smiled. "Me too. Listen, have you heard from Harry lately?" Hermione nodded and fished out a folded piece of parchment from her purse. Ron eyed the paper and produced a similar one from his pockets. "The usual?" The redhead asked. Hermione nodded as she unfurled her letter and began to quote:

"I'm okay. Don't worry. I'll be back soon. Love, Harry." She then replaced the letter back in her pocket and rolled her eyes. "He did thank us for the presents we got him for his birthday, though. I mean, I know he deserves the peace and quiet and the privacy but –I wish he would at least tell us where he is. Does he think we're that stupid? The Bahamas? I don't think Harry even knows where that place is. I can't help but worry, Ron. No matter how much he tries to reassure us."

Ron wrapped her in a comforting, one-armed hug. "I can't believe I'm the one to say this, but don't worry much, Mione. Harry can take care of himself. He'll be back before we know it." He smiled. "Now what about that High Lord of Wizengamot, eh? You must've heard about him –and Bill! He's a bloody Wizarding Lord now!"

Hermione's eyes brightened as she told Ron all about the news that had reached Australia in her absence, all the way back to Hogwarts, momentarily forgetting about her worries for their currently estranged best friend.


The Great Hall was especially busy that night; aside from the fact that admission for students was at an all-time high in recent history, Hogwarts was also playing host to several important guests. The Staff Table had been expanded to a large U-shaped implement, as a number of seats had to be added. Filch could be seen fluffing up pillows and adding cushions at the last minute. The faculty and both returning and newly sorted students were already seated when the doors to the Great Hall opened.

In came the dark, balding head of the Minister of Magic. He was flanked by an old, kind-looking lady with huge spectacles, and a tall, thin, redhead man sporting long locks. The trio headed straight for the staff table while the students craned their necks to have a good look.

The party of three however, still had yet to reach their destination when another figure emerged from the doors. The Hall erupted with gasps of wonder and excitement.

A regal-looking young gentleman with striking deep auburn hair and brilliant blue-green eyes strode purposefully right after the Minister's group, an easy smile painted on his handsome face. He would occasionally grin or wink at a random student as he made his way up front. By the time he reached his destination, the Minister was already seated comfortably right next to the Headmistress. The young man nodded at them politely.

"Forgive my tardiness, Headmistress McGonagall, Minister Shacklebolt."

A scoff was heard from the Headmistress' left side.

"You are always late, Lord Peverell," the baritone admonished him. "What else is new?"

Lord Peverell grinned. "Lord Prince," he nodded at the man, who scowled.

"Professor Snape, if you please, my Lord. The current setting demands that I, be addressed, by my professional title."

The young nobleman smiled, taking his seat next to the Potions Master. Headmistress McGonagall watched the by-play between her Deputy and the High Lord with amusement. She cleared her throat and stood up. "Students, faculty, staff and guests, welcome to another year at Hogwarts. We have a lot to talk about so I will not dilly-dally. As you can see, we have extended the curriculum to make allowances for some of our returning 7th years. For all intents and purposes, they shall be considered as 8th years and will be learning under a specialized syllabus developed by Madame Marchbanks –" she gestured to the old lady sitting next to the Minister. "-and myself. They will still room with their respective housemates but will be provided their own quarters within to allow for independent studies for their NEWTS, which will be held 3 months earlier than the regular 7th years' testing."

"We have staffing changes as well, following our devastating loss during the last war. Professor Remus Lupin has been given clearance by the Magical Diversity Council and will return as DADA Professor and the New Head of Gryffindor House. His position and the responsibilities that come with it will defect to our new Care of Magical Creatures Professor and Assistant Gryffindor Head Charles Weasley, on the days that he is unable due to his condition. Professor Weasley is to replace Rubeus Hagrid who has opted for early retirement. Replacing our dearly departed Professor Flitwick as Charms Master is recent alumna, Professor Penelope Clearwater. The Ravenclaw Headship on the other hand, will be entrusted into the capable hands of our Astronomy Professor, Aurora Sinistra. The Deputy Headmastership Duties will now defer to our Potions Master, Professor Severus Snape. In turn, his recent post of Slytherin Head will be given to our Arithmancy Mistress, Septima Vector, as Professor Snape will be asked to attend to other duties outside of the castle from time to time that will take him away frequently out of office hours. Transfiguration will be under another alumna, Professor Angelina Johnson. Professor Firenze has too, been given clearance from the MDC and will take over all Divination classes. Professor Andromeda Tonks will take over the History post from Professor Binns who had finally decided to move on to the Great Beyond. Muggle Studies had been expanded to include Muggle Culture, Technology and Economics. This will be now mandatory from 1st to 5th year. Sixth and Seventh years may choose to drop it in lieu of other electives. This subject will be taught by Professor Burbage. For muggleborn and muggle-raised students, they may opt to forgo this subject entirely and instead enroll in Wizard Etiquette and Heritage Studies. This will be conducted under Professor Gorbink, one of Wizengamot's liaison goblins, as sanctioned by the MDC."

"Seventh years and especially emerging Heads of their respective Houses will be encouraged to take up Noble Customs and Traditions, Wizarding Law 101 and Estate and Finance management. These will be handled jointly by Head Goblin Liaison Gareth Ironfist and Lord William Weasley of the House of Prewitt who we have here with us today." The Headmistress gestured and paused, allowing the information to sink in among those gathered. As whispers and quiet discussions broke out, she continued. "These reforms are seen as essential by our dear Minister and High Lord of Wizengamot." She then called for Minister Shacklebolt to give a few remarks. The dark man gave his usual canned speech about progress and change. The students clapped politely after he was done. Then, it was the High Lord's turn.

Tristan Peverell smiled casually as he stood up from his seat, his eyes surveying the faces now watching him intently. "I'm hungry and I've heard food here is great. So all I can say is good luck for another year."

Laughter rang all across the Hall as the young Lord took his seat once more. Minerva McGonagall was chuckling heartily as she waved her hands to signal the beginning of the Feast.

"Must you really employ the theatrics?" Severus asked glaring at Tristan. The young noble merely grinned.

"I'm starving. What else can I say?"


September 1st that year fell on a Friday. So the following day was effectively a weekend and students did not have to get up early yet.

The Staff Room however, was full that Saturday morning. The Minister and Madame Marchbanks had left the previous night, but the High Lord remained, claiming that he had wanted to observe the schematics of Hogwarts, not having attended there. The Headmistress, Deputy Headmaster and Head of Gryffindor of course knew better, and just stayed in the background as their colleagues, specifically the ladies, frantically smothered the handsome and enigmatic nobleman with information about the school.

Soon though, they ran out of things to try and enthrall him with, and Headmistress McGonagall declared the meeting over. The other Professors left, until the Staff Room held only those who knew the truth. As Professor Sinistra left, Severus took out his wand and locked the door behind her.

"Thank Merlin that was over and done with. You would think they were a bunch of hormonal teenagers the way they act."

Remus shook his head in amusement. "I'd think Pomona would be different, but she was the worst."

Minerva chuckled. "Well, I cannot blame them. Young Tristan here is quite a sight for sore eyes."

The young Lord grinned at their reactions. Remus addressed him. "I'm quite interested to see how much of that glamour is you, Cub." His request was met with Tristan blinking his eyes. Once again, he was Harry Potter. Remus' and Minerva's faces were in clear shock. Severus on the other hand merely watched, appearing to be unimpressed.

"I think I won the bet, my Lord," he told Tristan. The now-emerald-eyed man frowned in reply. "Heh, you're right. I thought at least Minerva wouldn't look so shocked –oh well," he then stood up from his seat, walked over to Severus and kissed the Potions Master full on the lips.

"Oh –dear," Minerva's face paled even more. "I don't know which shocked me more –seeing Harry look so much like his glamored self or –or –that –"

Remus on the other hand was on his feet right away.

"SNAPE! What is the meaning of this?" He demanded. "Noble Lord or not, I will rip your throat off if you –"

"Calm down, Moony," Harry went in between the two former schoolmates. "It's consensual."

"Oh my –" Minerva gasped. "But you've been away together for barely a day –"

"Let's just say it was a whirlwind romance, Minerva." Harry winked at her before turning back to Remus. "Moony, I'm fine. We're taking things slow."

"Yeah, Lupin. If there's anyone being taken advantage of, it is I." Severus grumbled. "You wonder boy's virtue is quite safe."

Harry smirked. "Only because you would dare not besmirch it, no matter what I do to encourage you –"

"Oh please –I did not have to hear that!" Remus pleaded. He eyed Severus, then Harry, then Severus once more before sighing out loud. "Fine. You are both adults and I trust your judgment, harry. But if Snape hurts you in any way –"

"He'll just bloody torture me with Wizarding Etiquette lessons," Severus offered. "Take my word for it –those were just downright nasty."

"Oh Sev, you enjoyed them –especially learning how to Waltz, remember? " Harry teased.

"No, I did not!"

Minerva and Remus exchanged looks and began laughing. Harry just looked amused. Severus rolled his eyes. "And there they go, finding amusement at my expense. I should just declare feuds with your Houses and be done with it!"

"Now, Severus, remember what I told you about declaring feuds?" Harry shook a finger at the onyx-eyed man who just ignored his antics.

"Now, what I really want to know, young man, is how you came to be the High Lord of Wizengamot," Minerva interrupted. Remus seconded her. "James never mentioned being related to the Peverells. I'd like to know myself. And why all the secrecy, Harry? What are your plans for Wizarding Britain?"

Harry met the inquiring eyes before stealing a glance at Severus. The older man shrugged, as if telling him that it was to be his decision on what to reveal to the two people they trusted most individually. The young Lord ran his fingers through his tousled locks.

"Who's up for a trip down memory lane?"


A/N:As promised. Here you go - the second chapter for today's update. This takes off directly from the last scene from the previous chapter. Enjoy. Remember. I need my reviews or the Klaine/Glee plot bunny will kidnap me again.



It was just before lunch time when Harry, Severus, Remus and Minerva emerged from the pensieve. The formidable witch had tears in her eyes after seeing Harry's memory of saving Severus from the clutches of Death. Remus' face remained stoic all throughout, but you can tell that his gaze softened upon hearing his cub bargain for the cursed man's soul. They all laughed at Harry's memory of stunning Severus and the embarrassing waltz lesson. Minerva gasped upon learning of the Pact between the Houses of Prince and Peverell, as did Remus.

"I know what you told me, cub. But I just want to make sure you are not just coerced to fulfill the pact by being with Severus."

Harry held the concerned amber gaze on him.

"I love him, Moony. You've seen it. You're the only family I have left that I can call my own –you're like a father to me and I know you would worry. That's why I showed you my memories. It's the same way with Severus and Minerva. He sees her as a mother figure –"

"Oh my poor, poor boy –" Minerva then rushed to hug an uncomfortable-looking Potions Master.

"And you just had to tell her that, Harry, really." Severus said, trying not to get smothered by the formidable witch. Harry smirked. "Aww, Severus, we all deserve a hug every now and then. And besides, what would you do without Minerva?"

"Marrying the pink toad." Severus grumbled. The Headmistress snickered. "Precisely," she said as she tried to compose herself. "Speaking of pink, Severus. I hope you are not forgetting our deal…" The Potion's master's eyes widened.

"Oh –NO! You have to be yanking my chains, woman! There is no way in the nine circles of Hell that I am wearing pink robes!"

"Oh, baloney!" Minerva admonished him. "I won the bet fair and square. A deal is a deal. Harry was able to help you. You are wearing those blasted robes!"

Horror was clearly etched in the normally stoic man's face. He turned to Harry in appeal. "I am a noble Lord! Pink is such an undignified color –there must be some other way –do something!"

His plea was only met by a mischief-filled grin from the High Lord of Wizengamot.


Tristan Peverell exited the staff room alone, just right before the first dishes had appeared in the Great Hall. His three other companions were still discussing lesson plans and what-nots, when he almost bumped into a smiling Bill Weasley.

"Lord Peverell," Bill greeted him first, following protocol. Tristan smiled right back. "Lord Prewitt. I was just about to join the staff for lunch. Would you care to accompany me?"

The eldest Weasley son flushed lightly. "Forgive me fore detaining you then, my Lord –"

"Not a problem at all. I'm sure you have your reason." Tristan waved his apology off, still smiling. "How may I be of service to you, my good man?" If possible, Bill turned even redder. "Oh, well, I was just going to personally thank you for what you've done for my family, my Lord. I am truly honored to be part of the revolution you are initiating with our government. I thank you for giving us all a chance to move towards the right path –"

"Ah, nonsense. It is people like you and your family that I should be thanking," Lord Peverell said. "Your dedication is astounding. In fact, I would like to thank you and your family myself –say, how about you and your own accompany me at a private dinner at Peverell Manor? It is located at Carlisle Hill. How about this coming weekend? I would love to get to know more about your lovely household." Bill's eyes widened. It was rare to personally get audience with the High Lord nowadays, much more at a private function at the said nobleman's home. He quickly composed himself.

"Of course, my Lord. If that pleases you, my family and I will be there. Thank you for the invitation."


Monday came faster than anyone could have wanted, and soon, Severus Snape, Lord Prince, was storming into his first class of the year. He was bringing in with him his usual air of coldness and terror. But, it was not to be for long.

He scowled at the returning 7th years '(8th years') class who, upon seeing him, held their breaths collectively. Besides the fact that their once-feared Professor had indeed been a spy for the Light and now a noble Lord, Severus Snape was still his usual greasy, bastardly self. Or so they thought.

The inky-black hair that formed a curtain across his face? Check. His impossibly pale skin tone? Check. That sneer of disdain on his face for having to instruct dunderheads? Check. Those voluminous robes of death black that screamed of pain, demise and misery should anyone at the very least try to touch them?

Wait. What black robes?

Hell must've frozen over.

The Potions Master slumped down on his seat behind his desk, his face almost –almost turning red… as red as the bright, scarlet robes he was currently wearing, upon seeing the astonished looks on his eldest student's faces.

And thereby went his 'Dungeon Bat' reputation. Down the drain…

'Curse you, Potter! Why did it have to be red? I should have agreed with pink –at least I can claim that they were standard Healer's robes! Curse you for convincing that infernal cat of a hag to agree –'

"What are you dunderheads looking at? TURN TO PAGE 206 AND BREW THE ENTICING ELIXIR! If your potion is unsatisfactory or incomplete by the end of the period, you will meet the same fate as that blasted fool who dared mess with my robes!"

A scurrying of several terrified bodies calmed Severus' fears.

'Okay, maybe wearing red isn't so bad after all. Good to know I still have it.' He thought, leaning back on his seat with a satisfied blink-and-you'll-miss-it mile.


"What is this I'm hearing about the Red Potions Demon from Hell all day?" An incredulous voice asked as he entered his dungeon chambers right after dinner that night. Severus smirked at the unglamored young man.

"Oh, that's what they're calling me now? Brilliant."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Seriously, Sev. I thought wearing red would bring out the best in you."

"It did." The onyx-eyed man approached and kissed Harry full on the lips, which the latter returned favorably. "Your best positive self, Sev. Not your best 'Professor From Hell' self." The emerald-eyed man murmured through their connecting lips. Severus began to deepen the kiss that had the younger man moaning in appreciation.

"Stop talking, Harry. I have a reputation to uphold."

Harry pulled back slightly from the kiss. "What, your old 'Dungeon Bat' self? I thought that it was all for show?"

Severus pulled him back in another embrace. "It was. It is just fairly difficult to be approachable to those brats all of a sudden. You would not want them getting heart attacks all at once now, would you? Now quit this infernal and rather inane train of thought and let me ravish you." He then began laying butterfly kisses on every inch of Harry that he can get to.

"Hmm… I suppose," the younger man mumbled, reveling in his lover's ministrations. Severus was lightly nibbling on a sensitive spot on Harry's neck. "Oh, Bloody Merlin, Sev. That feels so good…"

"You taste just wonderful, brat." The older man whispered against the pale, soft skin he was eagerly devouring.

"I'd taste better elsewhere," said Harry suggestively, hoping that the onyx-eyed man would take the hint. It was only about a month or so into their relationship and all that they did was snog each other senseless. And Harry wasn't a hormonal teenager for nothing; it all felt too long for him without any sexual activity happening, whatsoever. Damn Severus and his insane amount of self-restraint!

"I'm sure you do, Harry," Severus sighed. "But we have to wait." In came the standard reply.

"But Sev, I'm technically 18! My hormones are killing me! I'm tired of bloody wanking to extremely lewd thoughts of us together. At least, touch me. Inappropriately, please, thank you."

"At the expense of sounding like a total prude, " Severus completely pulled away from Harry this time. "I want us to wait until we marry, love. And I could touch you –damn, I really want to. But for all the self-control that I have in my being, I know that if I so much as start, I would not be able to hold back until I am pounding you senseless into the mattress –definitely not what I imagined our first time to be. You need to be patient, okay? And trust me –"

But Severus' words were only falling on deaf ears as Harry was already lost in his own world.

"M- Marry? Did –did you just –would you –I mean –"

The older man sneered at the younger one's expression."Heavens, Harry. Quit doing that goldfish expression of yours. It is quite atrocious."

However, Harry wasn't still hearing any of it. "M-marry –marry? You –you –"

Severus finally took pity of the young Lord and did the only thing that he knew would knock sense back into him. He kissed him soundly. Harry was still blinking, as if recovering from a daze, when Severus pulled away.

"I thought I heard you mention us marrying, Sev."

"I did."

"Seriously? The Gryffindor asked, looking evidently surprised. "You would?"

Severus gave him a soft smile.

"You have another thing coming however, if you reckon that I would not require a proper and formal public proposal after my formal Lordship Rites in the winter. I expect nothing less from you, Lord Peverell."

"But –you would say –yes, I mean –you would say yes?"

"Seriously, Potter," the Slytherin scoffed. "Where is that Gryffindor bravado you so rightfully possess now? I think, that my repeated expressive desire to stick my tongue down your throat with every chance that I get, is verification enough of my desire to be with you and you alone. But if you require another proof of my devoted and undying love for you, I –"

"Wait, you love me? Severus, you really –you really love me? Honestly?"

Severus frowned as he took both of the younger man's hands in his and kept them close to his chest. "Are you doubting me?" Harry flushed.

"No.," he admitted sheepishly. "It's just –I –"

"You doubt your merit to be loved then?"

The smallest of nods ushered Harry's answer. "Yes…" Severus let out a meaningful sigh as he led both of them into a nearby couch and sat down. "That month in the Lair had been extremely eye-opening for me. And I would have to admit that had it not been for that time, we might probably not be in this position –"

"Sev- "

"Let me finish, Potter. Now while I acknowledge that it would be highly unlikely for us to come together without the Pact looming over our heads, let me be clear on the fact that I still think you worthy to be romantically pursued –"


"No. You have to hear this. You have already come a long way from that imbecile I met when you were eleven. I will not let you regress to that insecure boy with a hero-complex. Your despicable relatives might have drilled unto your thick skull that you are below them. But I am telling you right now that you are not. You hear me? You matter. You are worth it. Falling in love with you for who you are, is not as impossible as Longbottom getting a potion right on first try –"

"Sev, I –"

"Never doubt yourself, Harry. Not everyone is out for your hide. Not everyone cares about you because of what you did or did not do. Some of us care just because we do –"

"SEVERUS!" Harry exclaimed, effectively cutting off the older man's litany. Severus met the emerald eyes he had loved so much in the span of two lifetimes. "What?"

"Say it." Harry said timidly.

"Say what, brat?"

"That –that you love me."

Severus drew closer and wrapped his arms around his younger beloved, bringing him closer to him and with much gentleness, whispered.

"I love you, Harry James Tristan Peverell Potter Black –and all those other blasted titles that come with being you."

Harry looked up at him, his face brightening up considerably. "I'm just Harry, Severus. Just Harry for you." Severus simply nodded before claiming those damned enticing lips once more.

"I do not know exactly when or how, but I know in my almost non-existent heart that I have already fallen for you, Harry. I am madly in love with you, and only you."

"You will marry me? Bond with me Sev?"

Severus held Harry's loving gaze and said determinedly, "Yes. Yes, I will. No threat or pact is needed. I will."


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