Chapter 19 Reforms

The next few days flew by in frenzy as Tristan took both the Ministry and the Wizengamot by storm, initiating reforms.

The first thing that he did was call for a full Court hearing to appoint a new Interim Minister of Magic –until the time came for proper elections once more. Kingsley Shacklebolt, former Head Auror, was the unanimous choice. He was as clean and as steadfast as they could get, and for that, Tristan was greatly pleased. Under the High Lord's direction, the Minister became accountable to the Wizengamot and therefore, checks and balances were conducted on a regular basis. Following this, a directive was also issued, calling for a revamp on the numerous departments under the Office of the Minister. Officials that were proved to be corrupt were sacked right away and immediately replaced by individuals who have gone under strict evaluation and background checks to ensure their integrity and competency. Gone were the days of 'buying Ministry positions.

The coveted and powerful position of DMLE Head remained with Madame Amelia Bones, taking in Gawain Robards as her Deputy and Head Auror at the same time. The Department of International Magical Cooperation was entrusted into the capable hands of Arthur Weasley who accepted the position teary-eyed, remembering that his dead son Percy had once coveted the said spot. He left the Department for Misuse of Muggle Artifacts (now renamed the Department for Muggle Affairs) to his contemporary Wallard Perkins.

Other notable departments are as follows: The Department for the Control of Magical Creatures, now reformed and renamed as the Magical Diversity Council. The Council, whose primary purpose was to pass, repeal and remand laws concerning magical beings, was comprised of delegates from all noted magical races: goblins, elves (yes, even house elves), centaurs, vampires, werewolves, giants, veelas and faeries among many others. They answer directly to the Minister of Magic through special liaison Amos Diggory; The Department of Budget, Finance and Taxation under Maxwell Johnson; The Department of Health, Sanitaion and Medical Research under Atticus Flint; The Department of Social Welfare and Child Services under Druella Davies; The Department of Misuse of Magical and Underage Wizardry under Mafalda Hopkirk; The Deoartment for Regulation of Magical Beasts and Plantlife under Lionel Clearwater; The Department of Magical Education and Public Information, headed by Griselda Marchbanks; The Department of Magical Games and Amusement, entrusted to former Quidditch hero Adrian Lynch; and the newest Department of Economics, Technological Innovations and Heritage Integration under the first-ever Muggle-bortn department head, Dirk Cresswell (not related to the Noble House of Cresswell).

The Minister gave all the Department Heads a marching order right on their first day on the job: get rid of corruption and implement all Wizengamot-approved reforms.

For the part of the Wizengamot, the High Lord immediately called for the absolution of the post of the Chief of the Court, effectively reverting to the structure before the time of Nile Peverell . All of the current ruling lords and ladies were also asked to declare all their House affiliations to better facilitate the distribution of seats and voting power.

To further the efficiency of the august body, the High Lord also took the liberty of forming commissions for special pet projects that he had in mind.

Lord Lucius Malfoy, Lord Geoffrey Greengrass and Lady Amelia Bones formed the Defense Commission. They were tasked to acquire information from international defense agencies such as the CIA and the Interpol regarding any rising threat to their security as a nation and as a people. Any rising Dark Lord would be nipped in the bud even before they could emerge and cause much damage.

Lady Augusta Longbottom, Lord Roger Davies and Lord Percival Abbot formed the Heritage Commission. Their task was to research and reinstate long-forgotten magical traditions and develop a new educational curriculum to reintroduce them to younger generation.

Lord Arnold Parkinson, Lord Perseus Boot and Lord William Weasley formed the Independence Commission. Their task was to ascertain and develop ways in which Magical Britain could be able to produce their own supplies for food, raw materials and other products of necessity. Currently, the aforementioned commodities were still sourced in the muggle world and these dealings, although needed, greatly put the Statute of Secrecy at great risk. The High Lord thought it prudent to lessen interactions with muggle suppliers for this reason.

The Orphan Commission was a project that the High Lord held close to his heart, hence, he entrusted it to no one else but himself and Lord Severus Snape. Their aiom was to scour muggle orphanages and institutions, as well as muggle-dominant families in an attempt to counsel and rehabilitate and offer assistance to the caregivers of displaced or orphaned magical children. IN the event that an intervention is not sufficient, these magical children shall be placed in the hands of Child Services until a suitable home could be found for them. No more magical child would grow up abused, neglected, unloved, or ignorant of their rightful heritage. No more Tom Riddles or Harry Potters or even Severus Snapes would ever set foot in Hogwarts again.


"Everything seems to be off to a great start," Severus commented as he entered the private office of the High Lord of Wizengamot where the said esteemed nobleman was sitting behind a handsome mahogany desk without his goblin-made glamour on. Tristan, or rather Harry, smiled at his former professor and tutee.

"It's a start, Severus. The success of which, still depends on whether people will continue with the changes we have initiated. It's still a long way to go, I'm afraid." The young man's emerald eyes held the Potions Master's gaze. "Still so many thing s to do. I mean, I trust Kingsley, but he's only one man."

Severus sighed and approached his former student and tutor, settling on the space behind Harry's seat. Long, potion-stained fingers reached for the young lord's tensed shoulders and began to knead them. In the days that had followed their departure from the Lair, Harry had gotten used to this more sensitive side of his once Potions Professor whenever they were alone together. If before, the thought of Severus Snape giving him a shoulder massage was alien, it was now common place most especially right after a very intense and tiring meeting at the Ministry. It was a very welcome development in their relationship that they were now more comfortable with small affectionate touches between them (aside from the occasional snogging of course).

"You have the Wizengamot Harry. You have me, Do not try to do it all by yourself. Your Gryffindor sense of heroics is grossly outdated."

Harry had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sensations that Severus' hands were giving him.

"Mmm… I know that Sev. Believe me, I'm tired of always being the one to do things –Merlin, your hands are heavenly…"

The onyx-eyed wizard smirked and removed his hands from Harry's shoulders. The younger man opened his eyes in protest, but that desire was immediately squashed when he turned around to face the older wizard. Severus had THAT glint in his eyes.

"Let me assure you, Lord Peverell, my hands are not the only divine things about me." His bored tone was greatly contrasted with the teasing look on his face. Harry grinned before schooling his features into a serious look. He cleared his throat before launching into his 'High Lord' voice.

"Care to test that theory, Lord Prince?"

Severus feigned shock and alarm.

"THEORY? What theory? That is a FACT, my Lord. Your careless words insulted my dignity. I demand satisfaction in House of Prince tradition!"

Harry raised his eyebrows almost comically. The indignant look on Severus' face seemed genuine, but he knew better.

"And what satisfaction would that be, Lord Prince?"

The indefatigable Lord Prince waved his hand wordlessly in the direction of the High Lord's office door. Harry could hear the locks clicking in place. Severus then inched closer to the younger wizard and whispered in his ear.

"Surprise me,"

A look of utter bewilderment crossed the emerald-eyed man's face. Was Severus really giving him leave to do what he thought it was? But a glance at those fathomless irises told him more than any word could have. Harry let out a small chuckle and pulled away slightly –but not long after, crushed his lips against the Potions Master's. The kiss quickly heated up, and both Lords were letting out soft moans of pleasure in no time. The pressure of initiating quickly departed Harry's mind as the naturally dominant Severus took over the choreography of tongue and lips. Soon the two were panting and in need of Oxygen. Severus then pulled back with a small smirk on his face.

"That was extremely satisfying. Although I have to say that you, my dear High Lord, look clearly debauched. So, what were you saying about theory again?"

"No theory –FACT." An out of breath Harry Potter gasped. "Now shut up and kiss me again –or I will pass a law requiring hair gel to be used by everyone under 75!"

Severus raised one amused eyebrow.

"Heaven forbid the monstrosity of that crude muggle invention. He made then made a show of shrugging. "I guess I should dedicate my life to make sure that that piece of legislation does not see the light of day." Severus said with a mock seriousness before recapturing Harry's lips with another searing kiss.

"Hmm… and who had Gryffindorian tendencies now, huh, Sev?" The younger wizard teased, his hands now boldly toying with the many buttons of his older man's robes –Suddenly, it seemed like a huge barrier between the two dark-haired wizards just crumbled down with that exchange.

"You. And it is not Gryffindorian tendencies, but Slytherin self-preservation." Severus murmured against the skin of Harry's exposed neck, the vibrations of which, caused the young lord to tremble anticipation.

"Enough talk, Sev. Just kiss me senseless!"

Severus glared and pulled away.

"Really, where are your manners, Lord Peverell? Even tyrants such as you should have them."

Harry returned the glare with a roll of eyes to boot.

"BY the order of the High Lord Of Wizengamot –"

"Dear Merlin, help us all!" The Potions Master sighed resignedly before pulling the emerald-eyed nobleman close to him once more and captured those damned lips again, effectively silencing any more of the High Lord's possibly abominable decrees. A few minutes later, a madly-grinning Harry Potter pulled away.

"For a Slytherin, you certainly are self-sacrificial, my dear Lord Prince."

A heavily panting Severus Snape scowled.

"For a Gryffindor, you sure are manipulative, brat."

Harry laughed before diving in for another kiss.


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