I've agonised over this decision for a very long time.

This story meant a lot to me when I started writing it. All I wanted to do was do justice to EBKCullen's amazing story because I didn't want this story to die. Dear God, in the end, I was this fresh writer who was oh-so-desperate to write something good.

And then the criticisms and complaints and threats came rolling in. It reached a point where for every nice message begging for an update, for more, for me to keep on writing this in spite of the criticisms, there were countless others telling me my writing sucked, that I sucked, that I should quit now while I was ahead and a bunch of other stuff I won't bother repeating.

In the end, I couldn't do EBKcullen's story justice.

I couldn't please the fans who, like me, had loved EBKcullen's story but unlike me, were unhappy for anything other than the story EBK had originally written.

I couldn't please the new readers either who found the original oh-so-dull and the new oh-so-bleh.

It reached a point where I couldn't write anymore.

Still, I held off on posting this notice in the hope that maybe one day, I'd be able to grow a shell thick enough to keep posting and continuing trying to do justice do EBK's story. After all – I did continue writing the story and have most of the chapters written and saved. That day never really came.

And so I've officially decided to hang my hat up. I know the majority of you don't even care anymore. You're probably wondering "oh my god, why is this god awful writer even bothering? We all stopped reading after the first sentence of chapter one" but I feel like I owed it to the few of you who did read and love this story to tell you that there probably won't be any more updates and I'm so so so sorry.