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"She's compelled!"

The brunette sighed, touching her hand to her face she shook her head and glanced up at the pacing hybrid long enough to see the anger, hurt and confusion in his eyes. "She's not compelled, Tyler," she said softly, attempting to tame the beast.

"Why else would she leave me for him, Elena? What could he possibly have done to her to take her? Compulsion is the only logical option."

A snort from beside Elena brought Tyler's eyes to the bright blue ones. "Maybe vampire Barbie just found her hybrid Ken." Damon grinned. "Don't take it personally, Tyler, she likes to go from man to man, it's in her little nature."

Elena turned to Damon, eyes wide and mouth open, "Damon!" She retorted, raising a hand to hit him on the arm. Tyler flashed before him, growling possessively.

"You don't get to talk about her like that - not right now, not whilst she's under his compulsion."

Damon raised his hands in the air in mock surrender, a humourless laugh running through him. "Tyler," he stated, more serious than before. He dropped his hands, one finding Elena's thigh. "She's not compelled."

"She has to be," he whined, desperate for any sort of reasoning that she would ever leave him for that - that beast.

Damon stood up and took a tumbler from the table, he filled it with amber liquid and passed it to the seething hybrid. "Whether you like it or not, wolf-boy," he began with a some-what sympathetic twitch of his lips. "Blondie is not sired, not compelled, nothing else supernatural. She just is. She and hybrid Ken are an 'it' now. Who better to tame our beast?"

Tyler considered his words for a moment before he threw the tumbler at the wall and hissed at Damon. "She wouldn't do that. There's something not right here. You'll see," he growled, heading out of the boarding house to get his own answers. Damon cringed and looked toward a horrified Elena.

"Well, that worked out nicely."


Klaus stared down at the blonde cuddled into him. Her back was flush against his chest, her fingers entwined with his and brought to her own chest, her lips resting only centimetres from the tips of his fingers. It was all still so surreal to the original, how this innocent, baby vampire could have possibly chosen him with her light and his demons.

Yet she was here, with him.

He blinked down at her, his fingertips moving and brushing against her bottom lip, she sighed in her sleep and shuffled her body closer to his, releasing one of his hands and finding comfort in holding onto the pillow under her head.

It took Klaus seconds to realise someone was watching them, and when his eyes met that of another wolf, his possessive growl rumbled through him, fangs dropping and eyes turning that frightening yellow that made Caroline's skin pinch together in goose bumps. The wolf waited before he retreated from the window and backed up, but Klaus could still sense his presence outside. He spun Caroline around so her face was in his chest, and pressed his chin to her head, holding her in his possession.

"Relax," she whispered against his skin, her lips brushing his chest.

Klaus growled softly in response, calming himself at the sound of her voice. "He came back," he told her, fingers finding her hair and neck, caressing gently. "He is constantly watching you, they all are. They assume you're under compulsion."

Caroline grinned against him, wrapping her arm around his waist, she pulled herself impossibly closer. "I'm on vervain, they all know that."

"I could have bled you dry," he reasoned.

"You'd never hurt me," she replied, kissing the warmth of his skin once more before she settled and mumbled quietly. "Go back to sleep. He's no harm to anyone."

Klaus looked down at Caroline, closing his eyes and resting back on the pillow. "If he touches you," he began in warning. Caroline sighed at his alpha-tendancies and nodded against him.

"Ripped apart, heart down throat, I got it," she grumbled quietly. "Go to sleep."

Klaus chuckled at her demand and pressed a gentle kiss to blonde curls. He opened his eyes again to once more look down at the girl in his arms just to convince himself it wasn't a dream. When he heard the rustle outside and the howl of a wolf, a small, satisfied smirk curled on his lips.

She was here. She was his.

I'm going to do a prequel to this short little drabble. I just thought of this after reading a helluva lot of Klaroline over the weekend (I hate being ill, but it's awesome because no work = a lot of Klaroline). I'm sorry I'm not doing so good with the whole writing front and I really hate writing Klaus because I can't ever get him right.

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