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↷Not Beginning↶

Magic Academy

Magi Academy is a academy hidden by public. Students of that school have strange magic; and that strange ability is that they can see the Rukh [1]. The Rukh are the main source on how those students have Magoi [2].

The location of Magi Academy is secretly underground, a place where the Goverment(s) kept it away from the public and human eyes. The location is in Japan, and the way to enter the school is from a cave. When entering the cave, there would be 4 paths, and no one knows the right path, except for the students of Magi Academy. After picking the right path, there will be a long to go Magi Academy.

Question: (randow smilling reader) How can the students find thier way?

Answer: (talentlessDAWN) Magicians can sense the magoi. Hand-to-Hand combat uses thier nose and ears. And for Swordman... just by luck.

When finish taking a 20 minutes walk of the path, they will found themself in front of the Magi Academy entrance which is 20 meters away from the pathway. The surrounding around the school's surrounding is wide areas which shops lining here and there. There is also a park for leisure, mall for girls and boys, and more (except for houses).

Magi Academy is a private school made for Dungeon Capturers, Household Vessels, Magicians, Gladiators, Swordmans, Warrior and more. The school is ranging from amatuers (here: beginners, trainee, etc) to geniuses. It is well-known (only in the world of Magic) for the most powerful geniuses who have already passed the levels of extraordinary as they gradute from Magi Acadeny. They provide the best educations and facilities which is greater than the humans' school. The looms of the student fron the highest class can even made any girls or boys down to thier knees, since these students are fron the highest class and they are the most promising students. These students are the individuals who stand out and was admire by many. They are from the highest class, Class S, where the talented students resides. These students where well-known for what they specialist. Each of them has a talent(s) that they enjoy with all of thier hearts' content (some do not).

The students can pick only a single thing in which they are skilled at; Magic, Swordmanship or any swords-related things and Hand-to-Hand combat. When the school begins, there will be 4 periods that everyone (read: all) have to attended. After the 4 periods and Lunch Break, they will attended their own periods. Magicians will have 4 periods, Swordmans will have 3 periods, and Warriors and Hand-to-Hand combators also have 3 periods. There are those who have 'special student' badge that some kept with them all of the time. Those who have it are the one who specialist more than 1 talent.

The classes are divided into many rooms for each single class rank. The rank depends on how talented, how strong, how smart, and how skilled the students are. The class are mixed with different type (read: Magicians, Swordmanship, and Hand-to-Hand combat) who are chasing after thier dreams of thier future. The higest class are Class S, making Class A as the second. While Class B, Class C and Class D are just ordinary. Leaving Class E (meaning: E-as-in-end class) the places where amatuers are. The S and A classes have only 3 rooms. The B, C, and D classes have only 5 rooms and the E class with 5 rooms. The Class S and Class A are the pride of the school, unlike Class E who are know as the disgrace of the school.

Students live in dorms and they reside from any of the 5 dorms. Each dorms held 150 rooms, with two bedrooms in each rooms. So making 300 students in one dorm. Multiplying 300 with 5, we'll get 1500 students who are studing in this school. The student live in one room with another student so that they can help each others and deepen thier relationship.

The first Magi's school building is the Magi Academy; the main building. This building is where all if the student will study together for the first 4 periods. Science, chemistry and fomulas, history, home economics, maths, japanese, english, drawing and more subjects. This school has 8 floors. Magicians are taught in this place about magic in the 6th floor.

The second school building is Magi Academy for Gladiators, where the swordmans, spearmans and people who fight with sharp blades are going to become Gladiators.

The third school building is Magi Academy for Combat Warriors, where people who specialist in strenght and speed, kicks and hits, legs and fist are there. They were taught with fighting style(s) like Martial Arts, Kick-boxing, Karate, Wusho and more.

The fourth school building is Magi's Falicities where all the students take a break, lunch break, go to libraries, train themselves, and anything in thier free time. The only time they can use is Lunch Breack and after School only for 45 minutes. There is a training ground where students train themselves outside this school.

The fifth school building is Magi's Dorms, where all the students came here after school to do their homeworks or go to sleep.

The girl stood in front of Magi's first school building, Magi Academy. With her (h/c) hair streaming out behind her as her (e/c) irises eyed the school building in front if her, with some strange emotions on them. In her hand held some papers about the school building, information on each facilities and building, classes, dorm group and room and her schedule.

"So this is Magi Academy." you muttered behind your breath. You stood on the sidewalks, facing the opened gates of the entrance of your new school. 'Magi Academy' was printed on the right in large black words in the wall the surrounded the palace-like school. The courtyard of the school were swarming with students; upperclassmen and lowerclassmen.

You sighed as you closed your eyes and began to walk towards your asigned classroom. Since the large amount of the students were swarming the pathway to the the school's giant door, you decided to used some amount of your Magoi and teleported yourself to your asigned class. 'Class E, room 5.' was your command before teleporting yourself in front of the classroom.

As you teleport yourself to your classroom, some of the student were alarmed with your sudden presense. You sigh once again and walk towards to seat with your name which is glued to your tabke. Once you reached to your table and sat down, (e/c) iries look down at the paper you still have in hand and fliped the pages till you see what you want. You sighed in relied the first period is science. You were really happy since you held a great love for science since it is one if your mother's traits you recieve. You clenched your hands when you remember the memories. But you shook your head side to side while chanting, 'DON'T fucking think about it', in your head.

Before you could read the another page, a blur of a person pass by you and you could hear the sound if the chair next to you moved. Your (e/c) eyes laned on your seatmate and saw that she was in a great rush.

Being an anti-social, you just shrugged and averted your eyes to the paper. Before your could read it in peace and silence, all of the students. No seriously, all of the male and female students look at the clock and they all rushed to the large window on the left side. Before you could comprehand everything you saw, all of the students were either screaming some random people's anems or going, 'kyaa~! kyaa~!' around, with red dust tainting their cheeks, hearts on thier eyes and some boood trailing down from thier nose.








And the shouts, squeals, screams and yells are making your ears burst out from the noisy rucous. You look from side to side to see less students were either reading thier books, avoiding the noises or just sleeping around. You noticed your seatmate from your left side was gone. You look at your right and see a guy with red messy hair has laid his head on the table, probably sleeping. You follow what remaining students were doing and just take out your science book and your notebook and began to read the first page of the book.

'Geez,' you mentally sigh. 'it's like Vampire Knight's Night Class in Magi's style [3].'

"...Your home work is in Excersice 1. 2, part 3. Question 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The two next page is also your homework. Understand the 12 problems which were written in there. Don't just write answers, the questions even need the solutions to the answers." the maths teacher explained and grab all her things.

"This work will be include on your exams, so review nicely. Now, bye-bye class!" the maths teacher smile at the students and student being lazy, they do not thank the teacher. Well, except you.

The maths teacher frowned sadly but when her eyes land on you, her happy smile return its way on her lips when you tried to smile kindly and bow; a sign of respect and thanks. You straighten yourself and waved at her and the maths teacher smiled once more as she wave back and left the class happily. You sighed in relief and slumped back over you seat. Despite your ani-social attitude, you were still kind, again on of you mother's trait you recieve. Today, the fourth period is finish, meaning that...


"LUNCH BREAK!" you groaned when alk those dumb students annouced happily and stood up from thier seat. Instead of killing someone's ears, there is the alarm bell for pete's sake! All of the students turned around to thier bags and take out thier lunch box, bentos, money or just food packet. You, being so lazy, decided to sit for some seconds and then turn arouund to your bag.

"... just oh my god, but djd you see Sinbad-sama helping that weak bitch, just wow! That geek is like flushing and all! Man, if I were her, then I would totally scream.." your ears twitched when you heard the comment and the high-pitched voice.

'Girls are just girls. They all are that stupid people who go 'kyaa~! kyaa~!' over hot boys. That why we, girls are weak.. But it's okay for me to fangirl over hot Anime guys...' you metally groan when bitch, clown faced fangirls are chattering again.

"Oooh~ How about bullying her? That should teach trashes like her not to touch our beloved Class S' boys."

"HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my, yeah that way too good!"

You mentally imagine that how the girl's life would be ruined and you nodded your head. 'Maybe I should befriend her...' you thought and grab your bento, two melon bread and notebook with mechanical pencil and eraser and left tbe annoying class for the library.

The place was still flooded with fangirls, fanboys and studenrs as they started to crowded the hallway and corridor, making it hard for you to have a peaceful scrool while daydreaming. So you decided to used teleportatuon to trnafer yourseld into the unpopular library.

You widen your eyes and your jaw drop at the sight of the library. 'Seriously?! Is this even a library?!' you mentally shouted and grip your hair in happiness at the sight of how many book the God has lay before you. With sparkles around you, you twirl and dance towards the table and place the things except your bento and two melon bread and skip towards as you reach the station, 'Fomulas and Chemistry'.

You hummed as you happily took the book which is known to be not understandable. Even the writing of this book is scribbled, making it hard to read, but for you, it's just a piece of cake. The real reason you came here was just not to play at all, but to support your poor family since your mother is having a rare disease. Your small sister is trying her best to read all medic and health about all these diseases and herbs and many more, as the rukh loves to be around your sister, they also obeyed you and your sister's.

You frown at the sight of your coughing mother. Ever since your father abandoned the family, the state of the family has become worse. That day, you hate your father even more and more. Even no matter how much you hate your father, still you couldn't bring yourself to it. Because, the thing your father has done always has a meaning behind them. You would leave the past and go on with the future in head. You secretly scratch his finest dress and keep it in your bag so that you could find him. That piece of cloth hasn't been touched for 2 years.

The process of getting a book, reading them and then putting them back was repeatting. You sigh once again, feeling bothered just to decided to the small boy with meduim blue hair that was trying to reach for the book. Since you recieve your mother's kindness, you decided to help him.

↙Third Person's Point of View↗

A small young boy with medium long blue hair and bangs that stop at his eyes tried to reach the book by doing tippy toe. Normally, he would using his Magoi to get that book, but since he is hungry, he can't use his Magic. He thought about climbing over the shelf but he shooked his head. He can't since his energy is gone by tippy toe for about 10 minutes and being hungry is his disadvantage.

So he was left by calling for someone's help. He shudders when he call a girl then only she would scream and that would alert other fangirls. Then he would he would be surround by hungry fangirls who would stare at him with drooling mouth. The library he is in is not really popular since students are just tired or lazy to came here and study about magic.

Then he glance left and right, severals times but only to stop when a (h/c) haired girl was reading a book then puting back and reach for another book, then starting to read it. He stare at her. The girl is only just few meters away from him. He blush when he saw how big the girl's boobs are.

Then, the rukh around the girl is white and really pure, much to the young Magi's surprise. All the students would have a little black rukh since the way they treat those people who meet the his classmate, and how bad they were discipled. As if summoned by his thoughts, the girl saw him and walk over to him. Then, she grab the book he was trying to reach and hand it to him. "I have seen you have trouble trying to reach that book, so I think it's okay to help you." the girl said.

The young boy smile as his blue eyes gleam with happiness. "Thank you, miss!" then, his stomach growls. Loudly.

Then, there is silence around them and the girl stare him and hand him two melon bread which she carry around. "Here, a boy like you need a good appetite."

His blue eyes gleam with happiness. "Thank you, umm..." the boy then pause to wonder about the kind woman's name.

"[Lastname] [Name], from Class E." the kind lady introuduced and place the book she read back to the space of the book where the boy want. "How about you?"

The young boy stare at her in disbelief. There is no student in this school that doesn't knows him. But he still find it a good thing since this lady isn't like any students. Even if she in the Class E, still status doesn't matter to him at all. As long as she is good, then he would like her.

"My name is Aladdin, from Class S!" Aladdin introuduce as he munch on the melon bread and smile at the girl happily.

【[Lastname] [Name] has now officially meet Aladdin】

"Then, nice to meet you, Ala-" before she could finish her sentence, her eyes widen and she push Aladdin really hard, making him far from the girl. He thought she was rude, but only to see the shelf broken into pieces, making the heavy books feel down on her. Then he noticed that the shelf was really old and weak!

"[N-N-N-NAME!]" He call out to the girl and rush to her side. Even the two melon bread he had eaten isn't enough, he use his magic to lift up all the book and saw how badly [Name] was. With the magic turban he carried around, he carried [Name] and himself and run toward to the window, knowing that if he left by the door, then [Name] would be bullied since she meet him.

With his staff, he use that to open the window and left. He fly higher into the sky to not get get any attention. He thought of putting her to the nurse's room, but only to cross that since even the nurse would squeal, making the girl's attention to him and [Name]. Then [Name] would be the center of attention and she would be pick on. So he would carry her to his dorm. He even eat her bento, which she hide it by holding it tightly to her chest.

Little did he know, his roomate and friend would fall for her, not only him. But the whole ㅡall boys ofㅡ Class S would even fall for her.





That is the start of her Male Harem.

✡Aurthoress' Note:

[1] Rukh (ルフ) is the home of souls. While we live, it is every man for them self. But when you die, all go back to one place, and that place is Rukh. When humans die, their bodies will remain in the earth and thier souls will return to Rukh, the home of souls.

[2] Magoi (魔力; マゴイ) is the energy created from Rukh. Magoi is pure power. Concentrating Magoi and firing it is not that powerful and can only be used to give slight injuries. All living beings have Magoi inside their bodies, but only certain people with certain objects can call forth this power. Metal Vessels, Household Vessels, Magic Tools and Magicians all use Magoi to use Magic. If a person uses too much Magoi, it can leave them extremely exhausted or worse.

[3] ...It's like Vampire Knight's Night Class in Magi's style...: Read the summary, readers. It says Modern!AU, right?! Then Manga and Anime is also the part of it. That include Music, Mobiles and more shits, right?

Inspired by Saku Kinoshita's Kou Academy, I now want to do ReaderxEveryone since I don't know what kind of guy you like in Magi. Really, I almost got in a fight that involes Magi and Characters. But the only main problem is that I am the only person who was just plain happy to write a story.

I can't never understand a women, even if I am a woman myself. I mean, just one statement made by a boy, then the world turn upside down and the World War Ⅲ had now been started. The whole students has been suspended for at least 3 months, leaving me and the nerds (they are an otaku like me, but choose not to get into the fight) all alone in this classroom.

Since I am only girl who is just kind enough to give her work to a person for them to copy, My friends and bestfreinds almost bribe me with that as an advantage to thier plan. They even cried and beg and bow down at me. When I look at them solemnly, I could see shamed and defeat so I give in, making the students who where suspended really thrilled.

My shoulders are in pain since I started to write this story was just 6 hours ago. No bathroom, no food, and I am getting serious that I spent 2/3 of my life in my Tablet, and my eyesight are getting worse, so I just buy contact lenses. I felt uncomfortable when I remove my contact lenses. Really, I felt unsure of this and that, this and that, and that and this.

Thank you once again,