It would have been better if this was an update wouldn't it. Everyone would be happier lmao. Why I'm writing this tho, is because you guys deserve an explanation as to why I haven't been updating at all. No I have not disappeared from the face of the Earth, neither am I abandoning this fic (I made a promise that I wouldn't and I'll stick to it).

Firstly, I am so, so sorry to have kept all of you waiting but my life is so full of stress now, i can barely keep up. Two, there's a problem with my computer and I'm trying to get it fixed as quickly as possible but it might not be fixed that fast (I'm using a friend's laptop to write this). Third, I've had my holiday but it's been filled with a 10 day vacation to Korea and lots and lots of homework (also the spoiled computer thing).

This last reason is the hardest for me to convey to you because I feel like I'm betraying all of you. goes.

I left the fandom. I am so sorry if this disappoints you in any way and I never intended on leaving but it doesn't feel the same anymore. Glee used to be my escape and my only source of happiness. All the glee cast members were my babies and all of you were my family. Recently, though, I don't feel happy anymore when I think of glee. It's no longer my safe haven and i only ever feel sadness or anger when it has something to do with Glee. The fandom is full of wars and maybe it's changed since I've abandoned my twitter account but it doesn't feel like family.

I wish Glee and all the cast members all the best for the final season but unfortunately, the recent spoilers and pictures have put me off even considering watching the last season anymore. Please don't hate me for my decision, I had to carefully consider my options and think about whether or not I really wanted to leave. After some thought, I decided that, yes, I'm going to leave and I'm not going to care what other people think of my decision because my happiness comes first and I hope you can understand that.

Don't worry about me, though. I have found my happiness elsewhere, with 7 idiots called BTS or Bangtan Boys, a korean hip-hop group with amazing songs and choreography. They're my sunshines and their idiocy and hard work make my day so much brighter no matter how hard the day was. If you're curious, you should check them out. They may not be you type because, you know, they sing in korean and not English so you wouldn't understand anything they're saying but trust me, their lyrics are amazing. They are amazing dancers so check out their "Danger Dance practice" on YouTube. While my heart no longer belongs to Glee or the cast (or Darren and Chris or Klaine) and now belong to these 7 boys (age ranging from 17 to 22. sorry for promoting them, i just love them to bits) I hope that I can still continue this journey with you.

I may no longer be in the fandom but I'd at least like to try to continue this story and if I am unable to (the life of a 14 year old can be hectic especially if you're in my school), I'd like to ask if any of you are willing to continue it for me; not for me but for the sake of my dear readers and so this story can eventually get out of this dark cloud and move on into a brighter future.

Again, I am truly sorry so please bear with me and if anyone feels that they want to help me co-write or continue the story for me when I no longer can, please just drop and review and your email or contact me on my kik: haziqahofficial

Thank you so much for reading my little essay and I really hope you understand. I hope to hear from you guys and what you think i should do from here on out. Also, I'd like to hear your thoughts on my current situation.

Love you guys (This will be deleted when I finally write the next chapter so please hold on to your hats, this is gonna be a long ride)