The Kalos region bustled with energy as trainers came from far and wide to catch the new Pokemon that only appeared there. Talks of the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo were heard on the streets, most people thought he was only in the Kanto region, but he wasn't he traveled when he saw fit to. a Charizard flew over head into the new region bringing with him his trainer Ash Ketchum for a new adventure and new Pokemon friends. Not far from a place called Pokemon Village was a huge cottage lived a young girl named Amanda, She was playing Minecraft and a new pack was just released so you could add Pokemon to game and Mewtwo was included.. Amanda had brown hair with a white stripe down either side and parted in the middle, brown eyes and was wearing a blue tank top, dark blue jeans and black airwalk sneakers. She had deiced to add Mewtwo who was a male to her game and that's when she fell for him. he was indeed in the Kalos region and there was a girl who knew exactly where he was but was made to promise to reveal his whereabouts but she would if she knew the person wouldn't try bring any harm to him. She moved to Kalos from the Unova region bringing her boyfriend Cilan with her, his brothers were sad to see him go but they had to let him go and be his own person and be with the one he loved, he to guarded Mewtwo's secret. her name was Cherie, she had shoulder length wavy brown hair and blue eyes, even though she was female she preferred to wear Cilan's clothing as they were more comfy on her, he guessed it was because his were looser on her. They lived next to Amanda and behind there house was the gates into Pokemon Village where Mewtwo was. Cilan had gotten a job at the local cafe and had gone there leaving Cherie to tend to the Pokemon they took care of, they ran a day care and would help people with their Pokemon. She rounds up the Pokemon and lets them outside for fresh air and to play. her Chespin Brittany ran over to her chattering away. Amanda had saved her game and decided to go outside and see what the world was up to. Once outside she noticed she had a neighbor and went over to investigate. Cherie was holding small bird in her hands who had its wing bandaged "once you evolve you can teach that mean old fox a thing or two that's if it hasn't evolved by then" she was talking about Fennekin who had attacked the poor little Fletchling. Amanda walked over to the gate that lead into where Cherie was and called out to her "hello you must be my new Neighbor, I'm Amanda" Cherie looked over and sat the Fletchling down into her nest and walked over to the gate and opened it letting her in. "Oui, my name is Cherie Morgan, nice to meet you. please come in and enjoy yourself with our Pokemon" she motioned with her hands to all the Pokemon from different regions. "my boyfriend Cilan and I take care of them, usually trainers are heartless and abandon them if they are not strong enough, so we take them in..he's at work right now so i tend to them until he returns home, got any favorite Pokemon?" Amanda blushed "Mewtwo" Cherie smirked as she knew were he was and guarded his location. "oh well maybe one day you'll find him, he is around this region i heard people talking about how they saw him" Amanda had stayed and helped Cherie and had made a new friend that, she even made friends with Cilan when he returned home that evening, he kept having to remove a Vivillon from his head as it liked to land there. He had asked Amanda if she had plans on trying to find Mewtwo she had said yes but wouldn't know where to start looking as he has been in many different places. They also knew they had to watch out for Team Plasma.