A month had passed since they took her back to the Pokemon Village to meet Mewtwo, Incase he would launch an attack Cherie had taken her Seperior and Cilan had taken his Simisage with, but Mewtwo didn't attack at all, he had allowed Amanda to approach him as he sensed no harm would come of him by this human girl. They had formed a friendship and since then Cherie and Cilan would allow her back there to be with him as long as one of them or a strong Pokemon went with her.

It was now December and Christmas was in the air, a fresh blanket of snow had fallen covering the region in white. Cherie was out chasing a Bergmite around "get back here you little bugger" Cilan though it was funny and was laughing at her until he stepped on a patch of ice and his feet went out from under him and he landed on his bum then he didn't think it was so funny. She manged to catch the Bergmite and went over and helped him up. "Is it me or do the Ice type Pokemon get more active when it gets cold?" "Its not you, they do get more active in colder weather" he brushed the snow off the back of his pants. Amanda had come over to go and visit Mewtwo she had taken him a blanket and some cookies she baked him as a thank you.

It was back in November when she was out and about in Lumosia Town doing some shopping when she got attacked by some thugs but a mysterious figure wearing a hooded cloak had come to her rescue. The Thugs were later revealed to be Team Flare thugs and they were searching for legendary Pokemon, unknowing to them one had just defeated them.

Mewtwo was in his cave taking a rest he had just defeated another trainer who wanted to catch him, but he refused to stay in any ball he threw at him and this caused Mewtwo to struggle in battle and faint himself. he manged to eat a berry he had regain some of his strength. Amanda had come in and ran to him wrapping the blanket around him and offering him a fresh baked cookie which he took and happily ate. He had a friend and was happy and if anyone would catch him it would be her.

Cherie puts the Bergmite back into his area "stay put" she then goes inside with Cilan to warm up.