A/N:Thank you all who viewed my first story Just machines, or a brother too? I hoped you liked it! So this story is the untold story SANINW of Donatello. Takes place after the episode Real World part 2 when the turtles and Splinter come back and Casey finds them. We know Donnie hugged Mikey and Raph when he saw them when they came back, but what about Leo and Master Splinter? Does Don ever tell them where he went? I think they should have elaborated on that because I think that Donnie would have some issues coming back from seeing his future like that and his brothers. And if Leo gets half a season to be mad at everything just because he thought he failed his family I thought Don should have some screen time too. So that is where this story was made!

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"Where the heck did you guys go? I've been searchin' for you for at least 10 minutes. You guys been goofin' on me? Is this some kind of game like hide n' seek or something?" Casey asked as soon as the turtles appeared from their journey.

"Yeah, something like that" Raph responded while him and Leo are smiling

"Let's just say that…its good to be home" Leo said while looking at Raphael

Donatello sighed thanking they are home at last in their dimension and not that other one. He looked around the room, Raph, Leo, and Casey talking with Mikey near by. But him he wasn't part of the conversation, no, he was off to the side thinking about what just happened with him returning from the horrible future and seeing his younger and his immediate older brother. He decided he was standing in this spot to long so he quietly walked out of the room and walked into his bedroom without know his brothers and Casey were watching.

"Wow what's up with Donnie?" Casey asked looking at the other 3 turtles

"I don't know maybe he's tired?" Leo responded

"No he was acting really weird before we found Draco and the Daimyo's son, like when we were all reunited he hugged Mike and I saying we were young again and alive."

"And then he came up to me and was like and Mikey you have both arms I didn't know how to respond to that so I was just like good to see you to Donnie, I think. He was acting really weird."

"When he turned around and saw that Masta' Splinter was in trouble he just froze for a second like he wasn't there ore somethin'" Raph said

"When I was trying to pull you guys back from whatever dimension you were in I saw a little piece of each of yours but for Donnie he was the third one I tried right after you guys and by that point I wasn't paying attention I was to focused on bringing one of you guys back. But I don't know what's wrong we will have to keep an eye on him see if this is a one time thing or it goes on alright" Leo said stating specifically to his brothers

Raph and Mikey nodded

"I'll keep an eye out for him to Leo maybe tomorrow I'll come down with April and she can hang out with him. Maybe even get him to tell her if there is anything wrong"

"Thanks Case, that's a good idea." Raph said and Casey left

"Maybe we should tell Master Splinter? I think he would want to know" Mikey said

Raphael and Leonardo nodded and they all walked to their sensei's room. At first they hesitated go to tell them but this was for Donatello's own good.

"Sensei?" They all said simultaneously

"Yes my sons?" He said opening his eyes and looking at his three sons

"We think there might be something wrong with Donnie. He was acting weird when we were talking to Casey, he was in the corner of the room just standing there with his head down but then I guessed he sensed us looking at him and he went straight into his bedroom and he hasn't come out since" They all said each telling a little bit of the story

Master Splinter stroked his beard "I sensed something off from him earlier also. I shall talk with him later to see if there is anything wrong with him"

"Thank you sensei"

"You are welcome my sons"

After the three turtles left their masters room they signed in relief knowing now that their sensei was involved they could really figure out if something was really wrong with their genius of a brother

"You think Donnie is going to be OK?" Mikey asked

"I'm sure he is Mikey, Master Splinter is going to talk with him and whatever it is we will all help him through it" Leo responded confidently

"I know it weird already down here, like him not in the lab or somethin' it's kinda creepy like somethin's missing" Raph said getting chills up his spine as he talked

"It's getting late let's all head to bed and hopefully tomorrow Master Splinter will talk to Donatello and we can figure out how to help and how to get back to normal. OK?" Leo said

Raph and Mike nodded then all saying goodnight to each other and silently to themselves Donatello too. Tomorrow could be the day the turtles live change better or for worse.

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