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Two dark figures were standing side by side in a beautiful, large clearing lit up by the moonlight. One figure was obviously female, and was identified as Lupa, the Roman goddess of wolves. The figure next to her was much larger than her, and was male. In his hands, he held a small blue bundle, in which lay a small, beautiful toddler boy, no older than 4. He had wild raven black hair, and was sleeping peacefully in the older male's arms. The goddess looked at the toddler, before looking at the man expectantly. "Why did you call me, P-" she questioned before she was quickly interrupted by the man.

"Don't say my name, Lupa. It is dangerous to say it out loud so freely, and I would hate to attract unwanted attention," said the man. His voice was deep and held power, but at the same time, was soft and warm. Lupa was slightly agitated, but understood his reasoning and nodded her head slowly. The man at her side sighed deeply, before starting his explanation. "I need a favour from you."

Lupa raised her eyebrow questioningly, and asked, "What would that be? You know very well that-"

"No," the man interrupted again. "It has nothing to do with betraying Olympus. You are far to loyal for that." He chuckled lightly at the annoyed expression the goddess wore. "As you can see," he continued, "I have sired a demigod child. My first demigod child." He ignored the wide eyes and the shocked look he received. "He will be a powerful demigod, and I would not want to endanger him by keeping him by my side. I need you to find him a safe place where he would grow up in." He saw that she was about to complain, so he quickly hurried on. "Please, Lupa," he begged. "I do not care if he sides with the Olympians. I just want my baby boy to be safe. He has had a very rough life." Lupa looked at him questioningly. "He was abused by his step-father, while his mother was a drunk, and just looked as he was being tortured," he explained. Lupa saw the pleading eyes that begged her to help him, and she sighed in submission.

"The Roman camp?" she asked.

He shook his head. "I want him to grow up as a Greek. It will be much easier for him, and plus, he is a Greek. I can foresee that he will grow up to be a great warrior, and a even better leader."

"I can't take him to the Greek camp! I have to stay with the Romans, and the Greeks can't learn about their existence. It just brings sadness and death," Lupa objected.

"Please, find him some sort of safe place," the man said. He handed over the boy to the wolf goddess. The toddler subconsciously cuddled closer to the goddess, enjoying the warmth she provided. It broke Lupa's heart to even think about leaving the poor boy behind. She looked back up expecting to see the man, but saw that he was already gone.

"I guess that leaves me no choice, but to fulfil your fathers wishes," she told the sleeping boy quietly. The goddess turned around and walked back into the forest, lost in thought about where she should leave the little boy.

Lupa walked through the forest, trying to come up with a place. That is when she got an idea. The Hunt! Yes, that would be great, but they hate boys… she thought. No, I don't think they would mind a boy this young. They could teach him how to fight and survive. To help him, I will give him my blessing. Yes, this is perfect. She looked down at the sleeping form of the boy, and for a minute he glowed a soft silver colour, before it disappeared from sight. The boy stirred, but then sighed quietly and became still again. Lupa smiled at the boy, before she started making her way to the Hunters camp, which was not so far away from her.

Lupa was nearing the camp, before a sudden sliver light appeared in front of her. From the light materialised a small girl with auburn hair and piercing silver eyes. She could have been twelve years old, and wore a smile as she saw her good friend, Lupa. "Lady Artemis," Lupa greeted respectfully.

"Lupa," Artemis said in return. She still wore her smile, until she caught sight of the boy that was lying in Lupa's arms, and her smile turned into a scowl. "What is a boy doing here?"

"I have come to ask you if you and your Hunters can look after him," Lupa explained. Artemis looked at her in disbelief.

"He is a-" Artemis wanted to argue, but was interrupted.

"Yes, Artemis, I am not blind. But he is still very young, and he has had a hard life. His mother was an alcoholic, and his step-father abused him," Lupa said. Artemis looked at the boy in her friend's arms, and felt pity for him. Yes, she has seen and heard about these kinds of things many times, but already at this young age? She sighed in defeat, and looked back up at Lupa.

"I can give him a chance, but that doesn't mean that my Hunters will. He will have to earn their respect himself," she said. Lupa nodded, and sighed in relief that Artemis would take him in. She had no doubt that he would prove to them that he was worthy. "Do you know his godly parent?" Artemis asked.

"No," Lupa answered quickly, too quickly for the moon goddess' liking. It was obvious to her that Lupa was lying, but she really didn't want to go into another stupid argument with her.

"Whatever," Artemis said. "Hand him over." Lupa did as she was told, and carefully placed the boy into Artemis' hands. She was careful to not wake him up, as she didn't want him to panic or anything. "What is his name?"

Lupa shrugged. She has forgotten to ask about the boy's name, as she was in hurry. "I will leave that up to you." Then Lupa transformed into her wolf self, and bounded off into the forest. A second after that, the boy started stirring in Artemis' arms. Joy, she thought, what was supposed to be a nice morning stroll to give me time to think, just gave me more trouble. The boy opened his eyes, and Artemis nearly got lot in his vibrant sea green eyes. There were hints of silver in his eyes, which made her wonder. Who was this child? Who is his godly parent? The boy opened his eyes fully, once he saw that he was no more lying in his fathers arms. He panicked, but Artemis soothed him, and rocked him in her arms. True, she might not like boys, but something told her that he was different.

"Who?" the small boy questioned, seeming to have calmed down.

"Don't worry. You are safe. What is your name?" Artemis asked. The boy stared back up at her with a blank expression. She sighed, seems like either he doesn't want to tell me, or he doesn't have one. "Fine, if you won't tell me, we will have to make one up. How about, Perseus? Percy for short?" I asked the boy. He clapped his hands in reply, and smiled a wide smile. Artemis couldn't help but smile in response. "Percy it is. Now let's go, for you still will have to meet your new sisters," she said, as she started making her way back to camp.

So what do you think? Yes, Artemis is a little too nice to boys, but please, I just had to make it so. Don't kill me… :P :D