Alright guys… please don't kill me, even though you have the full right to. For days of hard thinking and decisions, I have decided to do one of the most dreaded things on this site. I am discontinuing the story...

NOT! No worries! I wouldn't ever do that! But seriously now, I am putting this story on a short hold for the moment. Please no hate, for I have many reasons to do so. I know how the story will go and all that, but I am momentarily very, very busy.

On a (better?) note, I thought that I might possibly ask for help in writing this story. I just ask for you guys to message me or review here, if you'd possibly want to work on this story with me together. With this I think that I'd most likely be actually able to work, and finish things on time. Mind you, if you want to help, could you like… idk send me an extract of a chapter, or something so that I could see that you are able to write? I just want to know that I will be placing my story into good hands :P (Our story if you'd wanna help.)

Another thing, what would you guys say if I'd do a gods read of the books? I don't know, but I'd find that real amusing to try… but yup, that's all up to you guys.

Thanks for your opinions and help!