This is dedicated to my best friend ever. I'm having a rough time now, and no matter what, this girl has stuck by me, even though I can't be there for her this weekend (you know what I'm on about, Robyn). So as the biggest thank you gift ever and a story to make up me not being for her, this was born. *sends a trillion hugs to you.* This one is based on the fact that this is what she will do if the guy I like gets together with me and he cheats on me. This is exactly what she would do, in the middle of school as well.
There will be five chapters to this and I will upload this every week.
Couple(s): KwanxStar (not in this chapter) SamxDanny (not in this chapter)
Implied StarxDash, implied PaulinaxDash
Star and Sam are best friends in this fanfiction.
I do not own Danny Phantom.

Summary: If you hurt my girl, you better run.

If there was a sight that most people did not want to see, it was to see Casper High's sweetheart, Star Sazayuki, crying in the girls bathroom at school.

Two pairs of eyes stared at the crying blonde girl, trying their best to comfort the poor girl.

"He doesn't deserve someone like you," Jazz told her, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, "All he cares about is her," Jazz spat the name out like it was poison, "when he should care about the number one perfect girl in this school. You."

Star smiled weakly at her friend, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. She looked at her other friend, who was smiling at the girl.

"Jazz is right," Valerie said, stepping closer to her long-time friend, "You deserve someone better."

Star's weak grin turned into a genuine smile as she looked at her friends, "Thanks girls."

Jazz smiled, but then she frowned, "Hey, where's Sam?"


The three girls rushed out to see Sam Manson sitting on top of Dash Baxter, holding up her fist, which had small spots of blood running down it, and Dash holding his nose painfully. Sam delivered another punch to the boy's face.

"This is none of your business, Goth freak!" Dash shouted in between punches. Sam glared at hin harshly and punched him again.

"It." Punch. "Became." Punch. "My business." Punch. "When." Punch. "You hurt." Punch. "My best friend!" Sam kicked Dash in the face, causing him to growl in pain. The girl looked harshly at the boy, before finally letting the beaten boy up. "Was that shallow little witch worth it? Was she worth losing the best girl you would ever have gotten?" Sam snarled, "And if you come near Star again, expect another beating. That girl was the best you would ever have, and you threw it away for a quick kiss with her." Sam's glare hardened and she kicked the boy once more, before turning and seeing her three friends surrounding her.

She jumped over to Star and linked arms with her, pulling her closer. "Ignore him Star." Sam smiled gently as her and her best friend walked off, "If anyone hurts you, call me."