Childhood Comedy and others

Klonoa: Hi everybody!

Everybody: Hi Dr. K!

Klonoa: -_- Okay.

Seto: So what's this about? Torturing me?

Klonoa: Yep! ^___^

Seto: -___-

Klonoa: Everyone give me your most excruciating groan.

Everyone: * Lousy groans *

Klonoa: I'm showing videos of your childhood.

Everyone: * Really loud excruciating groan *

Klonoa: I told you to give me your most excruciating groan, but no.

Yugi: Would you really embarrass me?

Klonoa: Usually no but your childhood is the best for the show.

Y's Grandpa: He was a menace!

Klonoa: Yeah how come you're so innocent now.

Yugi: People beat me up. * pouts *

Everyone: Aww.

Yami: I'll kill those people!!

Klonoa: Yami settle down.

Yami: Yes ma'am.

Yugi: 'Well at least I know I still got it.' ^____^

Jou: I don't want people to see what I did.

Seto: What'd you do eat dog food or pee on the floor.

Jou: * Silent *

Everyone: * Backs away from Jou *

Klonoa: O.kay.

Jou: *blushes *

Klonoa: I really want to see Anzu's little life. Mwhahahahahahahahaha!!

Yugi: ^___^

Yami: Aibou?

Yugi: /I made Anzu's life miserable/ * shows memories to Yami * /Mwhahahahahahahaha!/

Yami: o__O * snaps out of his stupider * Mwhahahahahahahaha!!

Everyone except Klonoa, Yugi and Yami: O____o

Klonoa: Let's start now. With. Honda the pointy hair freak.

Honda: Hey! Yugi and Yami have pointy hair.

Klonoa: So it looks good on them and they're both cute and hot, especially when they're together.

Yami and Yugi: ^______^

Honda: -___-

** Video Honda **

Honda: Hmm. I wonder what would happen if I had my head in the microwave.

He sticks his head in the microwave, his hand on the handle.

Honda: It's bright.

He accidentally shuts the microwave door while his head was still in it.

Honda: Owww!!

** End **

Klonoa: Wait a second. either you haven't changed since you were young or you did that just a while ago.

Honda: Uhh.

Jou: It was last week I was there.

Everyone: O___o;

Bakura: Baka

Klonoa: O.k. Let's move on. Let's go to Yugi.

Yugi: * puppy dog eyes *

Klonoa: Aww. but I'm still showing it.

Yugi: Damn!

Everyone: O__O

Yami: Aibou!

Yugi: * snuggles against Yami * Yes?

Yami: * blushes then pulls Yugi closer *

Anzu: _

Klonoa: * Next to a rope * Yugi will you do the honors?

Yugi: My pleasure. * pulls rope *

Anzu: * piano falls on her *

Everyone: O__o;

* Video Yugi *

C. Yugi: Gampa wat wong?

Grandpa: * head on counter * The business across the street is getting all the customers.

C. Yugi: Oh. * thinks *

Grandpa: Yugi? * looking up *

C. Yugi: No worry gampa me fix. * runs outside *

Grandpa: Oh.dear.

** Later **

Grandpa could he screaming form outside.

Grandpa: Oh Yugi.

He walks outside and his jaw drops.

C. Yugi: was driving a wrecking-ball machine, he looked at grandpa.

C. Yugi: Me fix probom! ^____^

Grandpa: O___o

C. Yugi works the machine and the wrecking-ball swung then it hit the rival's gameshop.

Everyone near by screamed and the people in the shop ran out screaming.

C. Yugi snickers and spots the clown pizza next door, he began to destory it, too.

C. Yugi: Me hate cwowns.

Little kids ran out of the pizza place and a recognizable kid with brown hair and blues eyes ran out.

Blue eyed boy (namely Seto): Ahhhhhhhhh!!

C. Yugi watches him for a while when he started running in circles. Then he let go of the wrecking-ball chain and it drops near (very near) the blue eyed boy.

Blue eyed boy (of course is Seto): @_@

C. Yugi: Mwhahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Grandpa: O_o;

** End **

Everyone: O_O;;

Yugi: * Looks sheepishly *

Seto: That was you!

Yami: You were in a clown pizza place. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Yugi: ^__^;;

Seto: I'll kill you for almost killing me!

Yami: I don't think so * pulls a near by hanging rope *

Seto: * car falls on him *

Yugi and Yami: ^____^

Klonoa: ^__^ Next is Seto getting a facial when he was little, before C. Yugi almost crushed him.

Seto: X_X

* Video Seto *

Seto: * Enters facial place *

People working there: Ahh!

Seto: -__-;

Person (Ruby): What is with your face, eyes and hair.

Seto: I was born this way. (Yuck)

Seto's hair was green, his eyes were orange and he had a permanent frown. (Which they never fixed.)

Ruby: That won't do. Come with me.

He follows her into a room that said emergencies, it's too frightening to show what was inside. You can hear machine sounds.


** End **

Bakura & Yami: Hahahahahahahaha! Seto had green hair!

Yugi: ^__^ And he was in pain.

Yamis: Hahahahahahahaha.

Anzu: * comes out from under the piano. * Kiss me Yami.

Yami: * Backs away *

Yugi: Never! * Shoots her in the head with a gun from me *

Everyone: O___O

Yami: O__O Aibou. ^__^ Nice shot!

Yugi: ^____^ Thanks!

Everyone: O__o

Anzu: X_X

Klonoa: My life gets weirder and weirder. next is Jou!

Jou: -__-

* Video Jou *

Jou was alone with his dad at home his dad was still asleep. They used to have a dog but it ran away because Jou tried to eat it.

Jou was awake and he waddles to the kitchen. He was hungry (not much has changed over the years.)

Jou went to one of the cupboards and found some dog food.

Jou: Mmmmmmmm.

For some reason the can was open and he ate it all.

* After a while *

The furniture was chewed and puddles were on the floor and Jou was running around on fours, barking.

Jou's dad comes downstairs grumbling and then he sees the mess.

Jou's dad: Jounochi!!

Jou: * whimpers like a dog *

* Later at night *

Jou is on a leesh in the back yard tied to the old dog's house, howling.

** End **

Yami: Seto was right you are a dog.

Seto: X_X

Jou: Grrr.

Yugi: Down boy.

Everyone else: O__o

Klonoa: O..k. I'm just going to end this until next time. If anyone wants to submit something feel free to do so and I may type it up.

Everyone: O__o Other people submitting?!

Jou: What if it was KawaiiBlackMoon?! She'll make me a dog!

Yugi: I said down boy! Sit!

Jou: * sits *

Yugi: ^__^ Good boy.

Everyone: O____o;;

Klonoa: :P

Yugi and Yami: XP Read and Review!