K: I adopted sphynxes!

Everyone: ??????

Yami: Do I really look mean as a sphynx?

B. Yugi: ^__^;;;

K: They're on my site! And Yugi makes a cute sphynx.

B. Yugi: ^^

K: And Seto has a question from Blue Lagoon Loon!

Seto: I go a question?

K: *grins* BLL wants to know how you watched Jou in the shower without him knowing?

Seto: *stutters*

Jou: __ I want to know, too.

K: Answer or I'll get Yami sphynx to eat you.

S. Yami: *hisses*

Seto: O.O

B. Yugi: Sugoi! Sphynx Yami! *glomps it*

K: ^_^;;;

S. Yami: *blinks*

Yami: -___-

Seto: Well I sneak into his house when no one's home.

Jou: *quirks eyebrow*

Seto: I plant a tiny camera in the bathroom *whispers to BBL and others* in the wall right in the shower and I plant others around the house *out loud* then I watch from my home. I have a whole collection of tapes.

Everyone: O.o

Seto: Umm…

Jou: *runs home*

Seto: *smirks* He'll never find it.

K: Unless he burns the house down.

Seto: O.o

K: Question from Emi-chan to everyone = Why don't you just kill Anzu and be done with it?

Everyone: Because she won't let us. *Points to Klonoa*

K: *shrugs* I need a punching/killing bag. I don't really want to hurt the others unless they want me to.

Everyone: No it's okay.

K: Okay. And she has gifts too. To Yugi and Yami *grins* Cherry lube.

B.Y+Y: *blushes*

K: And a copy of Ai No Kurabi it's a yaoi manga.

Yami: An actual yaoi manga?

B. Yugi: *sighs* Only if our manga was yaoi.

K: Yeah… To Jou a set of D. N. Angel manga.

Jou: I like manga thanks.

K: Bakura gets jewls.

Bakura: Jewls?

K: I think she means jewels.

Bakura: Oh.

K: Ryou gets a PS2 with a copy of Okage, Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts.

Ryou: Thanks, I'll ask Yugi for help he's played those games.

K: To Seto a Jou plushie.

Seto: I got a Jou plushie? *huggles it*

Jou: *blushes*

K: Amethyst Bubble has a question to Ryou = Did you ever beat up Yami B?

Ryou: Umm…

Bakura: ……

K: I got a video of it!

*Video Ryou and Bakura*

Bakura: Ryou, please!

Ryou: You ate the last of my strawberry shortcake! The last is always the best!

Bakura: Aibou. No not the frying pan!

Ryou then attacks Bakura with the pan over the head repeatedly.

Bakura: X__x

Ryou: Oh my I lost my temper again.


Everyone: O.o

Bakura: Never take Ryou's strawberry shortcake.

Ryou: Heh heh

K: ^_^;; And gifts to me an Anzu torturer 2000! To Yugi a room full of Yami pics.

B. Yugi: THANKS!

K: To Yami a room full of Yugi pics.

Yami: ^______________^

K: To Jou a dog collar with fake jewels.

Jou: Grrr…

K: To Seto a Barbie Rapunzel video!

Seto: Thanks!

K:…………To Ryou jewelry to make up for the one's his dad gave to the museum.

Ryou: Oh thank you!

K: To Bakura….

Bakura: *a yard stick of doom over hi head* Wack! Ow! *Rubs head*

K: That what he gets a wack on the head.

Bakura: *grumbles*

K: And a video about Bakura and my sphynxes!

Bakura: -___-

*Video Bakura*

Bakura was in a tomb taking jewels into his bag. When he was about to leave he saw a Sphynx Yugi blocking his path.

S. Yugi: Meuh. (K: ^_^;;; heh meuh…heh.)

Bakura stared at it then walked passed it going to the exit. Suddenly there was a flash behind him, he turned and saw a Yami Sphynx.

Bakura: Uh oh

S. Yami: *roars*

*A little while later*

Bakura comes out with his clothes ripped to shreds and stumbles home. A S. Yugi was sitting at the entrance with a sack of jewels near him.

S. Yugi: Meuh.


Everyone: O.o

K: ^_^ KaTyA has a question for Seto = Are you ever nice to Klonoa?!

Seto: Depends on what she does to me.

K: Right… and = If you wanted a new trench coat, what color would it be? Besides blue.

Seto: Green to match my puppy.

Jou: -___-

K: Video! Suggestion from KaTyA!

*Video Seto and Mokuba*

A nice rich man has just adopted Seto and Mokuba.

Dad: Mokuba, that's cool name for a girl.

Mokuba: I AM NOT A GIRL!

Mokuba runs around the house and wrecks everything mainly the expensive things.

Seto: Uh oh…

Dad: What? Isn't she a girl?

Seto: *sweatdrops* No

Dad falls over.


Mokuba: Hmph.

Seto: *sighs*

K: Okay… a question for Yugi = Are you okay with being a bunny? Cause your adorable both ways. Can I give you a hug? Please?

B. Yugi: I guess it's okay being a bunny cause Yami gets all drooly and thank you for the compliments. A hug? Okay.

KaTyA: *pops in* Kawaii! *Hugs bunny Yugi tightly then disappears*

K: KaTyA and I talk on msn sometimes. To her Yugi's perfect, which is true… well mine is anyway except the 'innocent' stuff. And she suggested another video too.

*Video Yugi*

A bully was beating Yugi up then threw him against the wall and walked away.

Yugi limped home with tears in his eyes.

He enters his house crying to grandpa.

Grandpa: Oh Yugi, bullies again?

Yugi nodded.

Grandpa patched up Yugi's injures and told him to go to sleep. Yugi lies in his bed then his eyes looked pink/purple and he had an evil grin on, looking a lot like Yami.

*Next day*

Yugi comes home with a smirk then a grin when he saw him grandpa.

Grandpa: Had a good day? No bullies?

Yugi: No the bully isn't gonna hurt me no more.

Grandpa looks nervous then smiles: Good.

Yugi then went up to his room then an ambulance sound is heard from outside and Yugi had an evil grin on his face.

Grandpa heard the ambulance sound and sighed.


Everyone: O.o;

B. Yugi: he he he

K: Okay… She also has a question for Yami = How many girls have fainted over you? Cause you're hot!

Yami: *smirks* I know I'm hot and about the fainting thing I really don't know. I don't pay attention to people who that.

B. Yugi: You better not be.

Yami: ^_^;;

Anzu: I faint over you.

B. Yugi: *hammer in hand and hits Anzu*

Anzu: X__x

B. Yugi: He's mine!

Yami: ^_^;;;

K: Okay gifts from Keiko to Yami an Anzu-b-gone-4-2-chapters spray and a cute little tiger that eats all people named Anzu.

Yami: I'll keep these just in case.

K: to Yugi a gun with never-ending ammo.

B. Yugi: Yeah! Thank you!

K: Jou gets a rocket launcher with homing missiles.

Jou: I got a weapon!

K: And never-ending supply of dog food.

Jou: Oh just ruin my mood why don't you.

K: To Ryou a key that opens all locks.

Ryou: Thanks now I can see what dad keeps in that room.

K: To Bakura a key that opens only unlocked doors?

Bakura: -___- That so helps.

K: Seto gets a gift certificate for a years supply of make up, and certificate for a free makeover/plastic surgery (so he can look like Barbie.)

Seto: O___o;

K: To Mokuba a dead duck.

Mokuba: ;__; poor duck.

K: One for Pegasus.

Pegasus: *pops in* Really?

Everyone: Ahh!

K: Don't do that! You get a lion.

Lion: *eats Pegasus*

Everyone: Yah!

K: To me a crystal ball that gives me everything. Thanks! *Kicks Anzu awake*

Anzu: Hey!

K: *drops a box as big a s a house on top of her with bombs in it*

Anzu: X__o

Everyone: *runs away*


Anzu: X___X

K: From Magician of Black Chaos Girl to Yugi a kiss and a small candy filled with lots of sugar.

MoBCG: *pops in and kisses Yugi's cheek*

B. Yugi: *blushes*

MoBCG: *kisses Yami on the lips*

Yami: *stutters*

B. Yugi: *shrugs*

MoBCG: *then hands Yami a laptop like Yugi's* Bye! *Disappears*

Yami: *still stuttering*

K: Yugi also gets a new spiky wrecking ball and a sugar factory.

B. Yugi: ^____^

K: Yami gets a book on '101 ways to kill Anzu part 2'

Yami: Umm, thanks.

K: Bakura gets a book on 'How to make the pharaoh your slave.'

Bakura: Mwhahahahahaha! *Looks threw the book but all pages are blank* Damn!

Yami: heh

K: To Ryou a book on 'How to go through your life with a pissed of Yami'.

Ryou: Thanks!

Bakura: I don't get pissed off!

K: Right… To Jou a pet doggy named Mimi.

Jou: *blinks* That's new.

K: To Honda a book on 'How to make ppl not make fun of your hair'

Honda: Thanks.

K: To Seto a barbie poster.

Seto: ^_^

K: Okay… I'll save Anzu's atomic nuclear bomb for later. From CutieCherry to Yami a book on 'How to protect your Aibou better from tomb robbers and stupid guys with a millennium rods.'

Bakura, Malik and Ishtar: -____-

Yami: *laughs*

K: For Yugi sweets!

B. Yugi: Sweet!

K:… Ryou gets jewelry from the museum his dad took to.

Ryou: Mwhahahahahahahaha!

K: O.o To Bakura a ballerina dress.

Bakura: WTF! *Gets slapped*

K: Stop cussing! To Anzu a cake (with dynamite.)

Anzu: X___X

K: I'll give it to her later. To Seto a Barbie video set.

Seto: Woohoo!

Everyone: O.o

Mokuba: *sighs*

K: Jou gets a leash and a collar saying: Property of Seto Kaiba.

Jou: O__O

Seto: ^__^

K: Honda gets green hair dye.

Honda: What?!

K: *shrugs* From Yami&Yugislover to Bakura…

Y&Ysl: *appears and kisses Bakura's cheek*

Bakura: O__O

Y&YsL: ^__^ *then gives Yugi and Yami REALLY big hugs and kisses on their cheeks*

B.Y+Y: *blushes*

Y&YsL: *also gives them a license to kill Anzu anytime then disappears*

Anzu: X__x

B. Y+Y: *blink blink*

K: To Seto an expensive 50th anniversary Barbie with all the EVIL poofiness.

Seto: Neat!

Everyone: O.o

K: To Jou, Honda, Ryou, Bakura, and Seto they get 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pounds of sugary substances.

J,H,R,B,S: O___O ^____^

K: To Anzu a rotten apple that her dog's been eating.

Anzu: X__x

K: From Ancient Enchantress to Seto "The Big Book of Barbies."

Seto: ^___^

K: Right… to Honda "Hair Catastrophe's and how to solve them!"

Honda: __

K: To Bakura apples!

Bakura: *blink* Oh go ahead and make fun of me.

K: Okay!

Bakura: ___

K: to Ryou a laptop!

Ryou: ^__^ So many computer/laptops.

K: Question to Yugi and Yami = Why do you tri-color your hair?

Yami: *blinks*

B. Yugi: It's natural.

K: Seto = What's with this obsession you have with Barbies? Details please!

Seto: Umm.

Mokuba: Just tell them big brother.

Seto: *sighs* It was the first gift I've ever had I've never gotten anything before until that Barbie when I was ten. She's also the only girl even though she's not a real girl but she's is so nice and pretty.

Everyone: O_____o

Seto: Well it's true. She saved my life from getting hit by a semi.

Mokuba: It was a dream Seto.

Seto: Was it really Mokuba was it really.

Mokuba: -____-

K: Okay… Ryou = Wanna go out with me?

Ryou: Well…

Bakura: *growls*

Ryou: I have to ask…

Bakura: *growls louder*

Ryou: I'm sorry he won't let meee… *gets taken to a room by Bakura*

Everyone: *blinks then later hear moans from the room* O____O

K: Okay… Yugi, Yami go over to DorfsandNab4eva she needs you guys to help her get away or bug Legolas.

B. Y+Y: On our way.

K: And come back next chapter and the other stories too!

B. Y+Y: *far away* Right!

K: They're coming DorfsandNab4eva! So people read and review!

Sphynx Yugi and Yami: *cuddling*