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Snow White's Palace: 9 years ago

"No mother I won't do it! I refuse to marry a man I don't know love nor do I even know him!" How could her mother make her do this! She of all people should know the value of true love and this prince definitely wasn't it. "Emma, sweetheart, it's for the good of the kingdom. You must do this. And how are you to know this man will not be your true love. You've yet to even meet him." Snow said with a look on her face that said she wasn't about to give her only child away to a man eight years older than her for 'the good of the kingdom'. Snow's words, not Emma's.

"I refuse to do it! You cannot force me to marry somebody mother! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Snow gasped and Emma just rolled her eyes.

"Language Emma! You cannot speak like that around your suitors. They will think less of you if you do." Snow scolded. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Emma thought. This isn't the first time I've heard this shit.I get it be a lady or no man will want you, whatever. Just as she was about to say something highly inappropriate and would most likely give her mom a heart attack her father walked in. Emma's always been a daddy's girl and she's got him wrapped around her little finger. "Daddy!" Emma yelled as she launched herself to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, feeling him chuckle. "Hello Emma, it's good to see you to sweetie. How has your fitting been?" He asked. Emma knew he wasn't really interested and just did it for Snow's benefit. "I hate dresses dad! They suck. And I don't want to marry some stupid prince years older than I am! It seems highly inappropriate if you ask me."

"Well no one asked yo-" Snow started to say but was cut off by her husband.

"Snow! Let's be a bit more understanding now. I also don't like the idea of my little girl being given away to a man much older than she is. But Emma you have to understand, we need some way to unite our kingdoms. Now I hate to do this to you but you need to marry him. Not just for the good of our kingdom but theirs too. You understand right?" James looked at his daughter hopefully, hating himself for putting her in this position. The thought of his daughter with someone that wasn't her true love made him feel ill.

"No father I don't understand. You two taught me of the joy and happiness that comes with true love my whole life ,but are now taking away my chance at even finding it because you want to avoid war?! I'm your daughter I shouldn't have to suffer for the entire kingdom because you two are two afraid to fight!" Both Snow and James looked away ashamed, knowing what their daughter was saying was all too true. They were afraid to go to war again after almost losing the one they were recently in. Before they could speak Emma raced out of the room, out of the castle and into the gardens. It was the only place that actually brought her peace in her 19 years of being stuck inside the perimeter of the castle. Away from 'danger' and the supposed 'Evil Queen", who had yet to show after Emma's 19 years of life. Yes her mother and father talked about her incessantly throughout her life, never uttering a good word about her, not even her actual name, but Emma learned when she was little that not everything was as black and white as they wanted her to think. This lesson was learned when she snuck into the throne room once when she was 10 and heard her parents order an execution. She saw a woman crying, clinging to her children and husband, begging for forgiveness. Emma didn't understand what exactly happened at the time but she did understand he parents, her supposed heroes, stoic faces as the woman's head was guillotined in front of her screaming children and pleading husband. Emma never looked at them the same way after that. She never looked at anything the same way. If they could do something so 'evil' and still have people who loved them then so could the 'Evil Queen' only if people gave her a chance…

And now they've given her no choice but to marry and become queen of a kingdom she doesn't even want. It took Emma all of 30 seconds to decide what she was going to do. At midnight she would run. She would run away from everything she's ever known and everyone who's ever loved her and start fresh with a clean slate. At least that's what she told herself.

Regina's Palace: 9 years ago

Regina was mad, no, she was furious. Her advisors told her yet again of how she needed to marry, expand the kingdom, and she was done with these foolish suggestions. She stormed out of the council room leaving several bodies in her wake. Needless to say she's going to need new council members. Get married, she scoffed how ridiculous is that? I'm the Evil Queen, I don't need a husband to expand my land, I am quite capable of doing such things on my own. Regina couldn't get the thought out of her head. Her true love was dead and she would never marry just for the good of the kingdom again. No, she already made that mistake many years ago, though she did make up for it. She smiled, remembering the day she was made queen and ruler of the land. Until that nauseating Snow White and her precious, Charming, came and stole her kingdom from her. She had her own domain now. And she ruled it well if she were to say so herself.

"Killian!" She summoned her head of command, who trailed behind her quietly.

"Yes, your Majesty?" He kept his head down, knowing better than to look her in the face when she was as angry as she was now

"Assemble me a new advising councils. One that doesn't consist of idiots this time." She sneered. She was walking quickly to her own chambers only continuing to walk instead of magic herself there for Killian's benefit. He was one of the only people the queen genuinely didn't hate. And he was happy to serve her, heart or no heart. "Aye, your Majesty. Will that be all?"

"No I will be taking a walk outside of the palace, have the guards light a path to the forest. That will be all." With a quick bow the knight switched directions and headed to fulfill his queen's requests. When Killian left, she magiced herself the rest of her way to her chambers. It was the biggest in the palace, obviously, and was filled with purples and grays and the occasional green here and there, though she never understood her attraction to the electric color it soothed her nevertheless. She changed into more casual walking attire, consisting of a brown leather vest, black skin tight riding pants, her favorite pair of riding boots and the knee-length riding jacket. As Regina magiced herself to the stables, a place she only went when she needed to think without interruption, she slowed, looking at the place where Daniel's grave was. Her true love, her happy ending, dead because of that repugnant Snow White. Regina will have her revenge one way or another.

She mounted her horse and started to gallop into the forest, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach.

Emma's POV

After she had made it back to the palace she 'made up' with her parents. They told her everything would be alright and she would grow to love the man who was about to steal her life from her. When she got to her chambers she wrote notes to her parents and closest friends Red, and Pinocchio. She explained to them that she couldn't go through with what her parents wished for her to do. She tells them she'll try and return one day, after she found happiness, if her parents hadn't considered her a traitor and made it so she was in exile from her own kingdom. She really didn't want that. Emma loved each of them deeply but could no longer live in her parents' palace and without being miserable.

When Emma finished her letters she placed them neatly on her desk and changed into her favorite riding clothes, took the sword her father had given to her for her 11th birthday, and took a few gold coins just in case she needed them when she ended up wherever she was going. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once. She had no idea where she was going but hoped when she got there she would find what she was looking for.

Emma quietly opened her bedchamber door and looked to make sure the guards were on their rounds. When she was sure she crept through the castle, using secret passages she learned of from her years of living here. When she got to the front doors of the castle she turned back and looked around one last time. This is it she thought I'm really doing it. With a deep breath she turned her back and pushed open the doors, a sharp breeze rolling through and stinging her face. As she quietly made her way towards the path of the forest right before she entered she heard a guard call her. "Halt! Who goes there at this time of night? Show yourself!" Emma could hear the guard walking closer. Her brain raced, wondering if she should reveal herself or just run hoping he would be to slow to catch her, but before she made a decision she felt a hand on her shoulder turning her around, rather roughly. "Princess? What are doing outside of the castle at this time of night without an escort? You know it is not safe to be out in the dead of night." Emma had to think quickly on her feet, she wiped away the panicked look and put on her puppy dogs eyes that worked every time. "I'm so sorry! You're very right about that good knight. I was just unable to sleep and felt I needed a walk without anyone constantly asking me questions. I knew other knights to be on their rounds so I thought it would be alright. I'm sorry." She said hanging her head at the last part, making her voice sound small. The knight quickly reassured the saddened princess. "Oh, your Highness, that is quite alright I just was worried for your safety. You must understand that is the only reason I am here, is to make sure you continue to be safe. Having said that I still think it best if you headed back towards the palace now. You don't have to go in but I would just feel better if you were closer." He said with a small, respectful smile.

"I understand and I thank you for caring for me. I am sorry I must do this…" The knight quirked his brow, obviously confused by the princesses words. "Do what Princ-" Before he could even finish his sentence Emma knocked him in the head the hilt of her dagger he apparently didn't know she had. "Sorry I had to do that." She said then turned and ran as fast as she could into the forest. She could already hear him begin to regain consciousness and shout her name. Though she did get further she could hear her parents' guards starting to call her name, and rush into the forest, trying to catch the run-away princess. Emma did the only this she could do. She ran. Fast.

Regina's POV

Regina didn't know how long she was in the forest, riding horseback, just trying to clear her head of all thoughts. Eventually she came to a clearing with a small stream near the end of it. It was surrounded on all sides by large, heavily bushed trees. She went to the creek and leaned against a tree looking up at the stars as if they were going to give she some sort of answer to all of her problems. Little did she know the answer to all of them was barreling through the forest no less than a mile away from the very spot in which she stood.

No one's POV in particular

As Emma barreled through the shrubbery and darted under branches she failed to notice the stream that she seemed to be quickly approaching. When Emma finally saw it there was no time to stop, she would have to jump.

Regina, on the other hand, turned her head quickly, to the sounds of trigs being broken. She squinted her eyes and saw a flash of yellow through the thick leaves of the trees. When the streak got close enough, she saw it to be a woman. A beautiful woman, in fact. Before she had time to react the woman launched herself across the stream. Straight. For. Regina.

Before Emma could catch herself she saw a flash of a woman's face before landing on her with an oomph! Regina had the air knocked out of her, which she can't say has happened often. Before Emma could even move, she was flying halfway across the clearing. When she looked up she locked eyes with the woman she landed on. Every bit of breath in her body left her like a punch in the gut. She stood slowly, as to not frighten the beauty standing before her.

What Regina was feeling was along the same lines as Emma. As she stood, she gazed into the blonde's eyes, the electric green she had always felt so safe with, staring straight back at her like a dream. Before she could even take a breath, the blonde woman spoke. "Are you alright?" she breathed, worry evident in her wide green eyes. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful sound Regina had ever heard. She swallowed, before she spoke and nodded. "Yes, I think I'll be alright. Maybe you should watch were you're going next time." Emma gasped at the brunettes' voice. There was only one word she could have used to describe it. Heavenly. "I am so sorry! I wasn't paying attention and I'm trying to get away from m-" Emma stopped before she gave too much away. Though the curious look the brunette gave her tells her she might need to give a little more to wane the woman's suspicion.

Regina walked slowly towards the blonde, her heart pounding in her ears. When she came face to face with the younger woman, she couldn't help but admire her beauty. The way her blonde curls hung from her shoulders in disarray but still somehow managed to look breath-taking. She also couldn't help admire the woman's eyes that were so green they could be classified as blue if in the right light. She looked down slightly, and it was then she noticed the blonde woman was holding her breath. A smirk graced her face, and Emma felt as though she had finally known what beauty was. The brunette looked into her eyes and said "Breathe, dear." That was all it took. Emma took in a big gulp of air and staggered back a few steps, but neither woman's eyes wavered from the others. Emma obviously didn't realize how much air she took in and started coughing, much to Regina's amusement. Emma felt like a freaking idiot. She couldn't even breathe correctly! What the hell is wrong with me? She thought. When Emma finally figured out how to use her lungs again she stepped forward and put out her hand. "I'm Emma. Emma Swan." Which wasn't a lie. Swan just so happened to be her middle name. She said with a small smile that the queen found oddly adorable. Even stranger than that she felt herself give back the most genuine smile she had given in decades. "I'm Regina." The brunette said. When their hand touched both women felt a shock course through their bodies, sending them to their knees. Hands still latched to one another Regina and Emma both looked up in shock. "What the hell was that?! Holy shit! That was intense ,but

Awesome!" Emma said, voice getting louder with each word. She'd never felt anything as powerful as that.

Regina just continues to look at Emma in disbelief. No. She thought. This can't be! It's impossible! But even as she thought these things, she looked in to Emma's eyes the surprise there was unmistakable. She gulped. Both women slowly stood on their feet hands still clasped, eyes still locked. "Regina. What was that? You seem to know more about what just happened than I do." Regina couldn't help but shiver as she heard the blonde speak her name for the first time. It rocked her to the core. How did she explain this to her? It something that was virtually impossible. "Miss Swan, I know you are looking for an explanation but I have none so I am sorry." Regina said in her royal voice. She definitely was not expecting Emma's response.

"First of all that's bullshit and we both know it. Second of all, please, just call me Emma. Okay?" The blonde looked into Regina's eyes like she was looking into her soul, which she pretty much was. "Listen to me Mis- Emma. I do not appreciate being called a liar. Do you even know how I am?"

"Well to be honest I don't give a rat's ass who you are. No offense or anything but I mean is it important that I do? And you are a liar. I have a superpower okay? And I can tell a lie a mile away. So spill." Regina couldn't believe this woman's moxie. Though she didn't know who Regina was, and that was a first. "Okay, dear, I'll make you a deal. You tell me who are and why I had the wind knocked out of me and I'll tell you who I am and what I know. Deal?" Regina wasn't sure she should be doing this but the blonde intrigued her and she wanted to know more. Emma thought for a second. What did she have to lose anyway? An identity she didn't want and she got to know who this gorgeous woman in front of her was too. "Fine. Deal." Emma said. She took a deep breath, but before she could get a word out, her father's guards came barreling into the clearing. "I'VE FOUND HER!" But the man stopped immediately when he noticed whose company she was in. He immediately left to find the rest of his men to bring the princess home 'safely'. Emma stepped behind Regina, trying to blend in, in hopes the men would go away. This didn't go unnoticed by Regina who frowned at the seemingly outgoing blonde looking scared. All of a sudden Regina felt nothing but protectiveness towards the young woman who now cowered behind her. She knew the moment she looked down into Emma's eyes that she would do anything to protect what was hers. And that was Emma. She could just feel it. "I'm guessing they aren't your friends." Regina said, voice low and dangerous. Emma simply shook her head. "They were why I was running." Emma whispered as she looked away from Regina's eyes, but the brunette wasn't having any of that. She grasped Emma's chin gently forcing her eyes back up.

"Are you a prisoner?" She asked the blonde slowly. Emma only snorted a laugh and responded with "No I'm far from it actually."

"What do you mean?" Emma bit her lip nervously, temporarily distracting Regina with how much she wanted to bite Emma's lip. Emma sighed.

"I'm the Pr-" Before Emma could even finish her sentence, several knights on horses came bursting through the trees all yelling. "Get the Princess." and "Down with the Evil Queen."

The moment they heard that, both women stood stock still, finally learning the other's identity. Emma took a chance and grabbed Regina's face in her hands, while looking deep into her eyes. "Please. Don't let them take me back." She whispered. Regina faltered. She wanted to stay with the Evil Queen? Surely Snow and that Charming of hers have filled her head with nonsense about me. Regina looked down at Emma, fear in the younger woman's eyes but not fear of her, no, she was afraid of them. "You do know who I am don't you?" Regina asked, ignoring the threats the knights were screaming at her if she didn't 'release' the princess. Emma knew, for some reason she just knew Regina wouldn't hurt her, so she nodded. "To them you're the Evil Queen but to me you're just Regina." She said simply and shrugged like it was no big deal. But it was. At least to Regina. "Hold on to me okay?" She said softly putting a strand of blonde hair behind the woman's ear. Emma nodded and leaned into Regina, wrapping her arms around the older woman's waist.

Regina began channeling her magic. She shot it at anyone who dared try and take Emma without her wanting to leave willingly. Regina knew why she felt so protective of the blonde, she just didn't want admit it, but she knew she would soon have to. When all of the men were successfully taken care of Regina walk with Emma back to her horse helping Emma onto the saddle. As Regina mounted behind her, she felt Emma lean back into her. Regina's hard eyes softened and she tentatively held the younger woman around the waist as she started back to the palace. She heard Emma murmur something before she drifted off to sleep against Regina, which made everything Regina had endured that day worth it.

Before Emma completely fell asleep in the secure embrace she mumbled out "Thank you, Regina." Hoping the women behind her heard it, before everything went peacefully black.

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