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"I am in no mood to spend the next few hours trying to draw information out of you two dolts." She walked down to them again, and stuck a hand in each of their chests, pulling out their hearts in one fell swoop. "Though it is a shame we don't have more time together, this way isn't nearly as much fun."

"Now tell me, where is my savior?" She squeezed their hearts as she asked, making sure they knew how easily she could dispose of them.

"We- we don't know! We were just told to send a message!"

"And the message is?" She rolled her eyes, exasperated.

"Queen Snow said to tell you that she finally has her revenge for every wicked thing you've done!" She let a soft hmmm rumble past her throat as she made her way back to her throne, hearts still in her hands.

"There! We've told you what you want to know! Now give us our hearts, witch!" The one who hadn't said what the message was tried to shout but it sounded more like a pained groan.

"There is nothing else? Nothing pertaining to the savior or why you were sent here?" When both men shook their heads she smiled. "Excellent. You are now of no use to me." She said just before crushing their hearts in her fists, letting the remains slip through her fingers onto the pristine floor below. She turned to Killian who had been standing behind her throne silently.

"Let's go see if Graham has made any progress shall we?"

The room was silent. Only Snow's sudden labored breathing could be heard. To say Emma was pleased with herself would be an understatement. She didn't have much time to listen around the room, though, before the bag was yanked from her head, the sudden brightness making Emma wince and clench her eyes shut. When she was able to get her bearings she was surprised to see that she was in cage surrounded by White Kingdom "knights". Her focus was drawn to the sudden sob Snow let out, her hands covering her mouth, eyes wide and filled with tears. She took a tentative step forward, like she didn't believe what she was seeing. Well she didn't believe what she was seeing even though she was looking at her daughter with her own two eyes. Charming wasn't fairing any better, his eyes watering and mouth agape as he stared at his daughter.

"Emma?" Snow asked so lightly that only the last two letters were actually audible.

"In the flesh. Unfortunately." She drawled back, no emotion for the two people in front of her.

"B-but how? How is this possible? We didn't know if you were dead or alive. And if you were we had no idea what that wretched woman has been doing to you all these years." Snow's voice was full of emotion as she looked at her daughter for the first time in years. Emma's jaw clenched at Snow's words, had she been free she would have made sure the woman never bad-mouthed her wife ever again. However, she was not free therefore she had to keep her cool. For now.

"Oh Regina? Yeah, I've been with her this whole time." She responded nonchalantly, wanting to smirk at the loud in-take of breath Snow took. The raven haired woman walked closer to the cage, Charming following directly behind her.

"Are you okay? Did she hurt you? What am I saying, of course she did! Oh I'm so sorry, Emma! This is all my fault! She did this because of me!" Snow spoke so frantically Emma was starting to get a headache. She groaned and let her head fall back against the bars of the cage worsening the pain in her head (not the brightest idea, she'll admit).

"Would you get over yourself? Not everything is about you! Precious and pure, Snow fucking White! I can't decide whether you're stupid or just that full of yourself, thinking that my time with Regina was all because you were the catalyst and that was the sole reason for it." Emma scoffed at the surprised look on Snow's face. Fucking unbelievable.

"Emma, I don't understand. That woman is evil and she's clearly done something to you to make you loyal to her! I can't believe all the horrible things she's made you do for so long!" Emma couldn't help but smile then, the clear horror and distress on Snow's face was just too amusing to her.

"Regina hasn't done a single thing to me that I haven't wanted and has never made me do anything that I wasn't happy and willing to do, I can promise you that." Emma gave her a wide grin, loving the emotions crossing over her "parents'" faces.

"Oh Emma. You probably don't even realize the hold she has on you! Our Emma would never say these kinds of things." She gave the blonde a look full of pity and Emma wanted nothing more than to slap it off of her face.

"You know what? You're right. Your Emma would never say something like that but guess what, I'm not your Emma and I haven't been since the day I ran away. I'm Regina's. Her savior, her white knight, and her Emma. And she absolutely has a hold on me but not in the way you're thinking." She watched Snow flounder for words at that, daring her to say something about Regina again.

"Blue! Please find out what Regina has done to our daughter!" She shouted loudly without looking away from Emma. Emma rolled her eyes as the fairy appeared and floated cautiously over to her, she lolled her head to the side and gave her a sarcastic smile.

"Yeah, Blue! Find out all of the terrible things Regina has done to me!" She smirked as she turned her eyes to her mother. "And she has done many terrible things to me." The look of disgust that crossed the two royals' faces was priceless. Blue ignored the caged woman and moved her hands in an arching motion scanning for spells and any kind of magic that may have been hidden from Emma. Nothing. The fairy frowned and tried again but there was nothing. She turned to her queen.

"I'm sorry, Snow. I can't find anything."

"Well then try again! I know she had to have cast a spell on her or something!" The panic that was starting to creep into the White Queen's eyes was clear to everyone in the room.

"I did check twice. There's nothing more I can do. I'm truly sorry." The fairy gave Snow a sorrowful look and disappeared from sight. The room was silent for a few moments before it was broken by Emma's quiet laughter.

"So now what? Are you just going to keep me in the cage for the rest of my life? Did you plan this out at all?"

"No, of course not! We just… we just need to find out what has happened to you. We can be a family again, Emma!" Snow gave her a hopeful smile and walked a bit closer to her long lost daughter.

"Oh fuck off with your 'family' bullshit! You don't give two shits about what I want, you've never listened to me, and yet you keep preaching this 'let's be a family' line! Listen carefully. You're. Not. My. Family." Snow shakes her head, refusing to accept her words.

"Emma, please. We can work this out; just let us help you." Charming stepped up next to his wife as he spoke in earnest.

"There's nothing to work out! You kidnapped me and you're holding me hostage! If you really want to 'help' me then let me go!" Emma was really starting to get worked up, she could feel her magic running rampant beneath her skin ready to be let loose but the damn bracelet on her arm was keeping it on a tight leash.

"You know we can't do that, Emma." Snow looked at her sadly while shaking her head. It made Emma feel like she was a kid all over again and it really pissed her off.

"Fine. Then we have nothing else to talk about, so we just wait, I guess." Emma leaned back against the cage with a sigh.

"Wait for what exactly." Charming asked, confused.

"Well wait for me, of course."

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