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This story is based of the 2003 movie adaption and the awesome ride at Disney parks. (I had this idea since Summer ever since I went to Disney World with my family in Florida.)

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Long ago in the year 1854, there was a couple who lived peacefully in a fresh made new mansion deep in the dark woods of Oregon. The couple's names were Joseph Erstwin and Julie Ulman. They were the richest couple there was in the tiny town of Gravity Falls who had maids and butlers. They would occasionally throw old fashioned colonial parties and invited everyone they knew from the west coast. The guests who came loved their parties, but the one feature they loved was a beautiful view of the falls and scenery. To the couple everything was bright and beautiful especially since they were engaged. Yet one day all of that changed. What changed the atmosphere for the engaged couple was a dreadful letter. The letter that was received the day before their marriage.

The letter foretold a horrible threat toward Julie saying she shall die from drinking poison from the richest wine for their marriage toast. No one knew who wrote the letter that evening, but Joseph was the one to read it after their toast. The man was too late to save her though because within five minutes of drinking the wine she fell on the floor with no sign of life. The clock stricken after her death which meant her time has ended. Joseph was heartbroken and threw a big tantrum wishing revenge on her death. He kicked all the shocked guests out his mansion and burned everything that reminded him of Julie.

"No! This can't be. I wish to know the assassin!" is all that came from his mouth until he made his final decision. He knew it would be impossible to find the killer and had a heavy heart to join Julie.

With a last picture of Julie that he saved for himself and mouthing to himself, "I will come my love." he grabbed a strong rope and a wooden stool then went to the attic of the mansion. There he said his last goodbyes and apologies toward Julie's picture and tied the rope around his shaking neck then stepped on the stool to tie it with the ceiling. With eyes closed and tears in his eyes he kicked the stool back and was hanging three feet from the floor, gasping for air until his struggling for life stopped and he met his death.

After a few hours of hanging three feet from the ground, one of the maids that worked for him, discovered his dead body. They were terrified of this tragic event and mourned for the couple's fate. For the two young lovers, death separated them. The mansion that belonged to the couple always had a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. That night of their death, all that was heard from the mansion was sobbing and screaming.


Today, the mansion is found lifeless and dead. No one lived in the abandoned mansion and many people in the town of Gravity Falls wouldn't even dare to look at the building as they would pass it. To the small town, it was known as one of the worst tragedies of Gravity Falls. The couple could've brought success and more dignity to the small town, but that dramatically changed due to a letter. One day though, a young man in his twenties and a young twelve year old girl was sent to hang posters for a tourist trap around the town.

"Hmm... what about this place Soos?"

"Uhh... I don't think it's a good place for it, dude"

Soos was uncertain of the old mansion and knew about the tale of the old place. What frightened him was the thought of ghosts walking in the area. He even felt chills run up his spine. On the other hand, the twelve year old's name is Mabel. She was the happiest and most joyful girl there could be. She brought daylight into everybody's life.

"Come on, you party pooper! If you want I can hang up the sign on the gate." Mabel gestured as she was ready to dash toward the rusted gates that surrounded the mansion.

Soos shook his head and tried to ignore Mabel's generosity, but failed to notice Mabel had already taken one of the posters from his hand. With the posters in her hand, Mabel dashed toward the gate with a cheerful grin until her smile faded.

"Soos. Come here..."

The older man walked toward her direction, ready to fight whatever Mabel encountered. Soos then stopped dead in his tracks once he saw what Mabel was looking at. What they saw alarmed them. They saw a floating ghost like head floating around the mansion's front. The head didn't even notice the two humans standing there.

"We should go back Mabel. We shouldn't mess with this thing." Soos said while taking her hand and started to lead her back. To their dismay, Mabel accidentally stepped on a twig which instantly got the ghost's attention.

"Run dude!"

The two screamed and ran as fast as they could while the ghost head came toward the gates, yelling at the two in gibberish words. The odd detail about the ghost is that it stopped right at the gates, not even daring to go past them. The two humans though, continued screaming and running till the point they were far from the ghost's vision. The ghost did saw the poster that was dropped on the floor that read, "The Mystery Shack: Home of the greatest and scariest things to have ever walked the earth! Come see today!" The poster even presented the crew that worked there. But there was someone who instantly got the head's attention because they looked very similar to someone that died a hundred years ago.

"Dipper! Dipper!"

Mabel and Soos ran into the small gift shop of the Mystery Shack which caught the two employees' attention who was organizing the shirts and jackets there. The two employees are known as Dipper and Wendy.

"Ugh. What Mabel?" Dipper groaned and rolled his eyes. His twin sister was currently the one, who was interrupting his time with Wendy, whom he was crushing on.

"There was this ghost at this creepy looking house then… then…" the younger girl said while throwing her arms in the air in a spastic way.

"Mabel, Get it together!"

Dipper was beginning to get worried for his sister because she was found shaking and sweating. Mabel was also tongue tied since she couldn't find the right words to say. Dipper decided to give Mabel time and turned to Soos who was there quiet.

"Soos, tell us what happened."

"Well um… Mr. Pines ordered us to stick posters around town to get more tourists in. We found this creepy looking place and your sister decided to stick a poster at the gates. That's when it got crazy! There was this floating head that chased us. I'll tell you what, I'm never going back there again dude…Unless it followed us here." Soos explained then looked around with paranoid eyes.

After the explanation there was then an awkward moment of silence that was set. Wendy and Dipper had their jaws open while Mabel and Soos were still catching their breath. Until the young boy with the pine tree hat decided to investigate further in by getting his most trusted book from his vest. Journal number three.

"Okay guys. Let me look for this thing. Where did you find it at?"

Soos cleared his throat and explained the mansion they were at until Dipper found the location in the journal.

"The mansion. DO NOT ever go there at any costs! Many spirits lurk the area, wishing revenge on any mortal that steps foot there. The spirits suffered through a terrible tragedy yet, the real story behind their deaths is unsolved."

Dipper scanned the book looking for more explanations, but found nothing. On the page that explained the mansion, there wasn't that much explained yet instead it had many drawn pictures. There were pictures of floating candles, ghost like figures, a crystal sphere with mist in it, and much other paranormal stuff.

"Woah... is that really w-what is found inside the... the mansion?" Mabel stuttered while looking over her brother's shoulder. Dipper tried to open his mouth to reply but was cut off when someone entered the shop with such a hurry.

"No, no, no! Kids, come here!"

Dipper quickly closed the book and tucked it under one of his vest openings. After that, he and his sister made their way toward the man who asked for them.

"What is it Grunkle Stan?"

"Kids, Soos, Wendy... what do I say to the tourists?" the older man panted with shaking legs. Stan was worried because the day has come when tourists would complain about something that he never thought of.

"What do you mean, ya big goof?" the younger girl asked while smiling at her uncle. All of her fear toward the incident earlier was fading away.

"Mabel you're creative and artistic, help me make the most amazing attraction the world has ever seen."

"Why? What happened?"

"The tourists say they come here every summer yet, they're getting tired of the same exhibits even the new ones. They say it doesn't change at all. This is bad news because tourists can get bored and that'll mean I'll lose money!"

"That's horrible Mr. Pines. I can help Mabel if you like." The handyman offered and grabbed a screwdriver out of his pocket. Stan nodded at Soos' generosity but was overjoyed when a new idea struck him.

"Well, I actually need Mabel's idea and maybe even Dipper's paranoid mind. You and Wendy can help us too because I made up my mind. We're going to the dump! We're going to make a scary ride that will blow the tourists out of their socks!"

"Sir, yes, sir." Soos saluted while Wendy snickered with disgust. Dipper and Mabel went to the dump lots of times either to help Stan pick up valuable pieces for new exhibits or get new items that catch Stan's eye. This assignment though, was going to be challenging for Mabel.

"But Mr. Pines, when are we gonna head down there? Because if I'm going to work overtime then, I need to tell my dad."

"Wendy, we'll start tomorrow because who's crazy enough to head out toward the place in daylight where everyone would see us? Besides there are new tourists outside waiting for a tour of this place. Which means money is ticking away."

Wendy nodded but she didn't like the idea. Especially not enjoying the fact that she's going to get covered with muck from looking through garbage.

"Ugh, Fine. Whatever... " The redhead frowned while cracking her knuckles in annoyance.

"Well then, I'll be on my way."

With the confirmation being confirmed, the old man with a fez stepped out of the shack leaving the four employees alone. Mabel was slyly smiling while chewing on gummy koalas she had in her pocket and poked Dipper on the stomach.

"Why don't we get a better look at your nerdy book you got there, Dr. Dip?"

Dipper glared at her statement and got the book out of his vest. The rest of the group looked over his shoulders as he opened the book and landed right on the spot where he left off. His eye instantly caught sight of the sphere with mist in it.

"What could that be?" asked the young boy as he pointed to the image. Mabel squinted her eyes and saw a little shaded in head in the sphere which freaked her out.

"It's the head! It's the head that chased us! Don't you see it Soos?!" Mabel asked while lightly elbowing Soos on the stomach.

"Uh... I don't see anything dude."

The oldest Pine twin got the book out of Dipper's hands and presented it closer to Soos' vision.

"Oh my god, I see it now! That thing did chase us!"

Mabel closed the book and handed it to Dipper, who was confused along with Wendy. Dipper believed them since he encountered many supernatural beings too but Wendy only encountered a paranormal activity once. She still doesn't believe in them, "monsters and ghosts stuff" that is going on in Gravity Falls.

"Uh, Mabel. The answer is simple and it is to avoid the place. The mystery sure does look very interesting, but it obviously shouldn't be investigated. We really shouldn't mess with the spirits there. Weren't you even scared of it minutes ago?"

Mabel knew that part of it is true but her heart longed to go solve the mystery with her trusted brother. Mysteries and adventures is all the twins ever did that summer besides helping their uncle with the shack. She even fought gnomes, faced a psychopathic kid, ran the shack, got her pet pig back from a pterodactyl, traveled in time, and much more. So she questioned herself, what is she scared of anyway?

"But, Dipper we-"

"No Mabel!" Dipper angrily told his naive sister. Mabel rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out toward her twin.

"Okay then captain buzz kill. As if you didn't mess with lots of things already."

Dipper just accepted Mabel as she is at the moment because he knew she would never go there. Yet, little did he know that an adventure awaits him on the abandoned mansion's grounds.

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