"Shhh! Quiet down! You don't want to be spotted now don't you?!" Elizabeth hissed with anger as each step the humans took behind her made a loud squeak against the hard wood.

The gang did their best at quietly tiptoeing behind Elizabeth as she led the way. Beside her flew Mariemont that clearly stayed quiet. No jokes or thoughts were in her mind.

"Remind me the plan again, Elizabeth?" Soos quietly asked behind the group. He was the last one behind everyone.

"We are to quietly sneak to the back door of this mansion which leads to the small farm of this mansion. There we have horses that can take us to the graveyard." Elizabeth replied while grabbing a candle holder that was on the shelf after noticing that her candle ran out.

"Okay. There are a lot of things I don't get from this mansion. One, the doors are locked by some sort of a magical force that I doubt will let you get past them. Two, this mansion has a farm? Three, the horses are probably dead and four, why can't we just run straight home after you 'successfully' get us out?" Stan asked with annoyance.

Elizabeth quickly turned around and gave Stan a death stare. She held her finger to her mouth motioning him to hush. The maid was already getting tired of the mortals, but she felt there was something special in them. They were capable of breaking the mansion's curse.

"Mr. Pines please be quiet. All your questions will be answered later on. As of the last question, you can't just escape the devil's curse. It will proceed on to you and your family for generations until someone is sacrificed for him. It's better to stop the curse tonight then to have a dirty regret being carried around. Also, aren't you forgetting about Ms. Corduroy? Her dear life is on the line!" reminded Elizabeth.

Stan fell dead silent because Elizabeth was right. He already had lots of regrets in his life. Wendy wasn't part of his family, but she did mean a lot to him. Scratch that, she was family along with Soos. He saw her as a young rebellious teenage granddaughter that he wasn't able to get closer to.

"Silly mortal." Mariemont mumbled under her breath.

"Agreed Madame. Agreed." The young maid replied to the head.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing, Maid Elizabeth?"

"Yes Madame. I'm sure it will work...well let's hope it works."

Everyone's ears perked up at her line. Mabel looked toward her twin brother that was beside her and held his hand. Dipper smiled at this while he patted her shoulder indicating that everything will be alright.

"No worries Mabel. We'll make it out alive." Dipper assured his sister.

"Nothing to worry about hambone. Everything will be alright. You have your brother, your uncle, me, and Waddles! Nothing will stop the Mystery Shack Gang!" Soos comforted Mabel and patted the top of her head.

The older twin gave them a weak smile and made a fake giggle. She tugged her sleeve and loosened the collar of her sweater. Something wasn't right but, she didn't know what it was.

The group finally reached their destination and was found in the back door that led to the patio out back. At first, Elizabeth pushed the door to see if they were lucky enough to get out, but their luck vanished.

"Well what do we do now, Elizabeth?" Mariemont spat to the worried maid.

"This is where you come along. With that weird magic you do, cast them something that will help us."

The head laughed quietly at her statement and shook her head.

"Stand back, Elizabeth." Mariemont ordered the maid who immediately followed her command. "Invisibilis sit, umbrabilis fieri. Et non erit qui te viderint, Quod omnis potentia sit in me erit invictum!"

The group of humans (and their little pig) huddled together in small circle and were found surrounded by a glowing white light. Five little streaks of white light flew in circles around them.

Dipper reached into his vest and scanned through the pages of 'black magic' and found the meaning of these white lights. He gasped after reading their meaning until it was to late to announce what was happening. Soon, the light dug into each one of their chests and each of their dark eyes turned into a blank white color. Everyone fell onto the floor with their eyes closed which shocked Elizabeth and she ran to each one to try and shake them awake.

"What did you do, you old dumb-"

"Calm down Elizabeth. They'll wake up in three...two...one..."

Instantly, the group of casted humans woke up with wide eyes. Soos and Stan got up and cracked their backs as Dipper rubbed his head with pain and the Mabel grabbed Waddles to hold him closer to her.

"What good does that do to us?" Dipper asked with a hint of pain in his voice.

Mariemont smiled and laughed in a dark tone as if she was a mad scientist who created a monster. "Just try to walk into the door or, better yet...run into the wall!"

"Wait, how should I trust you?"

"Just do it, human fool! Or I will throw you into there!"

"How will that work?"

"Just do it Dipper Pines!"

Mariemont seemed furious which showed the young Pines twin to actually follow her orders. Dipper took a deep breath and crossed his two fingers for luck as he ran toward the door with his eyes shut. He prepared himself for the hurtful collision that was going to take place. He picked up his short legs with a fast speed and squealed but, was quite when he felt cold damp air brush past his face.

"Dipper! You there?!" Dipper heard his sister call out to him which made him stop in his tracks.

He opened his eyes and was greeted with the full moon and the grey clouds that surrounded the bright round object.

"Holy Smokes! I'm out! How did that work?!" Dipper remarked with joy as he took a breath of fresh air. He looked down the height of the patio from the wooden, vined fence which prevented anyone to fall back. It was pretty high for a small patio.

"We're going in Dipper!" shouted Soos' voice through the locked door. That is until Dipper recognized that the small size of the patio won't be able to fit them all.

However, he was too late because the group ran through the door like angry bulls. They were even too late to stop their tracks because they pushed Dipper to the point where he invisibly went through the fence of the patio. The young boy screamed with a high pitched screech but, it was too late for anyone to rescue him.

"Dipper!" Mabel screamed as she climbed over the fence to reach out for him as if it was possible to grab him. Unfortunately, her grip to the fence became slippery from the fresh rain which made her fell in the same direction as her brother.

Stan screamed along as he looked down from the patio with tears forming in his eyes.

"Kids! Kids!" Stan shouted, hoping he would hear from his great niece and nephew. Nothing was heard from down under.

The old man just gave in. He sobbed with his face down wondering how he would explain this tragedy to their parents. That is if they all survive the night there. Soos still yelled out to them. Tears poured down his cheeks while he tried to wipe them away from the back of his hands. Waddles even was whining with sadness as he looked down the area where his beloved owner fell.

"Calm down fools...I see Elizabeth coming up." Mariemont said with rolling eyes.

Stan sniffed and picked his heavy head up and was surprised from the supernatural view. Elizabeth flew toward them with a pair of twins in her hands. Each arm carried one of the Pines twins as if they were newborn babies.

"Careful there my little scoundrels. You could've lost your precious little lives." The maid cooed at them while kissing each twin on the cheek.

"Okay. There have been way too many unexplainable things going on. And trust me; I'm supposed to know the answers behind this." Stan said with astonishment.

"Mr. Pines, you do know that those exhibits in the Mystery Shack are fake right. You made them up so you don't really know that much on these creepy types of things." the handyman beside him said while still wiping away tears from his eyes.

Stan turned around to his loyal employee and shook his head. No matter how childish and immature Soos seemed, he actually did have wise words and good comebacks.

"Soos, you're on the line of getting fired again..."

"No no! I'll keep quiet. I promise!"

"Then shut your yaps!"

Soos nodded and made a hand motion to zip his mouth up like a jacket. Stan rolled his brown eyes and made his attention to the maid and the twins that were now beside them. Dipper had a surprised yet displeased look on his face while Mabel smiled from ear to ear revealing everyone her pink braces.

"That was so awesome! It felt like I was on one of those rides at a theme park. Don't you think so little Dip?"

Dipper nodded and huffed with disgust while wiping away the kiss Elizabeth gave them.

"Can we go now?" Dipper asked Elizabeth who settled each twin down on their feet.

"Oh yes. It seemed that we already have wasted enough time. Onward ladies and men!"


The graveyard. It was probably the most haunted place in the mansion. Each cracked tombstone had many names that were unrecognized. Yet, they all shared a same mystery which is they all shared the same death date. From small tombstones which seemed as they belonged to children to other large tombstones belonging to adults.

Fog surrounded each corner of the graveyard which made it hard to see for anyone who would enter the graveyard. Each night there was chilling enough for any mortal but, for the spirits that flew in the area, it was a time for bonding. Laughter and chattering echoed the ghostly yard coming from each ghost there was. Some ghosts held tea parties and even waltzed to the music coming from a dead orchestra. Others were drunk and even had playful gun fights with each. The gun shoots didn't harm anybody due to the fact that they were dead.

As for the statues that lived there, they would even come alive at night. The gargoyles would flap their stony wings and fly around the yard with the great feeling of wind brushing past their stone structure. The angelic angels looked around the area with guarding eyes and even started a few quick prayers for the lost spirits there was. They received no answers.

"Has either one of you imbeciles seen any mortal humans walk around here?" ordered a tall bearded butler as he stood front and center of everybody.

Every single ghost immediately stood back with fear from the butler's appearance. Daniel seemed much stressed out with his attire out of place. Death was seen through his ice cold eyes.

"I repeat myself, where the hell are they?!"

So Daniel is evil, Elizabeth is another ghost, and the gang was casted with a spell of invisibility.

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