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Red-Necks on Facebook

Maggie Greene: Hey for all of you out there, you can get on the Internet now!

Glenn: Hey it feels good to be back on! I can't remember the last time I've used Facebook!

Rick Grimes is now friends with Maggie Greene and 3 others

Rick Grimes: finally! Hey Glenn you should friend Maggie ;)

Daryl Dixon: hey Facebook! Never had one of these! I must friend all of ya!

Shane Walsh: oh god we have a Facebook-deprived redneck. This is going to end very badly!

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Daryl Dixon: what is all this stuff? How do you share a pic?

Glenn: you just upload it!

Daryl Dixon added a picture.

Rick Grimes: oh god seriously Daryl? That's disgusting.

Shane Walsh: you're seriously eating squirrel on watch?!

Daryl Dixon is now friends with Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, and 2 others

Lori Grimes: Daryl Dixon is on Facebook now? Wow.

Carol Peletier: this should be interesting. By the way Lori, you have to accept my friend request!

Lori Grimes: ok. Right before I log off.

Daryl Dixon: hey what about me? I don't see a request from you!

Shane Walsh: oh god seriously Daryl?! You made that your profile pic?

Rick Grimes: I am never going to be able to look at you the same again

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Maggie Greene: Was this a bad idea? Showing all of you this?

Glenn: yea probably. But it's good to be on the Internet again.

Beth Greene: I can't believe Daryl never had a Facebook. That's crazy!

Rick Grimes: Beth, Maggie, does your dad have one? If he does we should friend him so he can tell us what is happening at the house.

Shane Walsh: yea and get our weapons back too

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Daryl Dixon: Hey I liked Shane's status thing. Just so you all know I am 100% on his side with that. It's the zombie apocalypse for God Sakes!

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Lori Grimes: it wouldn't be bad to have our weapons back. But what Hershel says goes

Shane Walsh: yea and when walkers are invading the place, I'll make sure you pay for saying that.

Rick Grimes: Shane! Back off!

Daryl Dixon: Yea I thought you liked her!

Shane Walsh: what?

Daryl Dixon: you heard me. You-Like-Her! A lot!

Shane Walsh: Daryl Shut Up! Aren't you on watch?

Daryl Dixon: No. Dale said he was going to take my shift.

Rick Grimes: So where are you then?

Daryl Dixon: trying to sleep. I'm tired.

Lori Grimes: it would be easier to sleep if you weren't on Facebook

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Daryl Dixon: YOU IDIOT! I'm going to freeze tonight!

Shane Walsh: it's summer. You'll be fine.

Glenn: how many other people have a Facebook? Cause we should find out. :)

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Lori Grimes: I bet that Dale will have one

Beth Greene: does this mean that some of you are going to start slacking off on work?

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Shane Walsh: course not. But there's not much to do except keep watch.

Daryl Dixon: and who has time for killing walkers? Lol maybe we should get T-Dog a Facebook and he can be all like: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

Rick Grimes: And on that racist comment...

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Shane Walsh: Exactly. To think we've been wasting our life trying to survive when there's been Internet connection here all along!

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