Chapter 4: Seeing Red

"Get your paws off her!" Red roared making his way towards Shade and Tai-Lung. They both looked at him looking as calm as a cucumber.

"Oh hello Red, I found Shade," Tai-Lung said smiling as he held the black mouse in his paws.

"Hey Big Guy great to see you," Shade said smiling. But soon her eyes were back on Tai-Lung nuzzling his cheek. Red was dumbfounded and his anger increased.

"Put her down!" he yelled.

"Why should I? Shade likes it when I hold her," Tai-Lung said frowning.

"I do like it," Shade said sweetly.

"But Shade I love you and you love me," Red said trying to remain calm.

"I know you love me and I love you but more like a big brother," Shade said.

"What no, you don't you was in love with me," Red told her.

"Yeah key word was as in not anymore," Tai-Lung said.

"Shut up before I turn you into Cat Litter," Red snarled.

"Red calm down I did love you but that was before I met Tai-Lung. When I escaped from Golden's spell and ran into the dungeon I found Tai-Lung. Oh Red he told me how he let the darkness consume him but after I told him about us and the others. He realized he was in the wrong and I saw such strength in him. So, full of anger and pain and I realized I loved him. You see Tai-lung said I was his reason for turning good and I realized that he needs me," Shade said batting her eyelids at Tai-Lung.

"No I need you," Red told her feeling the tears fall down his face. His heart was breaking in two how could this be happening? This had to be a dream a horrible nightmare.

"See Shade I told you," Tai-Lung said coldly.

"Yes, you did," Shade said sadly.

"What did you tell her?" Red demanded.

"That you only care about yourself. That you abuse Shade's love and loyalty, she told me the times you drank and got into fights. Even told me about when you snapped at her when that bigger animal accidentally stepped on her tail. That you were nothing but a child throwing temper tantrums that needed Shade to clean up your mess. Finally when she threatened to leave you that was when you sang that song. Making Shade believe you loved her when it was just a way to pull on her heart strings. Also telling her you would never lose your temper," Tai-Lung told him.

"You did promise me that you wouldn't lose your temper. But you lied after I died you tried to kill Tai-Lung even attacked Po, our friend and brother," Shade said shedding tears.

"Shade don't cry I am sorry," Red said taking a step closer to them.

"No Red I don't want to hear your excuses. You promised me that you would never lose your temper again and the second I leave you did. It wasn't Tai-Lung's fault I fell in love with him. That while we were fighting Shen's wolves what a great team we made," Shade said gently.

"How sweet your lips felt against mine," Tai-Lung purred.

"You kissed her?" Red asked in disbelief.

"Of course she loves me why do you think she left your shoulder to save me? The reason is because she finally found someone that would love and protect her that won't abuse her love. Sorry Red but I found Shade, not you. She came to me not you so it is clear she wants me and not you," Tai-Lung said.

"Sorry Red but it is true I fell in love with Tai-Lung. Once we get out of here I am going to travel with him and we will get married," Shade said.

"No, no you can't please Shade I love you! Don't leave me!" Red shouted.

"Good bye Red," Shade said and kissed Tai-Lung's lips. Red let out a roar and with anger glared at Tai-Lung.

"Get your disgusting lips off of her!" Red yelled. He lunged at Tai-Lung about ready to tear him limb from limb. But to his amazement he went through Tai-Lung like thin air. The smoke cleared and he was falling off a cliff. Red let out a scream as Po heard the shouting and saw Red fall to his death.

"Red!" Po shouted. He ran over to the edge careful not to fall and saw Red had fallen into some thick bog goo. "Red are you okay?" Po called.

Red didn't answer for he was looking for Shade and Tai-Lung. Were they real or was it a vision of the future? Would Shade really leave him for Tai-Lung? No, he would not let that happen he would not. "Red are you okay?" Po asked again.

"Yeah," Red said. He tried to get up but his arms were covered by the goo. "Po, I can't get out," Red called.

"Hold on buddy I will get some rope," Po called. Po began to grab some vines but the terror increased when Red noticed he was sinking. The bog was like quicksand but much faster.

"Po, hurry I am sinking!" Red yelled. His terror grew as the goo covered him up. He was not going to die he had to find Shade and tell her that he loved her. Po grabbed more vines and tied them together as quickly as he could. Then he threw the vine rope towards Red.

"Grab on buddy I will pull you up," Po called. Red tried to grab for the vine but he couldn't reach.

"I can't reach the vine is too short," Red said. The goo was slowly covering his chest and soon his neck. Po was scared there were no more vines left.

"Help someone help!" Po yelled. He hopped his friends could hear him and that they could save Red.

"That sounded like Po," Harmony said.

"It sounds like he is in trouble," Tai-Lung said.

"Let's go," Tigress said worriedly. Snow and Camille also heard Po's cries for help and ran to see what was happening. Speedy and Dark Wind got there first due to Speedy's gift.

"What is wrong?" Speedy asked.

"Red is stuck in some goo, I can't get him out," Po explained.

"Come on Snow let's see if we can pull him out," Dark Wind said. They flew on down to Red and grabbed his arms with their talons.

"While they do that we will find more vines," Camille said and they all ran to find more vines. Po watched to see if he could do anything to help. Thinking but no ideas were coming to him.

"Ready pull Snow pull," Dark Wind said. They began to pull but they were not strong enough to pull Red out. Instead the goo got on them and they were stuck along with Red.

"I am stuck," Snow said trying to flap her wings.

"Me too," Dark Wind said. They all thought they would die but something wonderful happened. A giant shadow creature appeared and lifted Red, Snow, and Dark Wind out of the goo. Po watched in awe as did the others returned and saw Red, Snow, and Dark Wind being placed safely back on the cliff.

"You guys okay?" Harmony asked.

"I am fine," Snow said.

"Me too," Dark Wind said.

"I am okay," Red said. The shadow creature disappeared and what appeared in front of them was Shade.

"Thank goodness you all are okay," she said gently her face full of worry.

"Shade, is that really you?" Red asked.

"The one and only," Shade said as she scampered up to his shoulder nuzzling his cheek. "I missed you Big Guy I knew you would find me," she said and kissed his cheek.

"Oh Shade my sweet Shade I love you," Red said. He held her gently as he kissed her head. Then he saw Tai-Lung smiling at Shade and he remembered his vision and vowed not to let it happen. Tai-Lung was not stealing Shade from him; he would make sure of that.

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