"Do not!"

"Do to!"

"Do not! There is no way a girl would date you Mikey!"

"Is to Raphael! Me and Hunter have been dating for two freaking months already dude!"

"Hunter? Hmmm...you sure she isn't really a guy?"

"YES! She is a girl! With boobs and everything!"

"Well, if she is dating you she must be ugly as fuck!" Raph laughed and was followed in his laughter by Leo and Don, who are overheard the argument.

"Shut up Raphael! Yes, I have a girlfriend. Yes, she is a REAL girl. Yes, she is hot..." Raph cut Mikey's rant short.

"Prove it..."

"I will, you are going to meet her tomorrow!"

"Just me? Why not everyone so we can have witnesses to your embarrassment"

"Fine! Bring anyone you like, it wouldn't change the fact that she is beautiful and MINE!"

Michelangelo storms up the stairs and slams his room door shut, leaving Raphael in a fit of laughter.

"Raph, I don't know why you are so mean to him."

"Aww shut up Leo, you laughed too. You know he doesn't have a girlfriend"

"That is besides the point"

"The point is he is imagining a girl"

"Perhaps you are jealous he has a relationship and you don't?"

"Shut up Donnie, you don't have one either"

"I would have had one if April didn't move away" Don pouts and crossed his arm. His two brothers burst into a fit of laugher.

"Well anyway, I just want to prove he is making this 'girlfriend' thing up."

"Well it if perfectly normal for a teenager to do that kind of thing Raph. I think I can remember you doing it once or twice?" Don grinned.

"Nope, never all my girls have been real!" Raph smirked, "so much for Mr. April-loves-me-but-is-too-scared-to-admit-it over there'' he points to Donatello with an evil smirk.

"Whatever! You are just being mean to Mikey and it's not fair! And leave April out of this!" Don replies as he stomps off to his lab, shutting the door behind him.

"I got to tell Casey about this. Bet he would love to meet Hunter"

"Raph for all we know Hunter could be real"

"And so is Santa..ho ho ho"

Raph smirked and walked to his room to call Casey.