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Chapter 1: Crisis


"PUCK!" I screamed, this is just great! It's the first day of seventh grade and I have spiky, puke-colored hair! I'm going to KILL that fairy boy!


This is going to be hilarious! In 3... 2... 1... "PUCK!" Hahahahahahahaha! This is what Ugly gets for video-taping me while I sang a song (so what that it was I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry! It's a good song!) I take a sneak peek into Grimm's room. Yup, the usual long golden, silky- ummm...- ALREADY ugly hair... yeah... is now spiky and puke-colored! Mwa-ha-ha!

"How do like me now Grimm?!" I say in between laughs. My voice cracks at the end, kinda ruining the moment. Stupid Grimm and her stupid highly contagious puberty virus!

There are many reasons why she's the best person in the house to prank. One, she gave me that horrible sickness! Ugh! Two, she has by far the best reaction. Her face goes beet red, and she clenches her knuckles so tight that they turn white (A/N: That rhymes!), and her totally "I'm gonna kill you" glare is kinda funny too. Who am I kidding, it's HILARIOUS (when she's not doing it to you)!


"Or you'll what, Grimm?" Ooh... yes! Let's aggravate her! Sure, I know that I'll pay for this later, but for now let's make this last as long I can...

"You'll sic Marshmallow on me? Or will you throw a Barbie doll at me? I'm sure that will hurt!" I instigate. Wow, she's so red now that she's maroon (Maroon 5 all the way!).

"I do NOT play with Barbie dolls!" she hollers. In split seconds she's off the bed and running right at me. Shoot! I better get a move on! I flap my wings (you know your jelly- Marshamallow invented that one- that I can fly!) and zip down the stairs.

"PUCK!" As I zoom past Elvis, he falls flat on his butt. If I hadn't been in such a rush, I probably would have laughed hysterically at the poor dog's expression, but for now I fly. I see Red and Daphne giggle at Ugly's new hairdo, I smirk. Paying too much attention to the little girls I crash into a lamp... HARD.

Ow! I fall on the counter, my head throbbing. I hear Sabrina, Daphne, and Red run over to me. What's wrong? I think, but my tongue feels like it's made out of lead. I try to sit up, but as soon as I do, I get nauseated. Using all my willpower to not throw up, I lay back down. Sabrina's- I mean Grimm's- hand goes over her mouth in shock. I see Granny- I mean the Old Lady- (really Puck?! Twice in a row?!) rush down the stairs into the commotion. She screams "Liebling!" and then everything goes black.

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