This gives me reason to hate Dramione (shudder…). Inspired by the song "She Wolf" By David Guetta Ft. Sia. This brought me to tears as I was writing it! :'(…Also Be warned this isn't about the battle so that part is nice and simple!


Love is painful.

Love is a competition and takes no friendship.

Love is betrayal.

Love leaves everything dark.


A shot in the dark.

A past lost in space.

Where do I start?

The past and the chase?

You hunted me down.

Like a wolf, a predator.

I felt like a deer in your lights.


Everything was void of any light, he was in deep. His heart could no longer beat a steady rhythm without the stab wounds in his heart start to throb in pain. The warm spring days still feel like the cold grey winter where he was left all alone. He could still feel the sharp sting as his best friend kissed his boyfriend right in front of him. Her once comforting brown eyes were now malicious and unkind. Where he once came to her for guidance, he gladly strayed away from her.

He walked in a daze as he found the object of his despair curled together under a tree, reading a heavily bounded book together. Draco's head resting on her shoulder while she read softly with a warm smile gracing her face.

The picture made Harrys stomach curl and coil into small knots, the revoltingly sweet picture made him hate them even more. He feels as it should be him.

He remembered last spring when he and him were inseparable. How the blond wouldn't stop at anything to make him smile and his favorite activity was to scoop him up in his pale arms and ravish him senseless till he couldn't even breathe. He could only smile softly at the memories knowing there was nothing he could to do to relive them. Draco Malfoy was a Veela, and has chosen his mate. That mate wasn't him.


You loved me and I froze in time,

Hungry for that flesh of mine.

But I can't compete with the she wolf,

Who has brought me to my knees.

What do you see in those yellow eyes?

Cause I'm falling to pieces.


Harry could not wait to see his boyfriend, he was practically bouncing on his heels with each step. He wanted Draco to be the first person he told that he was the newly appointed Quidditch captain, he was so happy he could burst. He was sure the presence of his pale boyfriend would only make the day even more special.

As he approached Draco's private room he was thinking multiple ways to tell him his exciting news. He couldn't decide how to start off telling him, to ease him into it or blurt it out. He was just too ecstatic to think straight, he just wanted to be around his favorite person.

He threw open the portrait door and stepped in with a huge smile on his face, "Draco gue-.." he trailed as his eyes caught the figures in the room. His smile instantly zapped off his face and he felt like his heart just died right there. Killed by an unforgivable would have been less painful.

Draco was on the couch with his best friend, Hermione, on his lap. His hands entangled in her hair and soft moans escaped both of them, both softly rocking back and forth as they were encased in a passionate kiss.


Hermione turned around and stared blankly at him while a soft growl comes from behind her. She slowly got up and let the Veela see who he was growling at.

The Veela slowly lost his snarl as he saw who just walked in, and the enchanted mercury eyes glowed in recognition of the situation.

"Harry, I'm sorry."

His words rung in his head as an avalanche of emotions went through his head, paralyzed from moving anywhere.

Draco stood and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I told you already that I'm a Veela, and I found my mate," he said smiling over at Hermione who smiled back. "I just can't love you anymore," he said turning back to him with a smirk.

Harry could feel something curl up inside him as cruel hearted betrayal seeped into his pores. He felt a tear escape his eyes.

Something flashed over Draco's eyes as he saw the boy in front of him, Harry turned and ran out of the room not noticing the tortured look upon Draco's face.


I'm falling to pieces.

I'm falling pieces.

I'm falling to pieces.

Falling to pieces.


Harry couldn't just stand there anymore and take the abuse, he had bigger things to worry about than a Veela and his mate. He had to figure out how to pull up his grades and how to defeat Voldemort. He scowled and kept on walking, realizing all of this would be easier if he had help.

Harry had been in such a slump lately he got kicked of the Quidditch team hence he was no longer captain.

He walked further, marching into the dark forest, dodging limp branches and oversized roots as he stumbled away from the school. He had been doing this often, it was easier to walk away then to stay trapped in his dorm. He had been thinking about why he was so depressed, it wasn't the loss of what he thought to be the love of his life, it was the betrayal and suddenness between some of the people he was close too. He had wondered why all the bad shit in the world had to always happen to him. Was he always supposed to go unloved and alone? Harry didn't really care to know the answer. He hopefully would move on, but for now he preferred his space.


Ron had been furious.

His best friend, the boy who he considered to be a brother was up in their dorm heartbroken and it was the damn ferrets fault! …..and Hermione. He couldn't even bare to think her name. When Harry stumbled into Gryffindor tower like a torn up mess, the whole of Gryffindor had to hold him down and forced him to speak.

When he was finished, to say everyone was infuriated with Hermione was an understatement. He and Hermione used to be on Harry's case all the time on how he shouldn't dismiss Malfoys past treatment of them. How he always teased them, his father was a death eater, calling Hermione a mudblood on multiple occasions. He always shrugged his shoulders and said he wasn't like that. Now he wasn't too sure.

Hypocritical Hermione, walked in about an hour after Harry with a large goofy smile which made everyone else even angrier.

"Hermione, we need to talk," Ron said sternly.

She looked over at him but her smile never wavered, "no, I'm tired, I think I'm going to go to bed."
Surprisingly it was Neville who spoke up, "SIT DOWN! Hermione."

A little taken back she took a seat on the couch. Many of the younger grades filed out of the room to give them space, each ignoring the girl's presence.

"Why did you do it Hermione? You hurt him!" Ron said his voice shaking a little.

"Who? Harry? That's not my fault that I'm Draco's mate. He is a Veela after all. It means we are more compatible," she said haughtily.

Lavender who was sitting with Seamus spoke up, "Actually, Hermione, it is common knowledge that Malfoy is half-Veela and would not have died if you had rejected him he would have went on normally, but since you let his instinct's take over you hurt Harry. Besides a Veela's mate does not mean you're compatible mates, it means you're compatible for breeding."

Hermione flushed but still did not look the slightest bit guilty, "I have my reasons, and I don't need to take this from any of you!" she said hastily getting up.

As she was walking to her dorm, she heard Ron call out to her, "You better watch yourself Hermione, because you have no friends here."

She stared at him for a second examining his red face, then scanning the room and seeing the similar looks all around. She nodded and continue on walking.


Did she lie and wait?

Was I bait to pull you in,

The thrill of the kill.


As Harry was walking through the forest he felt a small prick on the back of his neck like he was being watched, he also noticed he also may have walked a little further than he should have.

"I should turn around," he spoke out loud. The sun lower than the trees making the forest completely dark.

"Lumos," he muttered and a white light formed at the end of his wand. As he turned around his wand flashed to a figure with a black mask, a death eater.

"Get him!" The man hissed, and he was grasped on the arms from both sides.

"Now, we wait for our Lord to show up," the man crackled.


You feel as a sin.

Lay with the wolves

Alone, it seems.

I thought I was part of you.


Draco felt uncomfortable. As he sat there under the tree holding his mate his body was practically purring in delight, but as he saw Harry earlier he felt his heart ache, he had the desire to reach out and hold the boy. The bright green eyes that always drew him in were dull and glassy. He shouldn't care, he was a Veela and he should love his mate but the problem was he didn't.

Draco liked Hermione's company and she turned out to be pretty cute compared how she was when she was eleven. She was smart, cunning, and feisty, Harry was all of those things as well as fun and most of all he was loyal to his friends.

"You want to go do something fun?" he asked kissing her neck.

She smiled up at him and pecked his lips, "no I'm content!" she said turning back to her book. He really missed Harry's rough lips, and the way if he had asked Harry that question he would have readily agreed.

When he found out who his mate is he thought he would tell her and he thought he would be able to stay with him since Hermione was one of his best friends, when it turned out that she didn't care his Veela side took that as a go.

"Hey, Draco, look at this, it's says here in 1860 a Veela named Antoine Noir was the first known Veela to walk away from his mate. That's crazy isn't it?"

"Not if he's half," he said looking thoughtfully.

"Well, you wouldn't leave right?" Draco decided to stay silent for a while.

"Right!?" she asked forcefully.

Better late than never. "Actually, I've been thinking about this for a while, this isn't working like it should," he said untangling himself from her.

"What?" she asked frowning at him incredulously.

"You just don't compare to Harry, I made a mistake, I'm sorry. I can't do this." He said getting up and walking away.

"What!?" she shrieked, but Draco could care less he was going to be just like Antoine and walk away. He used the point me charm and started to walk towards Harry.

He was going to get his lover back.


You loved me and I froze in time.

Hungry for that flesh of mine.

But I can't compete with the she wolf,

Who has brought me to my knees?

What do you see in those yellow eyes?

Cause I'm falling to pieces.


"Harry Potter, it's nice to meet you alone, once again," Voldemort sneered at the kneeling boy. Harry just glared up at him and struggled against the hold of the two other Death Eaters.

"I was going to draw this out longer, but the end has come Harry Potter, any last words?" He smiled gruesomely, his followers crackling behind him.

Harry just stared back at him, preparing himself for his end, Dumbledore told him all about the horcrux's and the theory that he himself may be one. He was almost ready.

"Time to die," he snarled raising his wand, "Avada Kadavra!" and a bright green flash came hurling towards him.

And then everything became cold.


I'm falling to pieces.

I'm falling to pieces.


Draco was getting closer he could feel him. The only problem was that as he was getting closer he heard a very distinct voice that sent a chill down his spine. The Dark Lord.

His speed increased and he kneeled right behind a tree by the clearing where evidently Harry was. He came in right at the part where a bright green light hit the center of Harry's chest and said boy collapsed in the clearing. All the death eaters laughed and shot light into the sky, the dark mark brightening the night sky. With one last crackle they all disapparated. Most likely to the outskirts of Hogwarts.

Once they all cleared out Draco ran out to the middle of the clearing and kneeled down next to Harry, he shakily put his fingers next to the boys neck, and released a sigh of relief as he felt a pulse.

A tear fell on the tan boys cheek, "Harry, wake up, please?" the boy only stirred lightly but still was unconscious.

"I'm sorry Harry," he whispered as he draped the boy over his back and started making his way to Hogwarts.


I'm falling to pieces.

Falling to pieces.


At Hogwarts utter chaos was ensued. The death eaters found a way into Hogwarts and every order member and older students were out keeping the death eaters at bay and away from the younger students. Flashes of green and red were crossing the fields of Hogwarts as the war carried on.

Dumbledore and Voldemort were in the far edge of the school close to the forest, sending the most ferocious spells and curses trying to disarm one another.

Each and every person were fighting for a chance, as their savior was no more.


I'm falling to Pieces

I'm falling to Pieces


Harry blinked a few times trying to gain focus of the world around him. He felt someone carrying him and he smelled the overwhelming smell of lavender and expensive leather. I know that smell.

"Draco?" he asked groggily. The movement stopped and Draco smiled up at him.

"Your awake? I'm not going to ask how you managed to live through that, I'm just glad you did." Harry nodded.

"What are you doing here? Where's Hermione?" he asks confused how he got in this position.

"Saving your ass apparently, can't manage to protect yourself eh potter?...and I broke up with her," he says as he starts to walk again.

"You what!? Can you do that you're a Veela? Don't you have to be with your mate?"

Draco shook his head, "I've been reading and turns out I can deny my Veela side, I'm sorry it took me so long to figure that out."

Harry let the words settle in and he hugged Draco closer and dropped his face to the blond hair that he missed so much. "You have no idea how bad I felt!" harry said finally letting tears fall onto Dracos neck.

"I know," Draco mumbled glumly.

"No!" Harry snapped, "You don't! I was so excited to tell you that I got elected to be Quidditch captain only to find my boyfriend and girlfriend making out! I was devastated! And I couldn't even be angry! I can't even deny your apology! You know why!? Because I fucking LOVE YOU Draco Malfoy!" Harry sobbed into Draco's trembling figure.

Through his own tears Draco nodded, "I know and I'm really sorry Harry! I love you! I realize that I can't be without you! No one can even compare to you!"

Harry gave a choked chuckle, "You're so sappy."

Draco smiled, "Only for you."


I'm falling to pieces

Falling to pieces


As they approached Hogwarts they saw the battle and were immediately shocked at the display over the fields of Hogwarts.

They walked over and saw Dumbledore in a duel with Voldemort, his blue light keeping Voldemort's green light at bay, every so often each having an advantage over the other, they were completely matched.

Dumbledore saw Harry and his blue eyes twinkled in joy and sent him a silent message, he nodded in understanding and took out his wand.

"Expelliarmus!" he called out and the Dark Lords wand flew out of his hand to Harrys allowing Dumbledore's spell to crash into Voldemort's chest, killing him instantly as he dissolved into ash.

Almost simultaneously there were cracks and pops of the Death Eaters retreating and a loud roar of victory spread through the grounds.


Later that night the two reunited lovers could be doing their favorite activity.

Draco was lying on the bed with his eyes squeezed shut and pressing Harry's head closer into him, "Ah! Harry!"

Harry's head bobbed and slid his tongue along Draco's shaft, licking along a vein on the underside knowing Draco loves that. The blond shuddered and screamed again pressing Harry closer to him sending his cock deeper into Harrys warm mouth, and he took it gladly and let out a long steady hum.

"Shit! Harry! Stop! I-I'm going to-!" and Harry released his mouth from his member.

"Wouldn't want that, would we?" he smirked at him. Draco growled and grabbed the raven and through him on the bed under him, Draco laid flatly on top of him moving his hips against Harry as they kissed passionately. Draco sneaked his hand down and started to trace along Harry's pucker and inserted a finger. Enjoying the moans his lover emitted every so often he added another and started a scissoring motion stretch the small hole.

Harry released the kiss, "Ah! Draco just…ugh… it!" he panted.

The blond smirked down at his lover, "What do you say?"

Harry growled, "NOW!"

Draco chuckled and pushed his fingers in deeper making Harry scream, "Sorry, close, but not it."

"Draco! I need you NOW!" Harry said frustratingly.

He smirked, "Very good," and he aligned his member with his hole and slid in deep in the first thrust. Harry dropped his head back and let out a choked moan. After waiting a minute Draco started to thrust into Harry while sucking on Harry's exposed Adams apple, taking it slow.

"Faster! Draco! You can do better!" Harry growled grabbing Draco's butt and forcing him to go deeper and harder. He started meeting Draco's thrusts with his own and the friction were making was making the bed creak in excitement. Both boys liking the sound decided to increase speed until the only sound heard were their bodies slapping together, the groan of the bed and their harmonized moans.

"Come for me, Harry," Draco panted wiggling his and pressing Harry closer to the mattress.

"AH!...D-Draco! I-I'm-!" and Harry squirted his release onto Draco's stomach, his muscles clamping down around the blonds member.

"UGH!" Draco grasped Harry's hips and started pumping his hips harder and faster into Harry until the pressure became too much and released himself deep into his lover.

He collapsed onto Harry for a few seconds catching his breath, then rolling off of him facing Harry. Caressing Harry's features and smiling at him, pulling the boy closer and both boys falling asleep.


Love is never determined.

Love is not decided by fate.

Love is worth the struggle.


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