It has come to my attention that I left out some vital information…oops! So now I'm going to give you the "Deleted Scenes" because I am not going to take down the original and repost…that sounds impertinent, ya know? I originally had the image of it being flashes of the past to how they overcame, but I guess I goofed on a few aspects. So thanks for all those who read and favorite-ed, even reviewed! Here's just some extra information for you!


Why Hermione agreed to be Draco's mate


Hermione couldn't stand the sight of the two boys in front of her. Both attractive males that could make any female happy. Growing up in the muggle world and raised in a catholic home she was raised that being gay or Bi was a sin, and was wrong. So seeing her best friend indulge in those acts, and so openly like the rest of the Wizarding world, It made her feel ill, she has told him on multiple occasions that he should stop, but he never listens. She wanted to tell him what he was doing was wrong, she wanted him to see his ways.

Hermione noticed since the start of the term Malfoy has been shooting her sideway glances and not his usual disgusted sneers. She would blush and try and ignore his studious gaze over her.

Harry chuckled as he was curled up on Draco's lap, the blonde's neck buried behind her friend's ear, currently whispering things to him. Harry shoved the blond lightly and attacked his lips in a fierce kiss. She tried to bury herself deeper in her book trying to ignore the curling of her skin. Why did they have to do that in the great hall? Draco had his own room for a reason.

Harry made the move to stand up but Draco pulled him down more firmly, making Harry laugh. "I've got to go Draco! I have a meeting with Professor McGonagall about something!"

"But I want you to stay with me," Draco said mock innocently.

"Possessive bastard!" Harry giggled, "I'll swing by your room later, okay?" Harry winked, kissing Draco on the nose and promptly exiting.

As soon as Harry left the room she could feel the other boys eyes on her, she glanced up and saw him waiting patiently for her, like he wanted to say something. She sighed and closed her book, looking back at him.

"Did you need something, Malfoy?"

He shifted awkwardly and very un-Malfoy like if she says so herself. "I'm a Veela," he blurted out.

She rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, "I know Malfoy, the whole school knows. That's why you have your own room."

"Right," he drawled, "Being a Veela I have a mate, and my Veela side says that it's you," He said looking at her uncertainty.

She stared at him for a long moment before letting a smirk slide across her features. She couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. She will show Harry the hard way that what he was doing was wrong, and she'll do it by taking away what he thought he loved.

"So what are we going to do about it?" she smiled devilishly as she washed as Malfoy's eyes turned blue as his Veela side took over, as she accepted him as his mate. Her smirk grew even wider as he grabbed her wrist and lead her to his rooms.


How Gryffindor got revenge


Ron was satisfied.

He was walking down the hall with a huge smile on his face walking back to Gryffindor tower. He told Granger to watch her back. No one messes with Harry, an honorary Weasley and gets away with it. The night before he wrote to Fred and George about what happened, and they were furious. They sent him a huge box, of the cruelest and most vicious pranks they owned. The box was so big it took three owls to deliver it.

In DADA that day Hermione was sitting in the front row being her nerdy, and overly enthusiastic self, while Ron sat two rows behind with a barely alive Harry next to him. Dean and Seamus were sitting in the row before him and they turned around and gave him similar smirks. It was lucky todays class was with Ravenclaw, because Hermione was about to have the worst lesson of her life.

He handed the two boys four small clamps that he received from Fred and George. They took them and reached out in front of them as Granger was taking notes, and put the clamps at the end of her hair, and the clamps worked their magic almost immediately.

Her hair started to shimmer and shake as it began to form into snakes, the snakes were long and wild and were trying to attack her every time she moved, and she looked like Medusa. The clamps didn't stop there, from her scalp green goo that smelled like sweaty socks started to seep out and drip down her face. The smell was so foul the professor had to stop and stare, and then as she started to scream that's when the whole of Gryffindor started to laugh, causing the snakes to misbehave even more.

"Don't worry 'Mione , the spell won't come undone for two weeks!" Ron said mockingly. She turned around and glared but he wasn't the least bit bothered.

He chanced a glance at Harry and saw that he still didn't show any emotion, he gave a sigh, poor kid.


How Draco made his decision.


Draco was sitting underneath the tree with his mate, she had picked up the book he was reading earlier and decided it was the perfect date to read it together, since they were in this Veela business together. It occurred to him his mate didn't know what a date was if it bit her on the nose.

He was enjoying her reading softly as he absorbed the information that flowed out of her mouth and enjoyed the clicking in his head as the information pieced together. He had been thinking a lot lately of how much he misses Harry. Draco came to a couple of reasons, one he loved Harry, two, he just was not into girls like his Veela side was. He wasn't falling for his mate like he was suppose too, and that's precisely why he was drowning in all of these Veela books, he needed a reason, and deep inside he really wanted a way out of this relationship.

When she stopped reading he instantly noticed, "What's wrong?" he said in her hair, noticing it still smelled like sweaty socks.

"Do you see them?" she said indicating towards the two Gryffindor's Thomas and Finnigan who were under the tree across from them furiously trying to snog each other's face off.

"What about them?" he said curiously.

"They are just so disturbing! They need to do that privately no one wants to see two guys go at each other it's just wrong!" She complained indignantly.

Draco rolled his eyes as his blood boiled over her words, her and her mudblood ways! "They are fine it's Wizarding society, they are allowed."

"But it's just so unnatural!" she said curling her lip.

"That's why magic is a wonderful thing Hermione, it can allow people to actually love one another instead forcing to love someone they do not for the sake of reproduction, like muggles."

"But that's not our case is it?" she said obviously not listening.

Draco had to bite his tongue, "Right."

"Ugh, don't look now but Harry is staring at us again. He needs to get over the fact that you are never getting back together with him, I did him a favor!"

"A favor?" Draco asked emotionlessly. He was about to snap at his mate, but if he did he wouldn't get her help from trying to get out of this mate ship, he knew how to play the game. He is a Slytherin after all.

"Yes! I accepted to be your mate to teach him a lesson! Gay relationships are wrong! I want him to live a normal, to make up for how it was before! And you know what he had the nerve to do? He set my whole house against me!" Draco had to count to ten silently, his mate was driving him insane. He glanced over at Harry who was staring over at their seemingly "Happy couple" position, he was just the empty shell of the boy he loved.

That settles it, he has to try and get out of this disaster of this mate ship, or die trying.


After the battle


Harry and Draco were making their way to Hogwarts hand in hand, loving the feeling of freedom and excitement of the future. On the way they saw a few dead Death Eaters but nothing truly damaging.

As they walked up to the great hall all the students were about screaming and flying around, conversing with others. On the sides were some of the injured but by the looks of it, no death had occurred during the battle.

Harry upon arrival was swooped up by a clan of red heads each taking turns squeezing the day lights out of him.

"Oh! Harry darling I've been so worried about you! With what Ron has been telling us and-oh you're so thin! You should come with me during summer break I'll fatten you up! Oh!" said in her mothering tone, Harry learned just to take it in and never cross Mrs. Weasley in her mother hen mode.

Then she turned towards Harrys blond partner and glared pulling out her wand, "And you! You caused all of this!" she said coming closer to Draco's chest. Harry pulled around her and shielded Draco.

"No! No! it's alright now! He's…..come back to his senses," He said throwing Draco a meaningful glance.

Draco put his head down, "Yes, I was miserable when I let my Veela side control me, it was the biggest mistake of my life."

put her wand down and studied the boy in front of her, "Oh…that's so sweet. You take care of our Harry now, no more of that cheating business! If I find out that happens again I will finish my threat!"

As Draco was about to answer her, when a girl launched herself on top of him and squeezed his middle.

"Oh Draco! You're alright! It's okay what you said to me before I know you were only trying to protect me!" Hermione squealed into his back.

Draco's eyes widened in horror as the curly brunette hugged him, his Veela side feeling his mate wanted to respond, however, Draco did not want any more to do with her and his face showed it in a nice princely sneer.

"I meant what I said earlier Granger! I'm with Harry again, he's everything and you're not! Now go!"

Harry couldn't help but smile largely at the girl's face she had a mixture of shock, hurt and pure rage.

"You see this?" Draco said walking over to Harry, a mischievous gleam in his eye, "this is how you kiss a thing of beauty," He then cupped Harry's face and smashed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Harry cold feel his face heating up as the Weasley twins started to hoot and howl and multiple applause could be heard around them.

As they broke apart they saw Hermione's face, it was written all over that she was devastated and angry if the tinge of red on her cheeks said anything.

"But you can't love him!" she screamed.

"And why not?" he leaned over and placed his head on top of Harry giving him a bear hug from behind.

"He's a guy!" She screamed as if that answered everything.

"All the reason then, I say," he smirked at her.

She quickly whipped out her wand and pointed it at Harry's chest, but before she could utter a spell, everyone surrounding the two boys had their wand pointed at her. She withdrew the threating position and screamed on top of her lungs in fury and stomped away.

Harry smiled up at his lover, things couldn't have turned out more perfect.

The end


17 years later

There was a large crowd surrounding an enormous red train at 9 ¾ early September first. Parents hugging their anxious children, people of all ages reuniting to see familiar faces, few parents staring at the train with nostalgic gazes, but one family was noticeably missing...

"Harry! Hurry up! Malfoy's are never late!"

"Whatever happened to Malfoys are always fashionably late?"

"When the occasion calls for it!"

"Well, did you want poor little Jamie to go in a dirty nappie?" He said lifting the year old boy who was slipping off his hip in his attempt to keep up with his Husbands quick strides, while holding onto eight year old Lilly in his other hand who was falling slightly behind. "Faster dear," he chided his daughter.

Draco was holding onto their elder son, Scorpius, who was about to be late for his first year of Hogwarts. They reached the pillar between 9 and 10, they each halted and looked if any passing by muggle was watching, when there was none

Draco turned around and pecked Harry on the lips, "See you on the other side," before grabbing Scorpius and running through the wall. Harry followed in pursuit with the rest of the Potter-Malfoy family.
Enjoying the normal bustle of the crowd, Harry grabbed hold of Scorpius and kissed both his cheeks and hugged him tightly. "You have everything?" Scorpius nodded and shuffled anxiously before pecking Harry on the cheek then moving on to hug Draco one last time before hurrying onto the train.

Harry felt the tightness in his chest in seeing his little blond going off to school, it seems the years went by so fast. Draco put a hand on his stressed husband's shoulder, "he'll be back before you know it Harry."

As the train started to take off, and majority of the kids made their ways to the windows to wave to their parents one last time. Harry smiled widely when he saw a silver eyed blond boy stick his head out and wave as the train rolled by.

"You better write!" Lilly screamed out towards her brother. Draco ruffled her ebony hair as he saw tears start to leak out of her green eyes.

"Harry!?" Called a voice. Turning only to find his best friend Ron Weasley walking over with his wife Amelia. Amelia is French, Ron met her at a Qudditch game in France being the manager to the canons.

"Hey! Seeing Rose off? "He nodded happily, "Harry, it seems every time I see you something new is going on, who's this little guy?" Ron said tickling little Jamie in the tummy making him giggle and squirm closer into Harry's side.

"This is Jamie, he just turned a year old last week," rubbing his nose in the raven hair toddlers hair. "Wow, time flies huh?" He said then turned over to Draco, "so how are you? Your Veela side isn't still acting up?"

For a few years since the end of the war Draco had come home physically and mentally exhausted in a cold sweat because Hermione had flaunted around the department he was working in, and Harry had to go to the ministry and file for a restraining when Draco had come home worse for wear for almost a year. "I'm doing well, my Veela side has actually started to become aggressive towards Granger."

"I thought the restraining order kept her away?"

"From the area where I work, not the entire ministry," he said with a shrug.

Ron pulled his sandy brunette wife, who has yet to say anything, closer to his side, "We better get going, promised mum we'd have lunch."

"Oh! Well it was nice seeing you," slinging his arm around his best mate, "we should meet up soon!"

"Definitely," with that they apparated.

Later that evening Harry and Draco were putting their children to bed. Draco trying to persuade stubborn little Lilly that it was time for sleep. Lilly had the same temper as Draco, needless to say it wasn't an easy job.

Easily putting the already snoozing Jamie down, Harry made his way to his way to Lilly's room and stopped at the door way.

"What did I say!?" Draco asked sternly, Lilly was about to answer but when she saw Harry in the doorway she hurriedly ran over and pecked Draco on the cheek, "Night Daddy!" and she curled under her covers.

Draco turned and smiled, "How come she's more afraid of you than me?"

Harry had his arms open, which Draco gladly walked into, after he closed his daughter's door. He clasped his hands around Draco's neck as Draco free him closer by hugging his back.

"Because you coddle her," he said pecking his nose.

"I do not!" He whispered indignantly.

"You do. Accept it."

"Alright," his hands started slipping a little lower until they were firmly grasping Harry's arse.

Harry gave a low chuckle, "I think you need to control your slippery little snake of yours," pressing their hips closer together.

"I think he just wants to go home," he said with a smirk. Harry let out a loud laugh breaking their quite conversation. He looked up into Draco's eyes and saw he was staring at him adoringly.

"I'm glad I have you." Harry smiled,

"Veela be damned," leaning in closer for a kiss.

"Veela be damned," Draco smiled into the kiss, as he knows his future will always be with Harry. That she wolf be damned.


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