A/N : Idk if it's worth to be called a crossover if it's only a slight appearance of other characters. But to just be safe, I'll just add it. Might be including some from Durarara! in later parts too. So, does Fanfic have an alternative way to cross more than two animes or not? Thanks in advance!

Anyways, enjoy~

Her head was looking left and right as if she did something wrong. The crowd that moved against her didn't help much, especially if she has a super-short height, even for a high-schooler.

'Ah! There it is!'

Her face looked relieved when she spotted a lot of students gathering in front of the notice board full of papers with class distributions for new students like her. At a time like this, she could really be thankful for her small and petite body that she could move forward even with this kind of cramped up situation.

'My name…my name. Where is it?' Her eyes were trailing up and above, left to right to find her name and her class when she finally succeeded to get close enough to read the font written on the papers.

Her lips were tugging a smile when she finally found her name under class 1-A. '12. Hayakawa Akizuki.' But that smile didn't last long when her eyes accidentally spotted another familiar name. Her heart felt like it stopped pumping the blood all over. Her face turned blue. Slowly, she retreated from the notice board, giving chance for others to take a look.

'Oh God. Please make this guy is just having the same name as him. And if not…'

Her prayer was interrupted by when her back accidentally bumped into something, or someone. "Ah, sorry."

And her face was paler than before when she caught a red-haired with heterochromatic eyes was staring at her. 'You can't be serious.'

"Akizuki." Akashi monotonously acknowledged her. "I didn't expect to see you here." He was staring right into her. The look in his eyes was plain but somehow, was really dangerous.

She just nodded slowly while swallowing her saliva nervously. "I think…I got to go." Ignoring whatever Akashi's reaction may be, she immediately turned away from Akashi and made a run for it.

'Holy shit! Someone wake me up from this freaking nightmare.'