A/N : I know it was short. But the story will be better...I hope (?) *sweatdropped

It's been a month since she entered her high school life. That means, it's been a month since she had this daily routine of coming to school, take attendance, write reports, duty-cleaning and dealing with Akashi Seijurou.

Akizuki tried to keep minimal contact, mainly because she didn't want anything to do with the absolute-devil-in-angel's-suit. But, she should know better. He is absolute. He gets what he wants.

And that includes…

"Akizuki." Akashi called. His tone was implying impassiveness that his face wore. "You're going to be Rakuzan's basketball club manager."

Akizuki could have sworn her jaws dropped to the floor. She even dropped the duster that she was holding to wipe the chalk board.

"Come to the gym tomorrow. We'll be having a brief introduction between you and the rest of the members."

Akizuki was frozen-still. She didn't say or do anything. Her figure was time-stopped, to be exact.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

At those parting words, she finally getting her grip and picked up the duster from the floor. But it's not for the purpose of continuing her duty. It was to hit the red-haired's head. But Akashi was swifter. He caught it with one hand.

"It's no use to go against my words." Akashi didn't turn around.

Akizuki sighed. "As usual, you have the worst ranking when it comes to chivalry." She now sat on the teacher's desk – eyes were on the board. "Give me back the duster."

"Is that a way to ask?" Akashi turned his upper torso around.

"You should try listening to yourself sometimes." Akizuki smirked skeptically. This guy isn't your average Joe. He came from a decent family background but his way of treating others made him looked like the second generation of Jack the Ripper. On second thought, maybe Akashi Seijurou is the distant mother's son's friend's uncle's grandfather's goldfish's owner of Jack the Ripper.

Who knows?

With that saying, Akizuki walked out of the classroom and left Akashi alone, not caring about the duster anymore.

Her eyes looked at the antique clock hanging on the wall in her bedroom. 9.45 PM. She reached for the cell phone under her History book and started dialing a number. It took six and half seconds before the receiver picked up.


"Are you drunk?"

Sendoh just laughed. "I am minor. But if it's you, I'm not surprised." Sendoh was using his serious tone while trying to restrain his laughter.


And his laughter burst out. "So, how's it been? Haven't heard from you in a month." He finally managed to spit it out after a whole ten-minutes of nonsense and laughter between the two.

Akizuki's left hand was touching her cheek. That's the sign she suffered from boredom. "I…."

"What happened? You've got a crush?" Sendoh's still in his teasing mode. Man….he must have missed the girl so much.

'Crush? Try nemesis. Or archenemy.' But she kept those words to herself. "I'm a class rep." Was her final reply.

"Ehhh~ I pitied your classmates already."

Akizuki just laughed bitterly. Sendoh Akira. If only he knew. "Hey Akira."


"Anything to spill?"

It went silenced. Sendoh scratched the back of his head. "What made you think so?"

"You become a retarded hyperactive kid whenever you have something to say." Her tone was offhanded.

A smile crept up onto his face without any force. 'She knows.' "I went to the gym today." Sendoh looked at the picture pinned onto his corkboard. It was a team-picture of last summer competition of his last year in middle school. "I missed the feelings, Aki."