chapter one: rika nonaka-makino

Rika Nonaka-Makino sighed. The bell had just rung and she dashed out of the class. It was a very boring school. An all girls school where they had to wear crappy uniforms. All the rich people sent their daughters there. It didn't have any sports teams or anything. Rika sighed.

She ran out in the hall and opened her locker. She grabbed her skateboard and sunglasses and put them on. She closed her locker, hopped on the board and skated down the hall. She got a glare and a shout from a teacher but ignored it.

"Look at Rika." said one snobby girl. "She's such a punk."

"I don't know why she even goes to this school."

"She doesn't fit in."

Rika ignroed the comments. All she did was turn around and stick her middle finger at them. They all humphed and walked away. Rika smiled as she jumped down the stairs leading out of the school. She skated past more snobby girls and they gave her the look. A look that simply said they were disgusted.

"You know Rika, skating is for guys." said one girl she particularly hated, Kaylee.

"Like I care." replied Rika. She stopped. "At least I don't put crap on my face to try and make myself look prettier." she said. "Even if it doesn't work."

"Its called makeup, Nonaka." said Kaylee. "And maybe you should put some on. I mean, your mother is a model. I'm sure she could make it look better." she said.

"Maybe she could help you with yours." said Rika and she skated off. Kaylee screamed something at her but she ignored it.


She turned and saw her one and only friend. Faye Kamiyo. "Hey Faye." she said and waited for her to catch up.

"My mother says we can go to the movies this weekend." said Faye.

"Great." said Rika. "I'll ask Rumiko when I get home."

"Why don't you call her mom?" asked Faye as the two skated down the street.

"I don't know." said Rika. "I guess its because she's never really around."

"Oh." replied Faye. "Well, here's my house. See you later." she said and skated inside the gate. Rika waved and skated alone.

After five minutes of skateboarding, Rika reached her house. She jumped off of it and opened the gate. Careful to look around and make sure a certain someone wasn't nearby. When she saw no one, she went in.

Rika picked up her board and jumped onto the walkway/porch thing. [OF:you know what her house looks like]. She opened the kitchen door and saw her grandmother. "Hi Grandma. I'm home." she said. "Gonna go get out of the uniform." she said.

"Okay hon." replied her grandparent.

Rika walked towards her room and went inside. She threw her backpack on the ground and placed her skateboard by the door. She slipped out of the gray skirt and shirt and out of the shoes and knee high socks. She pulled on her red baggy jeans and put on a black tank top. She put on her wristbands(black ones) and white socks. She grabbed three safety pins and put them on her shirt. Her hair was already in the ponytail and she pulled on her black sneakers. She grabbed her black visor and flung it around her neck. She grabbed her skateboard and dashed out of the room. She hopped on and skated to the kitchen.

"Hey grandma." she said as she went in. "Whats for dinner?"

"Nothing special tonight." replied her grandmother. "Just cheeseburgers and salad."

"Oh." said Rika. "Hey I'm gonna meet Faye and we're gonna go skateboarding. What time's dinner?" she asked.

"Around six." replied Mrs. Makino(grandma). "Your mother might be here as well." "Woopie." replied Rika sarcastically. Her grandmother shook her head as Rika skated out of the kitchen and out of the property and on the street.


Rika arrived at the the normal spot and saw no sign of Faye. She decided she wasn't going to wait around for her friend. She was very impatient. So Rika got on her board and skated around, doing some tricks. She was fifteen now and had been skating sinse she was eight. With seven years of practice and expierience she was pretty good.

"Rika!" called Faye.

"Come on Faye!" called Rika. "Lets go!" she said. Faye hopped on her board and they skated around, Faye following Rika trying to copy her moves. Soon more skaters showed up and began to use the park. All but one were boys.

"So what time to you need to be home today Faye?" asked Rika.

"Five, five thirty." replied Faye, jumping in the air. "You?

"Six." replied Rika.

The two skated around for about ten minutes, laughing, cheering, owing, wooing, and any other sounds skaters say while doing tricks. Then it happened.


She turned. She stopped skating and so did Faye. Faye bit her lip. Rika glared at the man who had called her name.

"Come with me." he said.

"No way." said Rika hotly.

"You must." he said.

"Get lost!" she screamed.

The man lunged foward and grabbed Rika's arm. He pulled her along but Faye grabbed her friend's waist.

"Help!" Faye screamed. Instantly two skater guys came over and began to tackle the man who was pulling Rika. Around here, all skaters looked out for the other skaters, even if they aren't friends. The man turned around and smacked a skater and then Rika. He let go of her and she fell to the ground, pulling Faye with her.

"Next time." the man glared.

"There won't be a next time!" shouted Rika. Faye got up and helped Rika to her feet. "Just stay out of my life!!" she shouted.

"Rika." said Faye. "I'm really worried."

"What about." said Rika.

"Your father!" said Faye. "Pretty soon he's gonna really hurt you."

"Don't worried Faye." said Rika. "He only knows that I hang out here. And with all the skaters, he hasn't managed to get me." she said. She put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Besides. You're my best friend and with you around nothing would ever happen to me."

Faye grinned. "You got that right." she said.

"I should get home though." said Rika. "He might come back and I don't want him to find out where I live, or my school. See you." she said and skated off.

"Bye!" called Faye.

Rika skated down the road and thought about the one memory she had of her father when she was younger. And it wasn't a very good one.


"Look Mommy!" said a small Rika, pointing to a small block builing. "I builded it by myself!" she squealed.

Rumiko grinned. "Thats wonderful Rika." she said, she scooped up her two and a half year old daughter.

Then the door opened, and slammed. "RUMIKO!" a man screamed.

Rumiko sighed and placed Rika on the floor. She quickly ran to the door. Rika, being a curious tot, followed. "Yes Justin?" asked Rumiko, bowing.

"When is dinner?" the man named Justin asked, er, demanded.

"In just a few more minutes." said Rumiko. Then a bell rang. "Make that right now." she said. She bowed again and dashed off to the kitchen. Rika followed her.

"Rika!" said Justin.

"Hello Daddy." replied Rika, stopping and turning to face to father. "I made a block buildinging. Wanna see?" she asked.

Justin grinned and looked at the blocks. "Good job." he said. He walked by towards the kitchen and his foot knocked it down. Rika was heartbroken. "Sorry Rika." he said.

Rika ran over and punched her father's legs. "Daddy! Don't wreck my buildingings!" she shouted, bursting into tears.

Justin turned around and picked up Rika by her arms. "Rika. Do not hit me or punch me." he said sternly. She kicked her feet. He let go of her with one arm and she struggled to get lose. He smacked her face.

"MOMMY!" screamed Rika. A plate shattered as Rumiko appeared in the doorway, with a cooking mit and a fork.

"Justin!" said Rumiko. "Please stop! She's just a child!!" she cried.

Justin did stop. He dropped Rika, partly throwing her, and faced his wife. Rika quickly crawled over and hid behind a chair.

"Are you telling me what to do?" asked Justin.

Rumiko took a step back. Justin walked foward and grabbed her wrists, causing her to drop the fork. It clattered on the wooden floor. Rika cried. Then he slapped her on both cheeks. Rumiko closed her eyes as tears formed.

"MOMMY!" cried Rika.

Justin raised his hand again. Rika closed her eyes. She didn't want to see anymore, but she did cry. Tears poured out of her eyes.


Tears really did start to pour out of her eyes. But Rika didn't see where she was going and she faintly hear somone scream "Look Out!".

Then Rika crashed into someone. They both fell to the ground.

"Great." said a girl. Rika snapped out of her daydream. She looked up. Apparently, she crashed into a boy, around her age with light brown hair. There was another guy standing nearby and the girl was standing with her hands on hips. "Watch where you're going skater." she said, with a sneer on her face.

"Why don't you watch it." retorted Rika.

"Catch up with us later Takato." said the guy.

"See you Brad." said the guy she crashed in to. The girl linked arms with Brad and they walked away.

"Sorry." said the guy. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"It was my fault." said Rika. "I was, daydreaming." she said, standing up. Wait. Did I just blame myself for that?

"Yeah me too." said the guy. He stood up and picked up his things. "So whats you name?" he asked.

"Do you know Justin Nonaka?" asked Rika.

The guy raised an eyebrow. "Uh, no......" he said.

"Just checking." she replied. "And my name is Rika. Rika Nonaka- Makino."

"Takato Matsuki." said the guy. "Live around here?" he asked.

"Yeah." replied Rika, she looked around. "Not too far from here." she said.

"I do too." said Takato. "Do you go to West Shinjuku High? I've never seen you aorund before." he asked.

"No." said Rika. "I go to some stuffy academy. Really crappy school. Well, to me anyway." she said, glancing around again. "Uniforms and everything." she said.

"Poor you." said Takato. "Well I gotta go." he said. "Maybe I'll see you around sometime." he said.

"Maybe." replied Rika. Takato waved and walked away. Rika hopped back on her skateboard and went down the street.

"What was I so nice to that kid?" she asked herself. "Whatever." she said. Reaching a little close to her house, she looked around. No sign of anyone. She quickly typed in the gate password and went inside.


"Grandma?" asked Rika. She looked around, making sure her mother wasn't there.

"Yes Sweetie." replied Mrs. Makino.

"I didn't want to tell anyone, but.." she started.

Mrs. Makino turned around. She looked at Rika's face. It was slightly red from the smack before. "Oh dear God Rika what happened!?!?" she shouted, dropping her spatula on the floor and rushing over and grabbing Rika's face gently.

"Thats what I want to tell you." said Rika. "Dad knows where I skate." she said.

Mrs. Makino hugged her granddaughter. "Oh no." she sighed.

"He's come there at least five times already. If it wasn't for Faye and two other skaters, he's probably have me now." said Rika.

"Oh Rika..." cried Mrs. Makino.

The door opened and Rumiko came in. "Mom? Rika?" she asked.

"Justin knows where she skates." said Mrs. Makino.

"Ohmigod." said Rumiko, losing her breath. She grabbed a chair for balance. Then she looked at Rika and saw her red face. "Rika? Did he-" she asked.

"Yes." replied Rika. "He slapped me."

"Oh Rika!" cried Rumiko. She ran over and hugged her daughter.

"Mom!" sighed Rika.

"You are never going to that park alone again. Make sure Faye is with you at all times!" said Rumiko, pushing Rika away from her but keeping her hands on her shoulders. "Did he follow you home?" she asked.

"No. I made sure." said Rika. "But change the code on the gate just in case." she said.

"I'll do that now." said Rumiko. She dashed out of the kitchen.

"Oh Rika." said Mrs. Makino.

"I'm fine Grandma." said Rika. "Call me when dinner's ready." she said. She left the kitchen and went to her bedroom. She flopped on her bed and stared at the ceiling.



Slam. Rika shut off her alarm clock and stretched. She sat up. Dinner last night had been quiet. Rumiko told her to call Faye and come walk her to school. Faye and her family were completely aware of Rika's situation.

Slipping into her school uniform, she grabbed her sunglasses and bag and dashed outside. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. "I'm leaving early." she said.

"You have to wait for Faye." said Mrs. Makino. Then the door bell rang. Mrs. Makino went over and clipped the intercom. "Yes. Who is this." she asked.

"Faye Kamiyo. Age 14." the voice said.

"Just a moment Faye. Rika will be right there." said Mrs. Makino. "Get going now. And go straight to school!" she said.

"Gotcha." said Rika. She dashed out of the kitchen and to the gate. She pressed the intercom button. "Hey Faye, anyone around?" she asked.

Silence. "No nothing. Or anyone." replied Faye. Rika opened the gate and they hopped on their skateboards and went down the street.

"Oh Rika." said Faye. "I'm really sorry." she said, looking at Rika's face. It was still a little red and bruised.

"Its ok." said Rika. "But remember, don't tell anyone." she said.

"I know I know." said Faye. They laughed and skated to school.


Rika sat in her classroom, bored out of her mind. Faye was sitting two seats away, equally as bored. Faye even dozed off.

Then the phone rang.

The teacher went over and answered the phone. "Hello. Room 103." she said. She nodded. "Yes." pause. "Of course. She'll be right there." she said. She hung up the phone. "Rika? Early dissmissal." she said.

Faye woke up lazily and looked at her friend. Rika sighed, but looked surprised. She stood up and gathered her things. She grinned at Faye and walked out of the class.

Faye raised her hand. "May I go to the bathroom?" she asked.

The teacher looked at her but nodded. "Quickly." she said.

They left the class. "Faye. You don't have to follow me." she said.

"I know." said Faye. "I really have to pee." she grinned.

They walked down the hall and reached the office. "Call you later." said Rika, turning the corner to the office.

Suddenly a hand covered her mouth. She tried to scream.

"I found your school."

Rika looked up. It was her father. Faye turned around and saw. "RIKA!" she screamed. She dashed foward as Justin pulled Rika out of the building. "Let her go!" she shouted, hoping her shouts would get some attention. A teacher came out of a classroom.

"What in bloody murder?!" she screamed.

"Don't move!" shouted Justin. He pulled a gun out. Faye and the teacher stopped. Faye bit her lip. Rika fiddled around her pocket. She found her cell phone. She looked at Faye and tried to catch her eye. Then she threw the phone across the floor. Faye grabbed it and pressed Memory One. By now, two classes were looking out their doors with horrified faces. But no once moved.

"Drop the damn phone." said Justin, aiming his gun at Faye. But Faye had already reached Rumiko and she was listening from the other end.

Rika bit down on her father's hand. He screamed and let go of her mouth. "MOM!" she screamed. "HELP!" she said but a hand covered her mouth again.

Sirens sounded. Justin glared at Faye and aimed the gun at her. He shot. It hit Faye and she fell to the ground. Rika bit down again and the hand moved. Rika screamed. "FAYE!"

The sirens drew closer and Justin dropped Rika and took off. Two teachers followed him and Rika ran to Faye instantly.

"Faye!" she cried. She had been shot just below her collar bone. "Call a frickan abluance!" Rika shouted, tears pouring out of her eyes. The nurse ran over and began to help out Faye. Faye looked at Rika.

"Are you okay?" asked Faye.

"I should be asking you that." cried Rika.

"I didn't want anything bad to happen to you." said Faye, her eyes partly closed. She coughed. "And nothing did. Thats what best friends are for." she said.

Rika grinned a little. "You'll be okay." she said.

"Friends forever and beyond?" whispered Faye.

"Forever and beyond." Rika choked sadly, tears pouring out of her eyes.

Faye grinned and her eyes closed.

"Faye. Wake up." said Rika. "Wake up!" she shook her.

Police and paramedics came running in the school. The medics put an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose and tried to lift her onto a stretcher. Rika continued crying. "Is she going to be all right?" she managed to say.

"We can't say anything yet." said the medic. "This girl needs help! Move! Move! Move! Move!" she shouted and the medics wheeled Faye out of the school.

Rika leaned against the wall and cried. Rumiko came running into the school, she had on two different shoes and was wearing a silk light pink dress. She obviously had come from a photo shoot and dashed out the instant she heard the call. Her hair was starting to fall out as well alone with the makeup pouring down her face from tears.

"OH RIKA!" she screamed and ran up to her daughter. She hugged her tightly and for once, Rika didn't resist. "Oh my baby. My poor baby." she cried.

"Mrs. Makino?" asked a teacher.

"Its Miss." replied Rumiko, not even looking.

"We've just call the Kamiyo family and they are going to the hospital right now." said the teacher. "Do you know who that man was? He claimed to be Rika's father and even had proof." she said. "Thats why we had to call her for an early dissmissal."

"That man was Rika's father." said Rumiko. "And if he ever comes back to this school you better not let him near my daughter again." Rika walked over and kneeled on the floor. Her cell phone lay next to a small pool of blood. She stuck her fingers in it. She burst into tears. She picked up her phone which also had a few blood specks on it. "Faye's blood." she whispered.

"Rika?" asked the teacher. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"No." said Rika coldly, "My best friend is near death, my father knows my school and hang out, he has a gun and this school sucks." she said. She stood up and smeared Faye's blood all over her shirt. She dipped her hands in it again and rubbed it on her skirt. She wiped the remainder on her face. Then she jumped into the blood and splashed it all over her shoes, socks and legs. She picked up her phone and shoved it in her pocket.

"Rika..." said a teacher.

"I want to go see Faye." said Rika. "Now."

Rumiko ran over and hugged her daughter, getting some blood on her. Ruining the dress. "Lets go." she said. With one arm around Rika, Rumiko led her out of the school, to her limo and headed for the hospital.


"Rumiko!" cried Mrs. Kamiyo. She ran over and hugged her, crying tears so hard. "I'm so scared!" she cried.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Kamiyo." sighed Rumiko. "This is all my fault."

"No!" said Mrs. Kamiyo sternly. "It was Justin's fault." she said.

"How is she?" asked Rika.

"She's in surgery now." said Mr. Kamiyo. "They give her a 75% chance to live."

"You two should get home." said Mrs. Kamiyo. "If Justin comes here looking for you, who knows what will happen. I'll call you the instant she gets out of sugery." she said.

"I really can't leave you." said Rumiko.

"I know." said Mrs. Kamiyo. "I really wish you can stay but with Justin...I really think you should go." she said.

"I understand." said Rumiko. "But we're staying a few more minutes."

"Of course." said Mr. Kamiyo. "If you want."

And they did. Rumiko and Rika stayed at the hospital. But the didn't leave until Faye was out of surgery two hours later. The doctor came out.

Mrs. Kamiyo shot up. She ran over to the doctor. "How's my baby?" she cried.

"We removed the bullet." said the doctor. "She's bandaged up and sleeping. She's going to be just fine although I recommend that she stay here for two days, at the least, and when she goes home, stay home for at least two weeks, in her bed." he explained.

Mrs. Kamiyo cried tears of joy. Rumiko got up and hugged her. Rika danced around with Mr. Kamiyo. They all cried tears of joy.

"I suggest you go get something to eat and then come back up." said the doctor. "We'll page you if anything happens." he said.

"Thank you." said Mrs. Kamiyo.

"No problem." the doctor grinned and he walked away.

"Well Leah, we should get going." said Rumiko. "If you need anything, ANYTHING, at all. Call us." she said. "And when Faye wakes up, if we're not here tell her get well soon."

"Of course!" said Mrs. Kamiyo. "Thank you for your help Rumiko." she said.

"No problem at all." said Rumiko.

"See you." said Rika. "And tell Faye, she's my best friend and I love her so much." she said, taking her mother's hand.

"I will." said Mrs. Kamiyo.

Rika and Rumiko walked out of the hospital and to the limo an headed home.