Title: To Fix You

Pairing: AoKise

Summary: Depressed after being ditched in his wedding overseas, Kise wanders around to find a lost 4-year old boy and helps him find his father, Aomine Daiki; A widower who still couldn't push himself to move on. How will these two broken people find the way to fix themselves?

A/N: Just an idea I had in mind. Since these AoKise feels kept on running within me, I might as well write something to ease myself. Lol

A/N 2: The fanart in the cover is drawn by atm@西1A43b. I editted it a little bit.

The sound of a familiar tune rang Aomine's ears, waking him up from his sleep. Groaning, he struggles to grab a hold of his phone. He pressed the call button and placed the mobile against his ear. "Hello?"

"Aomine-kun, you can fetch Nikko now." A familiar voice said on the other line. Aomine muttered a "fine" and "thanks" to the guy and ended the call. The tanned man sat up from the couch and rubbed his still-sleepy eyes then stood up. He walked to the kitchen and drank some water from the bottle he got from the fridge. He went back to the living room, finding the wooden picture frame placed at the coffee table.

"I'll be out for a minute, anata.."

After a few minutes of fixing himself, Aomine got out of his house and walked towards a certain kindergarten just a few blocks away from his home. As soon as he got there, a light blue-haired male was waiting by the entrance with an impassive look on his face. He approached the man and asked where the child was.

"He's at the playground."

"Thanks, Tetsu." He says and runs to the playground behind the small building to find a tanned boy playing by the swings.

"Nikko, it's time to go home!" He exclaimed, getting the young boy's attention easily. The boy got off the swings and run towards Aomine, hugging his legs. "Daddy! Let's go to the mall first, please~?" The boy pleaded.

Aomine scratched the back of his head. "What made you want to go there?" He asked the little boy. Nikko grinned at his father as he broke off from his legs. "I wanted to eat at Maji's today~ It's been a long time since we last ate there, Daddy… Can we please go? Pleeeeease?" He clasped his palms together and made a puppy expression, a posture that will never fail to work on his Daddy.

The taller man sighed, "Fine. If you say so." He crouched down to his son's level, hooking his hands under Nikko's armpits and carrying him. "Ah! Let's say goodbye to Tetsu-sensei first, Daddy!"

"Okay, okay.."

After bidding their goodbyes to the kindergarten teacher, Aomine and his little son rode a taxi to the mall.

The flight from New York was tiring but Kise still chose to stroll around a particular mall in Tokyo. His tears had already dried out but he felt crying again. He didn't care if people look at him as he cried himself out, as long as he's able to wash the pain.

As if he could.

He closed his eyes, still walking until he bumped into something and heard a soft whimper. He opened his right eye then his left eye to find a tanned boy on the floor. Eyes widening, Kise crouched down and chanted multiple apologies to the kid.

"I'm sorry! Did I hurt you? I'm really sorry, kid!"

"It's fine, sir. It doesn't hurt that much. Besides, I'm a big boy so you don't have to worry!" The child grinned and lifted himself with the help of the blonde. Kise chuckled at the boy's statement.

"Are you alone?" He asked. The boy shook his head. "I'm lost.. I can't find my way back to where my daddy is.. Can you help me find him, sir?" He pleaded and the blonde can't find a reason to say no.


"Shit shit shit, I'm dead. NIKKO! NIKKO!" Aomine was running inside the mall like crazy as he called his son through the crowds of people in the said building. He and Nikko had went to Maji's restaurant to eat lunch and told the boy not to leave his seat and wait for him. But after he ordered their food, he found no one on their table.

And now, he searching for him like crazy. "He wouldn't have gone that far! Shit, where is he?!"

Kise and the little boy walked to the nearest paging station in the mall. The blonde told the little bluenette that his daddy might have already left the restaurant to find them so the best way to let him know where they are is the paging station.

He approached the woman at the counter and told her that the boy with him is lost and is looking for his father. "Oh, by the way, kid… What's your name?" Kise asked the boy.

"It's Nikko. Aomine Nikko."

"Paging Aomine Daiki-san.. Your son, Nikko, is here at the paging station on the 2nd floor. Paging Aomine Daiki—…"

Eyes widening, Aomine sprinted towards the paging station while muttering a, "Thank God." Relieved that he didn't lose his son.

"I'll probably kill myself if I lose him…"

"There. All you have to do is wait for him, Nikko.." Kise assured the boy, who was wearing a wide smile. "Thank you! Uhh… Umm.."

The blonde chuckled, "If you're wondering.. My name is Kise.. Kise Ryouta." Nikko smiled once again and bowed, "Thank you, Kise-san!" Kise patted the boy and muttered a "No problem," with a sweet smile. After a few minutes of waiting, the blonde sighted a tall tanned male running towards their direction. Kise squinted his eyes and sub-consciously mumbled, "Is that your dad, Nikko?"

Before he realizes, the tanned boy came running towards the taller male who just came. "Daddy!"

"Oh god, I thought you were kidnapped or something! I told you to wait for me, didn't I?" Aomine crouched down to his son's level and lectured him. Nikko giggled and scratched his head, "I got bored so I strolled a little but then I got farther from the restaurant and got lost.."

"Geez, don't do that again, okay? You scared me."

"I'm fine, Daddy. Kise-san helped me anyway." The boy smiled and turned his head towards the blonde. Aomine stood up and approached Kise with a smile. "I'm sorry if he troubled you.. Thanks anyway."

"Oh it's nothing! I'm glad I could help." The tanned male offered his hand to Kise, who accepted and shook his hands with Aomine.

"Ahh! Daddy, I'm hungry, let's goooo~" Nikko whined while clutching on his stomach.

"You shouldn't have left in the first place! And now you're complaining? Sheesh, this kid. Come on, I reserved our orders." The boy jumped in glee and held his father's arm. As they were about to leave, the boy turned around to find Kise walking away. Nikko then let go of his father's hand to catch Kise.

"Kise-san! Wait!" The boy's call luckily reached the blonde and turned around to see the boy running towards him. "Nikko? What is it?" He asked.

"Are you hungry? You can have lunch with us!" The bluenette offered.

Kise smiled inwardly at the boy's kindness. His parents must have raised him well. It's difficult to refuse such sincere request. And so, he nodded, making Nikko jump. The boy then dragged Kise towards the direction his father came from.

The lunch with the two bluenettes gave Kise a warm feeling. They were strangers and yet they were so friendly that it makes Kise forget the pain. Well, he knew that it will come back as soon as he got alone though.

While eating, Aomine excused himself and went to the comfort room so Kise decided to interview his son. He couldn't resist okay? The tanned male was attractive. It's not like he'll hit on a man with a family.

"Uhh.. Nikko, where is your mother?" He asked, and he felt like he needed to punch himself.

"Eh? Mommy is not with us anymore…"

"Did she leave you?"

The boy shook his head. "She went up there." He said, pointing towards the ceiling. Kise's eyes widened and apologized.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Kise-san. A lot of people asked me that already.. So I'm used to it." The boy replied with a sad smile that made Kise's heart break. "I shouldn't have asked!"

After the lunch, Kise found himself lonely again, his smile wearing off as he watched the two males leave. "Maybe, I should go home.." He mumbled to himself.

As he got inside his apartment, Kise felt really exhausted. More exhausted than he was before. Fetching his cellphone from his pocket, the blonde dialled a certain number and pressed the mobile against his ear.

"The person you are trying to call is out of coverage. Please try again later. Th-"

Kise threw his phone to god-knows-where. Sobbing, he slumped against the couch and cried again.

"Why aren't you answering..? Where are you..?"

Is it alright? Kufufufu~

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