Title: To Fix You

Pairing: AoKise

Summary: Depressed after being ditched in his wedding overseas, Kise wanders around to find a lost 4-year old boy and helps him find his father, Aomine Daiki; A widower who still couldn't push himself to move on. How will these two broken people find the way to fix themselves?

Kise never thought that Midorima would care to join him. Well, the man disguised it as "I know you'll do something stupid so I'll stop you from doing so." But the blonde wasn't that naive to believe Midorima. Knowing the tsundere he is.

"Ah.. I almost forgot. Do you have work, today, Midorimacchi?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Well... I thought that you have a lot of free time 'cause you bothered to join me here." Kise replied, pointing at the table they were currently. The pair decided to go to a cafe earlier. Kise agreed of course. It was the doctor's treat, and no one dares decline treats.

"I told you already, didn't I? I know you'd do something stupid and I'm one of the people responsible." The green-haired male answered as he adjusted his glasses. The blonde shrugged. He didn't bother to ask his friend more because he knew that if he did, the man would probably leave him alone. And being alone is the last thing Kise wanted to be right now. He badly needed company. Maybe that's why Midorima refused to leave him.

He smiled. Despite his coldness, Midorima was a nice guy. He cares for people in his own way. He could be harsh sometimes, but it was for the person's own good. Though, even Kise himself wasn't close with the guy, he really respected Midorima.

"Anyway, you said you had a new nurse, right? Guy or girl?" Kise asked, changing the subject.

"A guy. An annoying one as a matter of fact."

"Ooohh~ You like him!" Kise grinned. He smiled wider when the doctor blushed.

"You do like him!"

"Shut up, Kise!" The blonde snorted. "Come on, Midorimacchi! Tell me something about your love interest!"

Midorima rolled his eyes as he pushed his frames up. "Why would I tell you something so embarrassing?"

"So you do admit that you like that nurse of yours! Waaah! Midorimacchi's got a love life now, I'm so proud of you, you tsundere!"

"I'm not a tsundere!"

"Yes you are."

"Ugh.. I hate you." Kise chuckled as he proudly shouted in his mind that he was able to win over Midorima's verbal arguments. It made him giddy since he never—And when he said that, he meant never—won over the green-haired male's replies.

The blonde sighed. Somehow, he felt something took off from his chest. Maybe because he finally had been able to laugh ever since that thing happened. He should probably thank those two males who saved Kise from his misery.

"Ah! Speaking of meeting new people, I made really good friends, Midorimacchi!" He exclaimed, grinning as he remembered about the Aomines.

"And what does it have to do with me?" The doctor asked, not even showing the slightest interest on what the blonde has to say.

With this, Kise pouted. "You're so mean! Since you're my friend, you should atleast know something new about me too!"

Midorima sighed. "Fine. Like I could stop you from chattering."

The blonde grinned. "So back to what I was saying, I met really good people on the day I came back! Aomine Daiki and his son Nikko! They were really nice and they somehow cheered me up."

"Are you saying that they were nice just because they cheered you up? Or were they even doing that?"

Kise paused. "I don't think they know about what happened. But still, from what I see, they're really nice!" He smiled as he thought about the things the two did for Kise. The doctor could only sigh at the blonde. "You really are an idiot."

"Ehhh? What do you mean by that, Midorimacchi?!"



The café's bell rang signalling that there was a new customer , catching Kise's attention. Two familiar tanned males entered the café, searching for seats. Kise's eyes sparkled in happiness. His two angels came!

"Aomine-san! Nikko-kun!" He called out, getting the boys' attention. The tanned boy smiled as he saw the blonde and ran towards their table. "Kise-san! It's nice to see you again!"

Kise smiled. "Me too! Ah! Aomine-san, come here!" He told the tanned male who was still standing by the café's entrance. The man walked towards their table and greeted Kise.

"Do you mind if you could sit with us?" Kise offered. "Uhhh.. I don't think your friend would like to sit with strangers." Aomine replied, eyeing the tall green-haired man.

"Eh? Ah.. He's Midorimacchi. Midorimacchi, these are the ones I'm talking about, Aomine-san and his son, Nikko." Kise introduce both parties, grinning. Aomine chuckled, "Midorimacchi? What a hideous name…" He whispered.

Midorima cleared his throat, a little annoyed at how Kise introduce him and how the Aomine guy laughed at the introduction. 'This bastard will know the feeling of shame when Kise starts adding –cchi to his name..'

"My name's Midorima Shintarou. That fool calls me by that hideous nickname for some reason." The doctor spoke, still a little annoyed because of Aomine's smug expression.

"Ohh~ Nice to meet you, Midorima-san! Can we sit with you?" The little boy, Nikko as Midorima heard, asked with his bright smile and charming eyes that could melt even someone as cold as Midorima.

"I don't mind that." The green-haired man replied, earning a cheer from the boy. Kise picked up two chairs from another vacant table and put it by theirs. Nikko sat beside Midorima (thankfully, Midorima thought) and Aomine sat beside Kise.

"Hmm… Midorima, are you perhaps… A doctor?" Aomine suddenly questioned, shocking the said doctor.

"How did you know?" He asked.

"Ahh… So you're the doctor Tetsu talked about before."

"Who is that?"

"He's a friend of mine. He told me that I should have come to you than those shitty doctors who can't do their jobs properly." Aomine hissed. Kise could see the worry in Nikko's eyes that he started to worry about the man beside him too.

"Ah. By the way, Kise… Do you know a guy who had a deceased grandfather?" The blunette asked.

The blonde's ears perked up at the words Aomine said. He only knew one guy who had his grandfather died, as of this moment. "I think I do. Why do you ask?"

"I saw someone at the cemetery. He was talking and I accidentally heard your name… So I thought that he knew you." Kise froze. It can't be him. It's impossible. He ran away, didn't he?

"How does he look like?" The blonde asked. Aomine pause, thinking for a second. "He had short black hair… And gray eyes. He also had ridiculously thick eyebrows." The blunette saw how Kise trembled. The blonde must really know the guy.

"Ah! I saw him too! He even smiled at me!" Nikko exclaimed. Midorima sighed. "I thought he would've gone far away from here. I never expected him to come back here in Japan."

"Who is he, anyway?" Aomine asked, really curious about the guy's existence. The way he saw him at the cemetery. He had a doubt that he was a ordinary friend of Kise.

"I… I can't tell you." The blonde bit his bottom lip. He couldn't tell Aomine about that guy. It would disgust the blunette for sure. The blunette raised an eyebrow. "Why not?"

"It's a personal matter, Aomine-san. Don't tamper with someone's affairs." Midorima butted in.

"Ohh, so does tampering with other's conversation acceptable?"

"I have the rights to tell you that you shouldn't butt in Kise's problems. So it's an exception."

Aomine scoffed, annoyed at the man's witty remarks. "Hmp." Midorima just inwardly smirked then looked at Kise worriedly. The man was still trembling.

"Kise, we should go. If something happens to you, I would really take you to the hospital."

"You don't have to do that, Midorimacchi. I'm fine." Kise replied, still having his head held low.

"I think you guys should take your leave. Kise looks tired." Aomine suggested. Midorima glared at the blunette. Does the man even notice that it was his fault the blonde became like that? He doesn't care if Kise said that he was nice, for Midorima, Aomine was a jerk. A big ass jerk.

"Yeah, I guess we would. Thank you for your time, Aomine-san." I hope you don't get involve with us ever again.

When the pair took their leave, Nikko had the sudden urge to slap his father's arm. "Ah! Nikko! Why did you do that?" The larger blunette hissed as he glared back at his son.

"Daddy! Why did you make Kise-san sad? And you made Midorima-san mad!" The boy pointed out.

"Hey! I didn't have a clue that the guy at the cemetery had an issue with Kise! I was curious so I asked."

Nikko sighed, "What if Kise-san hates us now?"

"That wouldn't happen, Nikko. He would probably just hate me. You didn't do anything." Aomine said, comforting his son. The tanned boy smiled. "I hope so. It would be better if he didn't hate you too."

After Midorima sent him home, Kise slumped on his couch, thinking how ridiculous he behaved earlier. Aomine just mentioned him for God's sake! It's not like he would come back if he gets depressed about it. But his chance of getting in contact with the man rose. He thought that he could probably talk to him now that he knows that the man was in Japan.

The blonde fished his phone from his pocket and dialed that person's number. He was hoping that the man wouldn't look at the caller's ID and just answer the call. But no, Kise was directed to the voice mail.

"Hello, this is Kasamatsu Yukio. I'm busy right now so I can't take your call. Please leave a message."

Kise's lips trembled as his tears fell down. "Yukio…. I miss—sob—you… Why did you leave me? Please… Please show yourself to me.. Just once.. I really want to meet you.. I—I love you, Yukio…" More tears fell down as Kise thought to himself that Kasamatsu would never reply to his "I love you's " anymore.

"Daddy..?" Nikko called out as he peeked through his father's door. He saw the blunette sitting on the bed, his back facing the boy.

"Ahh.. I'm really getting old." He heard the man talk to himself. The boy noticed that his father was gazing at the calendar. It was only the third day of September and Aomine's birthday came at the end of August. The man was nearing his thirties so Nikko thought that his dad would really feel old. The older blunette looked really scary and old ever since his mom died (As mentioned by his teacher, Kuroko.)

"Daddy?" He called out once again, earning a look from the man. "What?"

"Aunt Satsuki said she'd visit tomorrow."

"Is that so? Did you tell her not to bring her scary homemade food? I don't want to have diarrhea." Nikko giggled and nodded. "I told her just to buy some cookies at the bakery at the street."

"Good. Is that the only reason you came here?"

"You look tired so I thought that you might need my special massage!" The tanned boy replied with a grin, making the taller man smile. "Ohhh. That's great, I'm really in need of massaging right now."

Nikko made his father lay down on his stomach, placing himself at the bottom of Aomine's back. He started to massage the older man's back as he pressed his palms against it.

"Daddy… Have you thought about getting… Getting married again?" The boy suddenly asked out of the blue. Nikko was curious if his father had ever planned to re-marry. He didn't mind that but he knew that it would be difficult to adjust.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Are you saying that I would replace your mom?"

"That's not what I meant… What I'm saying is… Do you want to have a girlfriend and perhaps… Marry her?"

"No. I won't dare to replace Junko with another woman."

"Is that so?"

"Yep. Why are you asking anyway? Don't tell me, you want to have a new mother?"

"I told you, it's not like that! I'm just really worried about you, Daddy." Nikko pursed his lips as Aomine tried to look back at him.

"You shouldn't worry about me. I'm fine." He assured.

"What if you fell in love again? What would you do?" The smaller blunette asked.

"That wouldn't happen." Aomine replied, immediately.

Nikko pouted, "Oh come on~ Just answer my question!"

"Psh.. Fine. Well, there's no harm in trying…. Right?"

It was already ten in the morning when Kise woke up from the sound of his phone ringing. He rubbed his eyes as he grabbed his phone and answered the call without looking at the caller's ID.



Kise shivered as he heard the person's voice on the other line. Did he heard right?


"You said that you want to meet… Let's meet at the XXX park."

"Are you serious?"

"I am.. But, I have a condition."

Kise raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Don't try to call or text me after this. Do you understand?" The blonde bit his lip, trying to stop his tears from falling.


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