TITLE: Little Lost Planet
CHARACTERS: Sam, Kawalsky, Rosha/Jolinar
CATEGORY: angst, hurt/comfort, apocafic
RATING: PG-13 (or mild R)
WARNINGS: mention of violence, mention of torture, plenty of character deaths, but many of them in the past. Somewhat graphical description of injuries, including from torture.
PAIRINGS: None, but mention of past Sam/Jack
NOTES: Written for Apocalypse Kree! on Livejournal, with this prompt: 158. Sam, Kawalsky, any. What happened after they returned through the quantum mirror. (Tag to Point of View, I guess)
SUMMARY: After Sam and Kawalsky's mission through the quantum mirror, and the Asgard stopping Apophis, they had all hoped the planet would be safe from the Goa'uld. Unfortunately, Cronus had other plans.
NOTE: Written from Sam's point of view.

Remember, this is taking place in the AU introduced in "Point of View". Many things happened differently there, and Sam's background is different, which means she is a different person.

"Sorry... I'll leave you alone." Kawalsky says, turning to exit the room again.

I wipe away my tears, and raise my head to look at him. "No. It's... it's all right. I got to see him again... even if it wasn't him him, you know?" I take a deep breath and look at the quantum mirror where Jack has just disappeared. The other Jack, I remind myself.

"I understand." Kawalsky touch my shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. It actually helps a little... I do not feel quite so alone. "General Hammond wants to know what the Asgard told you. It looks like the Goa'uld mothership is gone, as well as all the Jaffa ground forces. So... are we safe?"

I think about it for a moment, trying to force my thoughts to our current problems. I nod slowly. "Yes, we're safe... for now. Thor... that's the Asgard I spoke with... said that his people had teleported up all the Jaffa and Apophis. They destroyed his ships, but sent Apophis and his Jaffa back to where he came from. Thor doesn't think Apophis will dare attack us again... at least he won't be able to quickly, if ever. Without his fleet, other Goa'uld may attack him. However, the Asgard can't really protect us otherwise. He said they had their own problems, whatever that means. He also said they weren't generally allowed to interfere, due to a treaty they had with the Goa'uld, so this was a one-off thing."

"Well that sucks! So there's nothing stopping some other Goa'uld from attacking us in a little while?" Kawalsky exclaims.

"Thor did mention one possibility - Earth could become a member of the 'Asgard protected planets'," I tell him.

"Okay, well, we'll just do that, then!" Kawalsky frowns, looking closely at me. "There's more to it, isn't there? Some catch?"

"Yes, there is. First, the Goa'uld system lords would have to agree to it, and second... we would not be allowed to become 'too advanced' - whatever that meant." I sigh unhappily. "I got the distinct impression we were already close to being too advanced."

Kawalsky nods. "We'd better go explain it all to General Hammond."

"You really think that's the best solution, General?" Kawalsky asks.

I look over at General Hammond. Earlier, I had told him all I had learned from the Asgard. He had then gone to a meeting with his superiors, only to return with orders to contact these Asgard again and have them try to get Earth included in the protected planets treaty.

I very much got the impression such an inclusion would come with heavy concessions, but I cannot see any better solutions. I guess I will just have to hope this is the best one.

"We don't have a choice! After Apophis's attack, most of our larger cities are in ruins, people are in panic - many of them had already been transported up to the Goa'uld ships, and those people are gone! Taken off world, no doubt to be slaves - or hosts! Our defences will take years to rebuild - and the same goes for any other country on the planet!"

Kawalsky looks shaken, but not as much as I feel. We had both been so busy that we had forgotten what had happened to the rest of the planet, I suppose.

Kawalsky nods. "I think I hadn't realized how bad it was, sir. You're right, of course. We should ask the Asgard for protection."

"Doctor Carter - since you were the one who met with them earlier, it's been decided you will go to make contact again." I nod, and General Hammond continues. "Major Kawalsky - you're given command of the new SG-1, which will consist of yourself, Major Carl Warren, Captain Coburn, and Captain Casey. Your team will accompany Doctor Carter."

"Understood, sir."

"With all due respect, General, but I don't think it's a good idea to bring a military team to the Asgard homeworld," I tell him, echoing the feeling I got.

"Maybe not, but it's not open for discussion." Hammond sighs. "Our superiors doesn't think sending in one civilian scientist would make it clear to these aliens just how serious we feel this is."

"I see." I cannot say I am surprise, but I still resent that. "When are we leaving?"

"First thing tomorrow morning - if you can get the generator up and running quickly enough, so we can dial another Galaxy."

"We're turning them down?" Kawalsky asks, disbelief clear on his face.

"Yes. The Goa'uld weren't satisfied with us giving up our Stargates - both of them - they wanted us to send slaves and hosts. Not just once, but every year, and a large number of them. That's simply not acceptable!" Hammond exclaims.

"Hosts!" Kawalsky looks horrified. "I agree. That's impossible. How can the Asgard agree to those terms?"

They want hosts? And here I had been concerned we had to give up the Stargates, and all the future technologies we could find out there!

"Apparently it's because we don't have much to bargain with. After Apophis's attack, we're not exactly a threat, but the Goa'uld can still argue that we've already been allowed to advance to a point where we'd become a threat." Hammond gets a disgusted expression.

"Bullshit!" Kawalsky says.

"Besides, I got the impression the Asgard were close to overstepping the terms of the treaty they have with the Goa'uld, when they helped us," I tell them. "They can't focus completely on this Galaxy, so they have to accept some concession. I don't know what other enemy they're fighting at home, but it sounded like they were worse than the Goa'uld."

"That sucks!" Kawalsky grumbles. "So I guess we're on our own?"

"I'm afraid so." Hammond says.

"Maybe not..." I hesitate, as I remember some of what the other Sam had told me. "The other SG-1 mentioned they had met some advanced races. Like, the Tollan."

"That's true, but they also said the Tollan didn't want to share their technology." Kawalsky reminds me. "Also, we've never even met them - besides, the others didn't know where the Tollan had ended up going after their world had been destroyed."

"Right." I sigh, then remember another group of aliens we were told about too. "What about... the Tok'ra, then? Apparently Earth is allied with them, in the other universe."

"The Tok'ra? Who are they?" Hammond asks.

"Ah... they're, they're the Goa'uld resistance," Kawalsky tells him.

Hammond looks sceptical. "Do you mean they fight the Goa'uld, or that they are Goa'uld?"

"Both. Apparently there's some Goa'uld who disagree with the majority - and fight them."

"And they apparently only take willing hosts," I add, knowing how all this sounds. I have a hard time believing it myself, but the other Sam was very convincing.

Hammond looks very taken aback. "Why would anyone want to become their hosts?"

"Yeah, it doesn't sound real, does it?" Kawalsky agrees. "They did insist it was true, though, the people we met in the other reality. Anyway, even if we could trust them, we don't know where to find them. If they even exist in this universe."

"I'm more than a bit sceptical, but I suppose it can't hurt keeping an eye out for them. If we meet them, we can decide then if we can work with them" Hammond takes a deep breath. "Major - your orders are to continue looking for weapons off world... and get them, at any price."

"Um... what does that mean? Steal them?" I ask.

"If necessary." Hammond looks apologetic. It is clear he does not like these new orders.

"I thought we wanted friends out there!" I exclaim. What are they thinking?

"Doctor Carter - as a civilian, this is no longer any of your concern."

"You're transferring me off the project?" I look at him, shocked.

"No, but you'll be working exclusively on examining the objects brought back - to see how they can be put to use best."

"Weaponized, you mean." I snort. I am not even surprised anymore.