He was numb, after the announcement, he couldn't feel anything, there were no emotions stirring within him. It was as if he was dead to the world, as he ambled through the halls of the family estate.

While he couldn't feel anything, his mind was running fast, recalling what he had been told earlier, "You have no talent unlike her, so we've decided to replace you"

"What he's trying to say, is that we no longer want you here." The words stung, coming from a figure in his life like that, of course they would.

He headed towards his room through the Victorian styled halls, right before being cut off by one of his least favourite people.

It was her.

"You're unwanted, so just leave!" she spoke in an arrogant tone.

He could sense the others nearby, it seemed like they weren't going to intervene, that they didn't care.

'Of course they won't' the child thought 'It's her, after all, compared to her, in their eyes, I'm nothing.'

He pushed past her into his room and closed the door, barely making a sound as he locked it shut behind him.

The room was basic, Victorian styled like the rest of the estate though, it had a simple desk, and closet in the wall, there was one window which faced the estates garden as the crowds mingled about, enjoying the occurring party.

He packed his bags quickly, stashing his savings into it, along with all of the clothes he had that fit. He wanted to leave before she could intercept him again.

He threw on a jacket, pulled up its hood and opened the window. He could hear her banging on the door, obviously hoping to taunt him some more, about his recent displacement.

He leapt out of the window, falling storey as he ran out into the estate grounds, past the crowds gathered there on his way to the estate gate, barely anyone paying attention to the nondescript teenager running through the grounds.

He made his way through the gates, gates bearing a spiral marking as he entered the forest surrounding the estate, and ran into the darkness.

It felt like he'd ran for hours, the lights of the estate vanishing as he descended deeper into the forest.

Then he saw it, floating in front of him, a pair of glowing menacing eyes, right before a maw of razor sharp teeth came at him out of the darkness. All he could do was scream, as he thrust his hands out in front of him.

\ /

"AAAAARRRRRGGHHHH" screamed a boy, around 17, as he awoke rather violently from his nightmare, covered in his own sweat, eyes wide with fright.

The boy was around 17, he was average height, he appeared slim, yet had clearly defined muscles and abs, having a body seemingly built for speed over power, yet still able to pack a punch if push comes to shove. He had a full blonde head of shaggy hair, and piercing cerulean eyes.

It didn't take long for his tenant to materialise as he had startled her awake when he screamed.

She appeared to have coalesced out of the moisture within the air, materialising as it would appear to a distant observer.

'She' being the beautiful lady that had materialised upon his bed, she was pale, in a beautiful attractive way, with white hair that cascaded down her back in a silky mess, being just woken up. She wore a light blue night gown to cover her generous bust and curves. Her eyes were a light blue, like a clear sky on a sunny day, yet full of concern for the boy before her.

"What's wrong!?" asked the beautiful lady, voice laced with concern for the boy before her.

"Nothing, just a nightmare again" came the deep voice of the male before her, as he reached for some water on a nearby bedside desk.

The room they were in was large, being one of three bedrooms within the two storey house, with a window that overlooked the surrounding streets. The bed was in the centre of the room, opposite the door; with a bedside desk either side. The bed itself was a king double, large enough to fit 4 or so people abreast, the walls were white with a bookshelf in the corner, full of books about the mythology and the like.

"It was the one about you leaving again wasn't it?"

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll be fine Hime" spoke the male as he sat up in the edge of the bed, clothed in naught but plain blur boxers.

They sat there in comfortable silence before it was broken by the newly named Hime, "I worry for you, you know this right?"

"Of course", chuckled the male

"I care for you too" he spoke as he pulled her into his lap and hugged her, unknowingly eliciting a blush from said female.

They sat there together for a couple moments, before the male glanced at the clock and groaned.

It read 7:30, School started for the week in an hour and a half.

He got up, as Hime reluctantly released him from her grip. He retrieved some clothes before speaking. "I'll meet you in the kitchen for breakfast Hime, ill cook you something nice."

Now that got a reaction, all tension in the room was gone as the lady bolted from the room. The male chuckled as he headed to freshen up and get ready for the day's events.

\ /

Breakfast was a quiet affair, with the male cooking up some simple pancakes for both of them.

The kitchen, which they were currently in, consisted of a bench and stools, and most of the cooking appliances and faculties' one could ever need, while cooking.

The male smiled as he placed a four stack of pancakes in front of Hime's face. Her face literally appeared to light up as she smiled and dug in, while the male slowly devoured his own stack.

"Thanks Naruto" spoke Hime

"That's okay, I enjoy cooking for people." Commented the newly named Naruto

By now the clock read 8:20

Sighing in trepidation of the boring day of school that was to come, he made his way to his bag, while Hime dissipated into air.

\ /

Walking to school was a lonely affair and it didn't take long before he arrived at the front of his school.

Kuoh Academy

A private school that recently converted from girls only to both genders, and the same school that Naruto was able to luckily secure a full scholarship for. He still had no clue how he got it over all the other applicants.

Naruto was clothed in the standard school uniform, a blazer over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with black highlights and a black ribbon on the collar, he also wore matching black pants and black sneakers. His own personal touch was a blue shirt underneath his open dress shirt, combined with his necklace, a deep blue sapphire that hung around his neck, in the shape of a circle, with complex patterns covering it.

Naruto walked through the gates, towards the main building of the school.

While walking, he could feel the gazes of various females within the grounds. He could hear the whispers, "Oh my gosh it's Naruto-san!", "Isn't he cute?"

Naruto's blonde hair, coupled with his piercing cerulean eyes and life-style, made him the object of affection from a large proportion of the females within the school. He was one of the rare pieces of eye-candy to the hormonal teenage women, with the other being Yuuto Kiba.

Naruto made his way towards his 2nd-year class, along the way hearing the declaration of the three, in Naruto's opinion 'Super perverts', to gain Harem's. Naruto simply face palmed at their stupidity, as the surrounding girls that weren't focused on him, looked at the trio with disgusted looks. Crushing their dreams on the spot, that is, if they were paying attention to their surroundings and not the fantasies swimming around in their heads as they all stared at the sky.

It didn't take long for Naruto to arrive at his destination, sit down and prepare for class, as he stared out the window, waiting for school to inevitably end.

\ /

He had done it, achieved what he thought impossible, he had survived another day at school. Another day of agony and torture passed.

At least that's what he thought, as he made his way to the school dojo.

He could feel it though, someone's gaze, it was something he'd learnt to pinpoint after being the school eye-candy for a couple months, it was a much needed skill.

He glanced up, he could see an old building to his left, there was an open window there. There was nothing.

He went to glance away when he felt it again, he looked up at the window a second time, catching a wisp of red within the window. It took him a couple of moments to realise exactly what it was. One Rias Gremory, after all, no-one else had hair that red, and she was known throughout the school for her hair and beauty.

'How pretty' he thought, as he made his way towards the dojo again, images of the redhead invading his mind.

\ /

He shook his head as he changed into a blue short-sleeved shirt and cargo pants, clearing his mind of the red-head that filled his thoughts.

He opened the door to the dojo from the lockers, entering and seeing his sparring partner at the other side of said dojo.

Yuuto Kiba

The only male that appeared to have had some sword training besides himself, and since he found out, his sparring partner after school every second day.

They commonly fought with wooden bokken, standard wooden swords in order to prevent serious injury.

"You took your time." Commented Kiba

"Aha, sorry Kiba, I got sort of distracted on the way here" spoke Naruto as he walked over to the dojo wall and grasped a bokken in his hands.

"Hope I didn't inconvenience you." Continued Naruto, who was currently stretching, looking forward to the nearby battle.

"No don't worry Naruto-san" spoke Kiba, a smile on his face

"How many damn times do I have to tell you Kiba, don't worry about honorifics with me, I couldn't care less." Said Naruto in an aggravated tone of voice

"Ah sorry Naruto-san, force of habit" responded Kiba

Naruto simply grumbled in response to that, feeling annoyed that his friend wouldn't drop the honorifics.

It was another few minutes before Naruto had finished warming up for the spar.

Both Kiba and Naruto took up positions on opposite sides of the dojo.

"Ready?" questioned Kiba

"Ready." confirmed Naruto

There was silence, before some unseen signal occurred between the two fighters, and they dashed at each other at speeds most would have difficulty reaching.

They met in the middle, bokken clashing against bokken as Kiba blocked an over-head slash from Naruto with an over-head parry, deflecting Naruto's blade to the right, knocking him off balance.

Kiba went in with a strike from the left, attacking Naruto's unprotected side, while Naruto dodged by keeping his momentum from becoming off balance and charging into a roll, past Kiba's right side.

Naruto countered with a one-handed back-handed slash, towards Kiba as he simply leapt back to dodge it.

Naruto stood back up, eyeing Kiba, Kiba eyeing him.

"Nice dodge" complemented Naruto

"Thank you, but your roll was a bit unorthodox" responded Kiba, both still looking for mistakes in their opponents guard.

They went at each other again, Bokken colliding with bokken in a flurry of movement.

There were rolls and leaps and when they next disengaged, both were lightly dripping with sweat.

They went at each other once more, colliding yet again with each other, but this time, when Naruto collided with Kiba, he was hit in the shoulder, Causing an old buried memory to surface.

Another memory of a past time

It was there, her face overlaid Kiba's, as he recalled the loss he had suffered at her hands, the loss that changed his life. He began shaking, unconsciously calling upon his powers, the room chilling a little.

Something that Kiba noticed.

"Naruto are you okay?" asked Kiba, voice laced with concern and curiosity

Naruto was on his knees shaking at his point, having collapsed when the memory hit him.

"Kiba I'm just gonna go, okay? I'm not feeling very well." Spoke Naruto in a shaky voice, as he dropped the bokken picked up his bag and left, brushing past a Rias Gremory as she ran into the room.

Naruto ran all the way home from school that day.

\ /

Naruto unlocked his door and stepped through, letting out a pent-up breath, as he went and sat down in the Lounge collapsing onto a nearby couch.

He felt Hime materialise next to him.

"What happened?!" she asked, concerned for him.

"Nothing, just some more memories" spoke the male in a haggard tone.

Hime sighed at this, they weren't just 'some memories' but traumatic experiences within his life, he knew this, she knew this. He just doesn't talk about it.

Hime walked over and hugged him, causing a blush to rise up his face, unbeknownst to her and said "It's fine, that part of your life is over. But now come on, you've got training"

Hime knew one thing, Training always helped take his mind off of things., no matter the circumstances.

It didn't take long for them to move to Naruto's own personal training ground, the dojo at the rear of the house.

It was at this point Hime went into what Naruto dubbed 'Teacher mode'. Dressed in her standard Blue Hakama, she floated around and began talking.

"Okay, firstly, when you had that panic-attack at school, you released some of your power, even if it was unconsciously. Therefore, we are gonna have to pick things up, but before that, I want you to explain your power to me from the top, just to make sure you know what you're dealing with." Commanded Hime

"I didn't even mean to-" began Naruto

"Explain your power, from the top now." Spoke Hime, intimidating the poor boy.


"My power is that of the sacred gear Absolute Demise, One of the thirteen Loginus."

"Good, good, Continue!" ordered Hime

Naruto winced at the tone

"It grants me absolute control over Ice, allowing me to create it from water particles within the air and shaping it into anything I so desire. The ice will not melt unless I desire it so or it is met with overwhelming power. It has more uses, but I'm still working on the first couple-"

"Anything else?" interrupted Hime, like Naruto had missed something

"…It's consciousness Is the Eternal Ice princess, a beautiful Lady called Hime, and when being used, it appears as Blue bracers on either forearm."

"Good, good" spoke Hime in an aloof tone, his comment clearly boosting her already large ego.

"Okay, let's begin on forming things again and your physical combat with them, since we need to increase the speed at which you can form and use things."

Naruto's response was to groan.

\ /

Meanwhile back at the Dojo….

Rias had just entered the dojo, making eye contact with Kiba before speaking.

"I felt a pulse of energy from here, so I came as soon as I could" spoke the red-haired beauty.

"Any ideas what it may have been Kiba?" spoke Rias, as she noticed that she was able to see her breath, and that it was strangely cold, within the normally warm room. "And why's it so cold?"

Kiba was silent as he strode forward; right towards where Naruto had dropped his bokken. He knelt and picked it up, as Rias stared questioningly at him.

He turned it over, looking closely at the hilt.

There, where Naruto was gripping, were shards of ice.

"Buchou, I believe I may know what caused that pulse." Spoke Kiba as he stared at the ice covered hilt, Rias eyeing it with hidden curiosity.

"What?" asked Rias, her knight's strange silence getting to her.

"It seems Naruto-san has some interesting powers he's been hiding." Spoke Kiba

Rias's eyes widened as she recalled passing by him as she made her way into the dojo.

"Ice?" questioned Kiba, staring at the hilt.

"It seems so." Spoke Rias quietly, her mind going at incredible speeds, trying to make sense of the ordeal.

"I'll investigate tomorrow. Kiba, try and remember if something like this has occurred before"
"Yes, Buchou"

\ /