It was strange, he could feel it, a skill picked up from being eyed by many a woman, he knew he was being watched, he didn't know why or who, but he knew they were there.

They'd been following him since he left home this morning, an unnerving feeling now that he thought about it a little. It meant they'd been stalking him for a little over 5 hours, as it was currently lunch.

He'd tried catching them multiple times already; a feint there, a double back here, yet nothing seemed to be working on his new persistent stalker. It was, like a game of cat and mouse, only he was the mouse, and he hated it.

Lastly after a few more attempts at unveiling what seemed to be his newest fan, he gave up. They were always one step ahead of him, no matter what he tried to do. He'd gone as far as freezing doors closed, only to come back and find them blasted of their hinges, with most of the actual door missing.

He knew something was there, what? He didn't know.

'I'll speak to Hime about it in my last class' thought Naruto, as he made his way to the central building.

The feeling of his newest stalker, never vanishing all the while.

To the outside world, Naruto was sitting there, face on the desk, sleeping as it would appear.

Hands surrounding his head, eyes closed, all thoughts of the lesson vanishing, as he descended inside of himself.

For a moment there was darkness.

Until he awoke, his first thought being 'soft', as he attempted to think of things his pillow could be, at least, he was, until he heard a giggle and opened his eyes.

His cerulean eyes meeting her sky-like blue, as he realised his wonderful soft pillow, was in fact Hime's lap. Naruto smiled gently, his blonde hair blowing in the wind as he stared up at her.

She smiled back at him as he sat up, taking in the view.

His mindscape was beautiful, the ground was covered in a light coating of fluffy snow, yet there was a clear blue sky.

They were sitting on a hill, beneath a sakura tree, its blossoms blowing gently in the wind. It seemed to go on forever, no end to the expanse that was his mindscape.

There was a waterfall and hot spring against the base of a cliff near the bottom of the hill.

All in all, it looked like a natural paradise, it was beautiful.

Naruto moved back to the tree and laid against it, next to Hime.

Hime shuffled over closer to Naruto, and snuggled into his side, eliciting a blush from the male.

Naruto tried to ignore the feeling of her perky breasts against his arm, as he tried to address what he came here for.

"Hime…?" asked Naruto

"Mmmm?" responded the beautiful woman, still snuggling into the blushing males side.

"What do you think of my newest fan?" questioned Naruto

"It could be any number of things, after your incident yesterday." Spoke Hime in a lazy tone

"Any number of things?" spoke Naruto, as he turned to look Hime in the eye….Failing to do so for too long before his eyes drifted downwards to the rather revealing clothing she was currently wearing.

Hime noticed this and responded accordingly... and flirtatiously. "Hmm? Like what you see?"

Naruto spluttered and looked away, feeling hot under the colour as he responded, "J-Just answer the question!" Meanwhile Hime snuggled against him yet again, his arm between her 'twins'.

Hime Giggled lightly before answering, "Yeah, any number of things; fallen angels, devils, magicians, monsters, the usual when a pulse of power escapes your control, Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked up at the crystal blue sky, "Any number of things, huh?" he spoke, curious of his stalker yet again.

He prepared to leave his mind, standing up, shortly before being pulled back down by his sleeve.

"You've missed a lot already, just stay here with me?" asked Hime, her face instantly going into its cutest expression.

He didn't take long to cave in…

He laid back down against the tree, relaxing, before he felt something on top of him. Cracking his eye open, he noticed Hime had crawled into his lap, and now laid against his chest, slowly descending into sleep.

He didn't take long to succumb to it either.

The first thing Naruto registered upon waking was the impact.

The impact of a textbook slamming against the back of his head, he shot up, cradling his head as he turned to look at the culprit.

Standing there, with a smile on his face, was his teacher.

"Uzumaki-kun, class is over, so if you're done sleeping in my class, please get out." The teacher's voice having a certain edge to it, obvious in the way Naruto's body straightened.

Naruto raised his head form his desk, a little bit of drool escaping to the teacher ire. Noticing all the students were gone, he turned back to his teacher, who had a thin smile on his face, pointing at the door.

"Aha…I should go" spoke Naruto, as the teachers head gained a tick mark.

"Yes…Yes you should." Responded the teacher with a definite finality.

Naruto picked up his things and bolted through the door, flying past someone next to the doorway, not noticing them.

The teacher came out and looked around, no-one was there, save for some unsettled dust and a piece of red hair, if one looked close enough.

Naruto headed towards the school gates, intent on getting home before his stalker caught him unawares, at least he was, until Kiba caught up to him.

He felt Kiba's hand on his shoulder, turning around he noted the worried look on his face.

"You okay Naruto-san? After what happened yesterday?" asked Kiba in concern.

"Yeah, just had a bad memory resurface." Responded Naruto in a neutral tone, in all honesty it was a bad memory, it caused fear, anger and a desire to break down into tears.

"Oh? Want to talk about it?"

"No Kiba, I'll be fine. Thanks for your concern though." Spoke Naruto as he brushed Kiba's hand off his shoulder.

Naruto continued out the gates, Kiba looking after him with concern etched onto his face.

Meanwhile, the surrounding females watched the interaction with interest. With many dirty fantasies entering their minds, to Naruto's much later disgust.

"I'm fine, I just need to rest, I'm paranoid." Muttered Naruto, to himself as he headed towards the central park on his way home.

"You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity." Spoke Hime from within his mindscape.

"Well, I was never stable in the first place was I?" asked Naruto in a joking manner, mainly to placate his paranoia that someone was following him.

That's right; he could still feel it, the sensation of being followed.

He entered the central park.

It was a standard park, benches around, with a fountain in the centre, the sun setting in the distance.

Naruto entered the park, almost passing through it before something occurred. The sky turned a sickening purple, moving, pulsating, All the while black feathers falling from the sky.

"Naruto! It's the Fallen Angels! The Black feathers are theirs!" shouted Hime from within his mind.

That warning was all Naruto needed, before he leapt to the side, narrowly dodging a spear of light as it sheared through the terrain to his left.

"Oh, it appears the young boy has skills." commented a pompous voice from above.

Naruto turned throwing his bag to the side as he did so, thinking it would only slow him down if he needed to dodge any more spears. Naruto looked up, spotting the origin of the voice, a man in a top hat and spectacles, wearing a trench coat. The strangest part of him being the dark birdlike wings protruding from his back.

"You were the release of power yesterday weren't you boy? I've spent all day tailing you, now why don't you show me what caused it?" continued the strange man, another spear materialising in his grip.

It flew at him, faster this time, he dodged, receiving a large gash on his right side.

"Come on boy, show me!" shouted the man, descending to the ground, more spears appearing in both hands.

What came next caused immense pain for Naruto, a barrage of spears cascading against his body. By the end of it, he was bleeding from both arms, his legs and th immense amount of wounds to his torso.

"Naruto, use me." Spoke Hime, commanding him.

"I was planning to anyway." Spoke Naruto out loud, he stood up straight, the dark clothed man opposite him.

"Good, good." Spoke the man, thinking Naruto was speaking to him.

The wind chilled considerably from the man's perspective, a bright blue light manifesting itself on the boys forearms, as light blue bracers materialised upon them, both appearing to go up his arms In a scale like fashion, except appearing more fierce.

To the fallen though, that wasn't the most frightening part, it was his eyes, changing from a cerulean, into a piercing sapphire, which glowed ethereally in the light.

After a while the wind died down.

The fallen started laughing, "That's it?" he cried in laughter, "All that for two bracers?"

"What's your name?" asked Naruto, ignoring the laughter of the man, and the swearing of the spirit inside of him.

"Why?" responded the man, wiping away a tear.

"So I can know the name of my first kill." responded Naruto in a cold voice.

"Dohnaseek, ningen, and I won't be dying tonight, you will my boy!" spoke Dohnaseek, still giggling

"I can't believe they were worried about you! You're weak!" spoke the fallen, missing the tightening of the blondes jaw.

Dohnaseek threw another spear, yet this time there was sound, much like the sound of metal striking metal, as to Dohnaseek's astonishment, his spear was deflected.

The offending object, being a sword, a clear blue sword made of what appeared to be ice.

"What?!" spoke the fallen in amazement.

Naruto didn't deign that worthy of a response as he dashed towards the fallen, shifting his body to avoid the incoming spears, courtesy of the now panicking fallen angel.

The fallen angel's, amazement quickly turned to panic as his weapons did nothing but cut through the air where his target had been.

Naruto was simply too fast, the fallen began to panic.

The mist crawled across the park as the fallen tried to raise himself off of the ground using his wings, failing miserably, barely getting a metre off of the ground before there was a strong grip on his ankle.

"NO, NO STAY AWAY!" cried the terrified fallen angel, regretting abusing the boy.

Naruto grunted as he pulled down hard on the ankle, grounding the angle with a mighty slam into the ground. Smoke was kicked up, obscuring his vision.

He felt it before he saw it, he raised his weapon quickly enough to deflect the spear aimed at his face, before another sword materialised into his free hand and he thrust it into the mist.

The smoke slowly cleared, revealing what had taken place. Naruto was standing there, a clear word of ice in his right hand, while his left hand held the heat of something, something being obscured by the skewered body covering it.

The fallen coughed up blood, covering Naruto's clothes.

"W-What is your name boy?" asked the man.

"Namikaze Naruto" responded the cold voice of the teen.

"H-Hehehe, Good fight, Namikaze." Spoke Dohnaseek for the last time as life left his body.

Naruto went to inspect first victim, his right sword becoming water in the air as it dissipated the adrenaline in his body calming down.

The left sword dissipated too, vanishing, as if it was never there.

Naruto closed his eyes and knelt down to regain his energy.

Right before he felt a sharp pain in his chest, opening his eyes and looking down, he saw it, the source of his current agony. A spear of light etched solidly within his chest.

Naruto fell onto his side, he could hear the voice in his near death state.

"He only had one job." The voice was distinctly feminine and dissapointed.

"Naruto!" cried Hime.

Naruto couldn't respond to either, as he fell into a dreamless sleep.

Naruto opened his eyes a little, the cold in the air comforting him. He could see the blood soaked ground from his fight, and….. red?

He could see it, someone above his body. It was blurry but he could make it out.

A silhouette, with red hair

"Amazing, he hasn't bled out and it's been at least an hour." spoke Rias in amazement.

"I-I'm just that...good" spoke Naruto, vocal cords hoarse, coughing up blood, before descending into unconsciousness yet again.

Rias looked on with shock at the now comatose body. Her mind having difficulty coming up with words to express her surprise at the boy's words.

Her expression eventually settled into a small smile, as she continued what she was doing.

A red glow penetrated the nearby tree line, lighting up the park ominously, before it suddenly vanished, as if nothing was there.

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