Nephilim are born when a human soul and an angel's grace are unrelentingly in love, as one might say, soul mates. That nephilim is then born when the grace and soul reach out to each other and that combined piece breaks off into the world unbeknownst to the human and angel.

Gabriel held the little bundle close to his chest. Dear old dad had just so happened to revive him and Balthazar at the time a wayward fledgling was created. Balthazar had been the one to find the little thing snuggled in a crate of oranges in Italy. It didn't take a genius to figure out whose grace responded to whose frisky soul. Those intense blue eyes were enough for the recently undead angel. Since Balthazar had been close to Gabriel when he was just a fledgling and both were no longer taking theoretical dirt naps he took the baby straight to him. The first thing Gabriel had set out to do now that he wasn't dead was to have a threesome with some well-endowed fairies who found archangels pretty hot. Hey, a man's got needs! This was all forgotten when Balthazar flew in with a wiggling little bundle of fledgling in tow.

Gabriel instantly recognized the mix of soul and grace taking the young one into his arms. Balthazar may just have been brought to life and all, but that wasn't going to keep him from keeping to his snarky personality, "Well this is just bloody fantastic. You don't suppose Castiel had any idea about this do you?"

Gabriel brushed the baby's tuff of hair and replied quietly, "I wouldn't think he would as far as I can tell."

Balthazar scoffed, "Well I found the bugger in an orange crate in Europe so I suppose not. I still need to get back at that assbutt Castiel for killing me!"

Gabriel's eyebrow rose, "You got offed by joining Team Free Will too?"

"Is it that common?"

"Like a cold brother, like a cold."

Balthazar asked, "So do you have any bright ideas about what we're going to do with the little thing?"

Gabriel sighed, "Not the slightest."

Balthazar peered at the fledgling and said, "We can always pay the Winchester Neanderthals and their resident angel a visit. Drop the fledgling off, give Cassie a kick in the ass for stabbing me literally in the back, than go on our merry way."

Gabriel could only shake his head to Balthazar's suggestion as he gingerly searched the babe's soul and cradled it's grace. He said, "The baby's grace is weak. We can't just drop it off especially with the trouble Castiel and those two get into on a daily basis. It's too dangerous we'll have to wait until it gets stronger." Gabriel chuckled, "Until then Uncle Gabe and Uncle Balthy will look after the little drool monster."

Sure enough the baby had begun to drool on Gabriel, Balthazar rolled his eyes, "Uncle Balthy great."

Gabriel was just about to give Balthazar a taste of the drool as punishment when he felt a surge of another angel's grace. He had to protect the little fledgling, even from his own brothers and sisters. He passed the baby to Balthazar, and he brought out an angel blade. This had to be some sort of record for being brought back to life, and already knee deep in crap. As Gabriel prepared to fight; Balthazar was just on the verge of getting the hell outta Dodge when a voice said, "Brother Wait, I mean no harm!"

The two quickly turned to see the face of a young John Winchester. Gabriel gazed awestruck at his elder brother, "Michael…Dad pulled you out of the cage huh?"

Balthazar went pale, Gabriel was one thing, but Michael was a completely different story. The Archangel Michael was now topside and Balthazar may love messing around with a healthy dose of satire, but he was not by any means stupid. Michael could easily smite him thirty ways to Sunday without batting an eye. Balthazar was in no hurry to die - again. Michael raised his hands in a sort of surrender; Gabriel was surprised by the strangely human gesture. Michael said, "Balthazar do not fret, as I have said I mean no harm to you or the babe. Nor do I have any plans to fight you Gabriel."

Gabriel licked his lips nervously, "I don't suppose you're here to sell Girl Scout cookies?"

"I am not in possession of a miniature biscuit containing sugar sold by young human females that are oddly an advance guard. It seems unusual that female children would be in that position, but if that was what you were expecting so be it."

Gabriel had to fight ever fiber in his being to not face palm. He sighed, "Well then what are you here for if you're not looking for a fight."

"I wish to assist you and Balthazar in the caretaking of the Nephilim. The young one will require much protection it only serves right that you and I as archangels to protect it." Gabriel was about to retort when Michael continued, "I know I have wronged believing it was what Father wanted…I was wrong. I wish to repent for the mistakes I have made. The apocalypse that was averted by Castiel, the Winchesters, and as I have been told you assisted them, of which caused your death. I thought it was destiny, and somehow it was not. Father raised me from perdition for a reason. If that is Father's will I will abide by it. I may not be sure of many things now, but I am sure of one thing, I wish to be with my brothers once."

Balthazar untensed when he saw Gabriel put his angel blade away, he muttered, "If it was Dad's will to suck a dick you probably would."

Gabriel started to crack up, "That sounds just like you Mikey! Ah Man if my ribs could hurt they would be right now!"

He regained composure, still smiling, he asked," So how long have you been, well not in hell?"

Michael replied, "For a while. Father has been, as you say, dealing with things upstairs, I have been here."

Gabriel clasped his heart, "The Great Archangel Michael being down here with the mud monkeys, and even using human lingo. I think I feel faint!"

Balthazar chuckled, "Sound more like Winchester lingo to me."

Michael was all puzzled since he did not believe Gabriel was capable of being in a state where he lacked physical state in a state of dizziness. He felt a tug on the back of his pant leg, so he turned his attention there.

Gabriel asked, "What do you got there Mikey?"

Michael said, "This young child had been my charge for the time I have been on Earth. He is extremely interesting, and he had taught me many things about human culture. For a child he is quite knowledgeable."

Balthazar asked, "So you have a charge, and it's an infant?"

The boy said, "I'm not an infant douche wad!"

"Douche wad?" Michael asked

The boy replied, "Douche wad.

Michael looked at Balthazar and said with a straight face, "I believe that you are a douche wad."

Gabriel looked upward in hopes his father was actually seeing this. He walked over to Michael and crouched down, "Hey Archangel Gabriel, not a douche wad, nice to meet ya!"

Gabriel was met with a fairly intimating scowl on the face of a seven year old boy. Although little pursed lips, freckles dotting across his nose, and small furrowed brows could only go so far it was his eyes that got Gabriel. A beautiful green color, yet the coldness that resided in them was immense for one so young. The fledgling in Balthazar's arms started to babble.

The green eyed boy looked up at the baby then Michael. Michael ever the ominous somewhat dickish big brother had a bit of a silent conversation with the boy. Gabriel found those very annoying. The kid's attention turned back to the fledgling and Gabriel, even being the divine all around awesome archangel he is, did not expect what the boy did next. He smiled.

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