There always seem to be lacking son fics in many fandoms. I see many daughters fics in a number of different fandoms, but son fics are sometimes few, or they're baby's (adamantly all the fics are fantastic). I wanted someone a little older, but still a child; this how John came to be.

My favorite trope is people slowly become a family, and a house becomes a home.

Dean changed Samantha into clean clothes as Sam tried to tame Daniel's hair, "Sammy, the world isn't ending, so why the hell do we have to do this?"

Sam laughed, "Dean, the last time you had your photo taken wasn't the apocalypse, and it's not like you have to dress up or anything. It was Bobby's idea, although he did say John gave him the inspiration for it."

Charlie peered into the nursery, "Are you guys coming? Oh, Danny looks so handsome and Sammy. J looks adorable when not covered in baby formula."

Dean said, "How she dribbled a majority of her bottle on herself I will never know. I don't think I'll ever know how Sammy managed to control Danny's hair either."

Sam rolled his eyes, "Well if you actually tried it wouldn't be so hard. You let his hair run rampant."

Dean grinned, "Danny's got handsome curls! Don't you, Little one?"

Danny wrapped his arms around Sam's long legs, "Uncle Sammy's handsome too!"

Charlie clapped her hands, "Alright, alright you're all gorgeous now get a move on!"

They went downstairs, after pulling John out from his hiding spot in the shower, to find Bobby fiddling with his old camera. Garth jumped up, "How are we going to do this? Do I really get to be in the picture? You guys aren't pulling my leg right?"

Bobby scoffed, "Get you're skinny ass near the staircase, boy. Sam, you're the tallest to get in the back; Gabe, before you start whining stand in front of him. Cas, hold Danny and stand next Sam. Dean, you stand next to your angel with Jojo. Johnny, you get your ass back here and stand next to your dad. No, in front of him just a little your short. Michael, you get right next to him. Charlie and Kevin you two get on Sam's left with Garth. Balthazar, you get your ass in that picture stand behind Charlie you're kinda tall. Scoot together so everyone gets in the shot, and leave room for me"

Bobby was trying to adjust the timer just right before he took his spot right in between Garth and Gabriel. Just before the timer went off everyone moved.

Sam had wrapped his arms around Gabriel and rested his chin on the top pf his head as he looked down at his angel, Bobby had crossed his arms looking the part of a grumpy old man aside from a small smile, Garth had put his arm around Bobby and Kevin's shoulders giving his biggest goofiest smile, Balthazar put his hand Kevin's head and other hand on Charlie's shoulder. On the other side Dean had kissed Castiel on the cheek while Cas squinted suspiciously at him with Danny looking at them curiously, Michael had put his hand on John's shoulder with John looking back at him, and Jojo had turned away from the camera completely.

Bobby chuckled, "Well it's a good family picture as any."

A family picture; years ago if you had asked Dean Winchester about a family picture he'd tell you he just had his brother. There were twelve people in that picture; four angels, two nephilim, a little boy, four hunters, a prophet, and a computer hacker. Twelve people who all gave a damn about one another. They all loved each other, as sappy as that sounds, in different ways than others, but they found love.

Dean and Sam Winchester: the wandering sons. They weren't homeless; their beloved Impala insured that, but never did they have a staple place to come back to. They also didn't have anyone to come home to aside from one another, but things were different now. Now they had lovers and children; something neither of them thought they would ever get to have. They had it now, and they were happy; truly happy.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

The brothers didn't save the world this time. There was no evil monster to face or some tyrant to take down. They were actually on fairly good terms with the devil, so what was there for them to face. They learned a lot and they grew, but what kind of story is there without a villain? Dean Winchester taking on fatherhood was a fairly scary, yet absolutely adorable endeavor, but is that all? One could hope that now…now the boys could finally have peace. They deserved that much. They deserved happiness.

The typing of the typewriter keys stopped abruptly

Chuck took a sip of his whiskey. His own children had found their niche on Earth, with none other than the Winchester brothers. He was proud, so very proud of them all. He knew he had said it before 'like a cruel and capricious god, taunting his protagonist with happiness only to have it derailed by something else that kept them apart. But that was life and it wasn't easy, rarely did it have a fairytale ending' The Winchesters had been through that old merry-go-round far too many times. There were some things about fate he just had to let be; he didn't like interfering, but he loved them so much. It wasn't perfect, far from it, but was it so hard to let people have happiness?

He admired how far his children had come. Perhaps he himself, the almighty, could learn from them. Everyone progressed somehow if they didn't nothing would ever change. To learn from one's mistakes, to face the consequences, to make choices: Free will. The thing he had advocated for in his own way. Chuck poured himself another glass of whiskey as he watched Crowley.

Lucifer had told him about the demon, and how he had felt another odd presence was near, but he could not make it out. What might be going on with him? Chuck preferred not to look into the future too much, mostly because it was a big cause of migraines. He didn't know what was next, but most people didn't. There was time to be had. Time to be enjoyed. But still what was a story without a satisfactory ending? Or at least an ending that would lead into the next stories. Chuck cracked his knuckles, rolled up his sleeves, and took another sip of the whiskey. The story wasn't over yet so, naturally, he got to typing.


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