The Misanthrope

Chapter 14 - Epilogue


Three years and six months later


It was a bright and very warm June day. What was special about that particular day was that Eren had graduated from high school. He was finally done with that part of his education and now was heading towards the next – the Military Academy. Still amazed with everything that had to do with military, especially the disbanded Scouting Legion, Eren was ecstatic when he got the word that he was accepted into the Academy.

He had been preparing for it for the past few years, with Levi's help. The older man had even made a construction in his yard and hooked his old 3D maneuver gear up, so Eren could learn the basics of holding his balance. They both knew the boy wouldn't really need the 3D gear all that much, but it was worth to know the past.


Eren wiped the sweat from his brow before knocking on Levi's door. He patiently waited until the door swung open and he got a glimpse of the other's face.

"Why are you even knocking anymore?" Levi asked, his face fixed into his trademark 'bored to death' expression. He hooked a finger into the collar of Eren's shirt and pulled him down for a kiss.

"Damn you and your height," he muttered against the young man's lips. "Growing like a weed..."

"I'm sorry," Eren smiled, wrapping a free arm around his (much) shorter lover. "I would've never guessed I'd be nearly as tall as Erwin-danchou."

"He noticed the other day," Levi grumbled. "He teased me about it until I had to throw him out of the house."

Eren snickered into Levi's neck and earned a pinch to his side.


"So, what's this," Levi asked, nodding towards the bag in the teen's hand.

"My clothes?" Eren offered helpfully. "Oh, and my mom sends you these," he rummaged through the bag and produced a smaller paper bag which was filled with fresh chocolate chip cookies.

"Oh, nice!"

Eren beamed at the look on Levi's face. Over the past couple of years he learned how to smile more often. And the fluttering in Eren's chest was always there, every time he saw Levi smile. The man interrupted him in his musings, though.

"It's not even been three hours since your graduation ceremony and you're already here?" He smirked.

"Ah," Eren blushed a little. "I couldn't wait... Moving in with you has been on my mind for months..."

"So why wait one more day, hm?" The older man purred.

"Right," Eren breathed. He took a step closer to Levi and closed the front door behind him. A part of him loved that he had grown so tall that he could just pick Levi up and carry him around the house. The other part felt guilty for outgrowing him so much, making Levi yank him down every time he wanted a kiss.

Which he was doing right now.

Bending to his will figuratively and literally, Eren caught his lips. A few chaste kisses and only a hint of tongue, and the teen was already feeling heat blooming in his stomach. He deepened the kiss until he was sucking Levi's tongue into his mouth with heady lust.

"I wanna have you before dinner," Levi husked, breaking the kiss. He didn't wait for a response, already grabbing Eren's hand and dragging him towards the bedroom.

Levi pushed the boy down onto the bed and straddled his thighs, wrapping his arms around his neck. He pressed to kiss Eren again, teasingly grinding in his lap.

The warmth and friction were driving Eren mad with lust. His hands slid down and squeezed the firm muscles of Levi's bottom, pressing him down harder against his growing arousal.

"Eren," Levi hissed, arching his back.

The boy grunted, busy with sucking at the soft skin of Levi's neck. He tasted like... Eren couldn't tell. Like rain, and air... Levi's breath hitched and Eren moaned, biting down gently.

"Taught you good," Levi teased breathlessly, writhing against him.

"You're worth paying attention to," the teen countered.

"Shut up and kiss me."

Eren chuckled and deliberately fell back, Levi on top of him. He pulled him in for a kiss, loving to have Levi's thighs around him, this way or that.

After several moments of wet kisses and whispered praises, not even aware when Levi managed to remove all of their clothes out of the way, Eren found himself naked and squirming under his lover's attentions. In the meantime Levi had grabbed hold of the soft paraffin to keep close and busied himself with teasing the boy in all the right places.

"Turn over," Levi murmured while kissing his hipbone.

Eren obeyed and purred lowly as Levi's warm hands slowly massaged his butt, thumbs pressing teasingly close to his entrance. Eren gasped once he felt Levi's hot breath over his exposed flesh. He shivered despite the hot and humid day, goose-bumps rising on his skin as Levi's slick tongue slid against him.

"Levi," he whined, wriggling his hips.

The man groaned while softly tonguing him, the wet noises making Eren's cheeks flush. Some things still made him self-conscious and Levi always took opportunities to make him squirm like that, obviously enjoying it.

"L-Levi... Hah..." The teen's eyes rolled back at the sensations. The slight embarrassment was replaced with burning lust as Levi stiffened his tongue and circled around his entrance.

Eren felt his toes curl, the heat rising in his belly. If Levi kept it up, he would certainly be able to climax just from that. His heart pounding all the way up in his throat, Eren pushed back, the need stronger than his shame.

He heard Levi chuckle before entering him with his tongue. It was barely there, but Eren felt like someone splashed warm liquid all over his back, his body's reaction was that strong. He nearly sobbed in pleasure as Levi slowly teased him.

The older man paused, running a finger between Eren's buttocks. "Do I continue with this or do I take you," he purred.

"Yes," Eren gasped, barely understanding what Levi had asked.

"Yes to what," Levi laughed.

"What... What? I don't know! Just..." The teen squirmed and rutted against the mattress as Levi gave him one more lick.

The warm wetness of Levi's tongue and lips left him and Eren gazed back over his shoulder, only to see the man taking a generous scoop of soft paraffin and slickening himself up. He took more to cover his fingers and his attentions were immediately back on the teen.

When Levi finally pressed two fingers inside of him, Eren mewled with lust. Panting for air, he clawed at the bedding and lifted his backside in attempt to take Levi's fingers deeper.

"Oh what a view," Levi droned, gently thrusting his digits in and out, applying light pressure against Eren's prostate every time he was deep inside. His whole body was humming and he was certain he couldn't take more of the sweet torture.

"Levi," he moaned pitifully.

That seemed to work on the older man, as he withdrew his fingers and pressed his hard arousal against Eren's twitching entrance. He leaned down further, letting his bodyweight to push him into Eren, slowly. The teen felt every thick centimeter sliding into him, stretching him open and sending surges of pleasure every bit of the way.

Levi paused when he was all the way in, licking a trail up Eren's spine and kissing between his shoulder blades. He only moved his hips in slow circles, not pulling away and the sensations made Eren tremble with need.

"Feels good?" Levi asked, caressing Eren's left side and leaving his hand at the boy's waist.

"P-perfect," the teen stuttered, arching his back a bit.

At that, Levi withdrew and in one smooth motion slid back inside, causing them both to gasp loudly. He repeated it a few more times before straightening himself up and clamping his hands down on Eren's waist, pushing him hard into the bed.

Holding him pinned like that, Levi established a slow but hard rhythm which almost made Eren see stars, it was that intense. He held onto the pillow and nearly chewed on it, moaning with every thrust. It egged Levi on; Eren knew it and loved it so much. With every sound he made, he felt and heard the older man losing his composure.

Levi's hands released his waist, only to slide to his hips and haul him up to his knees, legs spread wide. Eren found the position lewd and insanely hot, rocking back and forth while taking Levi in.

"Be still, you little..." Levi panted, holding him in place.

Eren felt him twitching inside of him and understood that he was very close to his limits. It made his own arousal throb in sympathy, knowing that any rushed movement could make Levi climax.

"So hard" he mewled, wriggling his hips and making Levi shiver against his body. Eren's length pulsed with barely contained pleasure, a few drops of clear pre-essence trickling out. He reached back and grabbed hold of Levi's hand, bringing it to his weeping erection, grinning wildly when Levi moaned as his fingers connected with the silky fluid.

"Touch me," he pleaded innocently, giving an affectionate look over his shoulder. Levi looked ready to explode. Eren watched him bite his lip before he leaned forward and wrapped both arms around him, stroking him slowly with his right hand, still not moving from the place deep inside him.

"Move, Levi," the boy breathed, already feeling the numbing pleasure rising from his belly.

"I don't want to come just yet," Levi grunted.

There was no way for Eren to keep still after that. He loved the feeling of Levi's manhood twitching inside of him, he loved the desperation in his voice as he tried his best to hold off his orgasm. That's exactly why Eren refused to listen to him. He wanted to hear it.

So he moved. Forward and then slammed back, taking Levi's entire length.

"E-Eren..." the older man choked, doubling over Eren's back.

"Come," Eren gasped, his whole pelvis tingling with impending release. "I'm close, Levi, so close... I'm gonna come!" As the first pulses of his climax surged through his body, Eren felt how Levi froze against him and throbbed inside him.

He heard the rough, low moan and even felt it against his back, Levi's chest resonating with the sound. The rhythmic swelling of Levi's length inside of him subsided and he felt him relax against his back with almost whole weight.

Everything went still except for their heaving chests. Slowly, Levi's fingers traced his side, his hip, and his thigh before the man gently pulled out and rolled to the side, a dreamy look on his face. The teen smiled and landed right next to him, carefully avoiding the wet spot he'd caused on the sheets.

Levi made a satisfied grunt and Eren replied in the same manner, snickering right after.

"Lusty little bastard," the older man smirked, pulling him into a sweaty embrace, which Eren happily reciprocated.

"I'm your lusty bastard," the teen murmured, affectionately nuzzling behind Levi's ear. "And now you're stuck with me."

"Should've seen it coming, huh?" Levi feigned to regret.

"Yep," Eren giggled.

They lazed in silence for some time, Levi gently caressing Eren's body wherever he could reach. Kissing the boy on the nose, he shifted a bit.

"We should get out of bed soon. Erwin and Hanji will be here in a few hours and I'm still not done with the food."

"I'll help you," Eren yawned, stretching on the bed. He grinned as he caught the hungry look the older man was giving him. "Now who's the lusty bastard?"

"No, I'm the old pervert, remember?"

"Right," Eren made a show of remembering and earned a light smack to his rump. He giggled and scrambled to get up and dress, but was suddenly stopped. Levi grabbed his hand and pulled him back onto the bed, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.

Smiling, he gave Eren a slow, affectionate kiss before murmuring against his lips.

"Welcome home."


The End