Authors note: This is my first attempt at a Swan Queen story, but this was just stuck in my head. I hope you like it ;)

"Oh god, Emma!" Regina let out a loud moan when she felt her muscles contract around Emma skilled fingers.

Emma gave another hard lick at Regina's sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck!"

Regina came hard, seeing stars behind her closed eyelids. Emma let her ride out her orgasm. When Regina's breath had somewhat calmed down, Emma pulled her fingers out of her girlfriend and went to lay down next to Regina.

Regina kissed her and moaned when she tasted herself on Emma's lips.

"That was magical, dear."

Emma chuckled, "you mean the fact that we actually make magic together, or your orgasm."


"Well that's good, 'cause I'm not done with you yet."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes." Emma gave her a wicked smile before she reached over to the night stand and pulled out a strap-on and a bottle of lube, apple flavor of course.

Regina moaned and her eyes became dark with desire when she saw the strap-on.

"9 inches works for you?" Emma asked, teasing a little. She knew Regina liked them big.

Emma slid the straps around her hips and adjusted them so they fitted perfectly. She grabbed the bottle of lube and warmed it with her hands.

Emma used her thumb to rub Regina's sensitive clit lightly. Regina groaned. "Emma, stop teasing." She said breathlessly.

Emma positioned herself in front of Regina's entrance and looked up. "You're ready?" She asked.

Regina nodded and moaned when Emma pushed the dildo inside of her, loving the way it stretched her. Emma started a quick pace and pulled Regina's legs open further. She kissed the brunette passionately.

"Oh, god! Emma!"

Emma moaned when she heard her name roll from the brunette's luscious lips. She felt her own orgasm approach.

Regina continued letting out loud pleasured vocals, gripping the headboard behind her head until her knuckles turned white.

"Fuck yeah, I'm so close!"

When Emma heard those words she quickly pulled out of her. Regina didn't even have time to complain about it before she was pulled on her hands and knees and Emma slammed the toy back into her.

Emma gripped her hips so she could thrust into Regina harder. Regina gripped the headboard with one hand so she could push back into the thrusts.


Emma saw the muscles of Regina's back twitch. Regina came hard, her orgasm exploding inside of her. Regina's pleasured vocals and the way the strap-on rubbed her clit, pushed Emma over the edge as well.

They were both panting, the strap-on still buried deep inside of Regina.

"That... was amazing." Emma said once she had pulled the dildo out of Regina.

Regina chuckled. "I agree, dear."


"I've got to go to work, babe."

Regina groaned and rolled off of Emma. "Fine, dear. What time will you be here tonight?"

"I think about 8, probably. It's kind off busy at the station."

"Alright." Regina said while she watched Emma getting dressed. "Then I know what time I need to have the lasagna ready. You know Henry is not coming home today, he's going straight to his friends house for a sleepover."

"So we'll have the house to ourselves tonight?" Emma said with a wink.

"Yes. And do not suggest that because we'll be alone we can walk around naked the whole night. Remember last time you suggested that and your mother stopped by." Regina said, smirking while she thought back to the look of pure horror that was on Snow's face when she saw her straddling Emma naked on the couch.

"Don't look like I've killed your puppy, dear. It's not very becoming."

Emma huffed. "Fine, I'll think of something else. Maybe your sexy french maid costume you got for Halloween last year."

Regina chuckled. "Maybe, dear. But for now, you need to go to work."

Emma walked over to her and gave her a kiss. "I love you, babe."

"Love you too, dear."


Regina was cutting the vegetables into evenly sized cubes when she suddenly heard some strange noise outside by the window. She stopped and listened, after a few minutes it was still silent and she decided that it must have been some sort of animal so Regina got back to her task.

She looked up at the clock, it was 7 pm. Emma would be home soon. Emma. It felt so weird that only a little more than a year ago they were hating each other and fighting over Henry. Now she was cooking her a meal.

Her train of thoughts were stopped however when she heard the strange noise again.

Regina got an anxious feeling in the pit of her stomach. She was alone, and even when most citizens were acting at least a little civil towards her, some of them were still very angry and wanted revenge.

She put the knife down and walked over to the window. Regina tried to look if someone was there but it was already too dark to see anything.

Calm down, Regina! It's probably nothing, maybe the cat from next door.

She went back to her cooking island and picked the knife up once again. With her back turned to the door she didn't see it coming.

Regina was grabbed from behind, one hand around her waist and one hand covering her mouth. She started kicking and punching, trying to get free but he was strong.

Her furious movement caused him to lose his balance and he tumbled backwards into the cabinets. His head crashed into one hard, causing him to release his hold on her so she could escape. Regina quickly scrambled away and tried to get to the cooking island again to pick up the knife as a weapon but he was already back on his feat and he kicked her legs from underneath her, causing Regina to fall to the ground.

When she was on the ground he got on top of her and restricted her arms. "Get off of me!" Regina screamed and she struggled against the hold.

Regina managed get one arm free and she reached for a shard of glass that was on the ground from when she kicked the salad bowl off of the counter. But he saw what she tried to do and grabbed her hair so he could smack her head into the ground, hard.

Regina felt something warm and sticky at the back of her head and she groaned at the stabbing pain she felt in the back of her skull.

She started to see black spots in her vision. Emma, please take care of Henry. Was the last thing Regina thought before she lost consciousness.

"I'm sorry darling." The man said while he looked at Regina's unconscious form.


"Sherrif Swan, speaking." Emma said trying to keep the annoyance out of her voice. It was almost 8 and she wanted to get home to Regina.

"The Queen is dead.."

And then the line went dead.


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