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It had been 2 weeks since Jades's tragic death. Everyone was a mess. Especially Beck and Cat. Neither of them had slept a wink since the life changing night, they didn't pay the slightest amount of concentration in class and they avoided conversations like the plague.

Tori was also deeply depressed although she didn't show it because at least one person had to stay strong right? Andre and Robbie kept it all together because they were pretty sure Tori would break soon.

The gang had all agreed to visit Jades's grave today. Tori went with Andre, Cat went with Robbie and Beck went alone.

Once they had all got there they silently sat in front of their dark friend's grave and cried Much to everybody's surprise Cat was the first one who volunteered to say a few words.

"Jadey? Oh Jadey! Why did you do it? You knew we were all gonna miss you! Was it because of me!? Was I not a good best friend to you!? Oh my god Jadey! I'm so sorry! I promise I will be a better friend to you if you come back! I miss you sooooo much Jadey. Why did you leave me? But we will see each over again one day won't we? And we will be Kitten and Jadey again! Don't go making any new best friends while your away! Aw. I love you besty. See you In Heaven. I might come sooner than you think." She added quietly as an afterthought.

Once Cat had finished she had years running down her face, Tori saw and hugged her tight. Then took Cat's place and began her speech.

"This isn't fair Jade. Why did you do it? You didn't have to go what you did because of what...happened that night. You have a beautiful life Jade. You have friends who care about you and would do anything for your happiness and you have a best friend who I know would risk her own life for you. You didn't have to do that just because you didn't have Beck anymore. You probably won't believe me when I say this but...I'm really gonna miss you Jade. Rest in peace."

Tori finished and turned to Beck who staggered over to her and started his speech.

"Jade. Why? Why did you end your beautiful life because of me? I honestly want to stab myself right now because I know it's my fault. Listen to me Jade. Nothing can replace you in my Hearst and nothing will. I know it's too bloody late to say this now but I want you to believe it. I just can't believe I did this to you. I would beg and beg for forgiveness but where would that take me? I'm so honestly sorry now Jade. I love you angel. It's too late now to say that though isn't it?"

Beck looked at Andre and Robbie expectantly but they gave him a look saying: Not today. They all put down their flowers and turned to leave but then heard Cat's timid little voice.

"Err guys? I'm gonna stay here a little while longer." They all shrugged and left Cat alone with her best friend. She kneeled down in front of the white marble angel that was Jade's grave and pulled something out of her pocket...a pistol.

She lifted it up to her head and whispered "See you soon Jadey."...and pulled the trigger. So she could be with her dark best friend. Forever and always.

Here lies Jadelyn West and Catarina Valentine.

Best friends. Sisters. Friends. Enemies.

But together. Together forever. Forever and always.

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