Full Circle

Chapter 1

"Babe, can you take him? I've got like, literally, five minutes and I have to leave." Alex called out to Piper

"Just put him in the swing, Al. I'm getting dressed." Piper replied

"He just ate. Dr. Hosford said…"

"I know what he said. I was there too. The swing adjusts. Sit him up more." Piper snapped, coming out of the bathroom.

Turning on her heels, Alex left the room with Liam still on her shoulder. Taking him into the living room, she put him in his swing and turned it on. Kissing him, she went back to the bedroom. "Pipes, I'm leaving" she said. Going up behind her, she kissed Piper on the shoulder. "I'll come back after my appointment and get Liam. We'll hang out at the gallery for the afternoon and you can rest. I know you're tired."

Letting out a long breath, Piper leaned into Alex. "I'm exhausted. I don't think he's slept a full hour in the last two weeks. I'm sorry I snapped at you."

"No worries, Kid. You can be nice to me later." Alex winked at her, kissed her, and turned to leave.

Grabbing her phone, Piper typed out a text message:

"She's leaving but coming back to get Liam later. Wait until you hear from me before coming over"

Response: Okay


"Sign here, here and…here"

Alex signed on all the designated lines. It seemed like she'd been waiting on this day forever. In less than 30 minutes her probation would be over. No more check-ins, no more traveling to speak, no more drug tests (not that those happened very often)…no more restrictions. She would finally be free from her crimes. She could go and do anything she wanted. Legally of course.

Her PO left and came back a few minutes later with copies of all her paper work. Giving them to her, he shook her hand and told her he hoped he never had to see her again. "You won't" Alex smirked at him and left. Stepping out into the cold winter day, she took a deep cleansing breath and let it out slowly. Looking around, a smile inched its way across her face. "Freedom" she thought.

Checking the time, she decided that she had just enough time to stop for coffee. She was going to get her passport. It had been nine long years since she left the States and she couldn't wait to start traveling again. There were so many places she wanted to show Liam. Piper too when she really thought about it. Although Piper traveled with her for more than two years, she really just drug her from country to country rarely showing her more than a bar and a bed. She would fix that, she vowed.

Standing in line for coffee, she took a picture of herself giving a thumbs up and sent it to Piper.

A: I'm free baby! How's Little Man? And u?

P: Covered in shit from head to toe. Both of us. I'm so happy for you baby

A: LOL-sry dnt mean 2 laugh been there. B home soon 2 get him

P: K kisses

A: muah

Snagging her coffee and laughing to herself, she headed towards the door. A hand on her arm stopped her. Looking down at the hand, then up, she paled and then saw red. "Get your fucking hand off of me!"


After getting herself and Liam cleaned up, Piper put Liam on his tummy mat and went over her check list one more time. She was throwing Alex a surprise party. She'd worked so hard to turn everything around and stay clean. The first year was really hard on Alex and Piper held her breath the entire time waiting on her to relapse. She hadn't though. She had fought that demon bravely and Piper was incredibly proud of her. She deserved to be celebrated. Since having Liam, there hadn't been nearly enough getting together with their friends. What better way to bring everyone together than to celebrate Alex getting off probation.

The caterers would be there at four. Nicky and Lorna were handling the music. Polly would be over with decorations as soon as Alex came back for Liam. She was so relieved this morning when Alex offered to come back to get him. It would make getting everything ready so much easier. She might even be able to sneak a nap in somewhere today.

"Daydreaming about napping won't get anything done today, Piper" she said to herself. Neither would getting in the floor to play with Liam, but she couldn't resist. Stretching out next to him and rubbing his bald head, he looked up at her and gave her a huge toothless smile. Piper's heart melted.

"Hey my baby boy. Are you having fun? We're having a big party for Mama tonight. I'm gonna dress you up for it. Girls are gonna be drooling over you!" she cooed at him

Liam squealed and started cooing. Piper laughed. What in the world did she and Alex do before him? Surely life was not this delightful. Yeah, she was beyond exhausted all the time, her outfit of choice these days was yoga pants and a t shirt, and more often than not she smelled like spit up but she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.