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Amy Farrah Fowler was no stranger to the rusty bench of the old village playground. It was there where she watched the other children with envy, wishing she was a part of their merriment. It didn't make sense to her why chasing each other was enjoyable, but she wanted to be a part of it anyway. She wanted to be a part of anything the other children were doing, for so often has she sat there that markings had formed where she usually remained.

She seemed to be getting the gist of it. There's a player appointed as "it", who would chase after the other players. Once the "it" player "tags" or touches another player, the "it" status is transferred and the cycle continues until all players get tired. It seemed like a simple enough game to understand, but it was a whole different story when it came to joining.

Everyday, for a week, at approximately 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, she waited. She looked on towards the children from her familiar bench, patiently unmoving, and in those 7 days, no one ever asked her to join. She wondered what it was. Was it because she was too short? Was it because she wore glasses? Or was it because she looked funny? She tried wearing something to make her look taller. She tried removing her glasses. And she even tried changing her outfit. Yet no one came.

One more week passed when she finally decided it was never going to happen. She realized, if something were to happen, she would have to take matters into her own hands. She stood up, pulling her long brunette hair into a ponytail and took a step towards the children.

"May I play too?" Amy asked.

Maybe her voice was a little too quiet, or maybe it was the excitement of the game that made them unaware of the little girl's presence. She decided to try again, this time louder.

"Can I please join too?" Amy asked again.

She spotted a few children turning their heads at her direction, but continued to play their game, not giving the brunette a vocal approval of her request. Amy was about to ask again when a new kid arrived and started to tag another kid. The other children laughed and welcomed the addition of the newcomer. It was then that Amy realized she didn't need permission to play, she just needed to enter the fray.

"Tag! You're it!" she said, tapping the nearest boy from her.

The boy she tagged just stared at her, as if she had done the most hideous thing known to mankind.

"Cooties!" yelled the boy. All the children instantly ran away from her.

It's working! Amy naively thought to herself. She didn't know what "cooties" were, and had thought it was a term of the game. She ran and ran after the other children. But they were all too fast, and she wasn't used to running. She was losing her breath, but she didn't want to lose the game. She sprinted, ignoring the ache of her feet. It wasn't long before her brittle ankles gave out and gave her a sprain.

She was paralyzed. Any slight movements from her foot hurt. An adult had come forth to assist her and to see her injury. Before Amy could tell the kind stranger what ailed her, a young, petite brunette with thick glasses arrived, fuming and unamused.

"What did I tell you about talking to strangers and playing with kids you don't know, Amy?" the brunette lectured her while eyeing the stranger who backed away.

"I just wanted to play, mom…"

"Amy, we're not here to play, we're here to relax and enjoy nature – quietly while sitting on the bench."

Amy just stared at her mother, wide-eyed and about to cry.

"Oh dear, you even sprained your ankle! Come on, Amy, we're going home."

And that was the last time she had ever set foot on the old village playground.

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~May 30, 2015~