I was quick to climb back into bed with Juice after he had muttered those sleepy words. I hadn't planned to fall in love when I came back to Charming. Hell I had every intention of staying as far as I could from any member of SAMCRO and now I was half naked standing in one of their bedrooms. Juice was not what I expected, I was in love with him and now hearing his words made me realize I was in this far more then I had known or planned.

I smiled feeling his arm wrap around me as he pulled me close to him. His hand slid up my thigh and rested on my hip as he kissed me.

Before either of us could say or do anything else his phone lite up beside him. He was quick to grab it and place it next to his ear.

"Alright, see you then" was all he said before hanging up the phone and tossing it aside.

"Do you have to leave?" I asked letting my hand rest against his chest. It was moments like this that reminded me of my previous life with Opie Winston. He was always leaving me to go do something with the club. He would mutter some excuse and a promise to be back soon but it never changed.

"Come with me. I've got to meet everyone at Jax's house. He's bringing Abel home today and I promised I would be there" he asked his arms still wrapped around me.

I was surprised Juice was asking me to come with him. As much as I got along with most of the boys it was still very obvious that there was tension with Opie. I didn't want them to get in another fight or cause any sort of distraction for Abel's home coming.

"I don't know Juice. Opie's probably going to be there it would be weird maybe it's better if we just meet up after"

"Nah, that wont work" he said flashing me that grin before he pulled me closer and kissed me deeply.

"Oh really why wont that work?" I questioned as he pulled away from the kiss.

"Your my girl now Hol. Opie knows that, everyone knows that"

I had never been a fan of hearing any man refer to me as their's but laying in his bed with him as he held me close made me happy enough to let it go.

"Alright, I'll go for you" I said kissing him quickly before I turned to slid out of the bed.

"Where you going?"

"Well if were doing this I've got to get ready. I can't exactly go in your t shirt" I smirked kissing him again before I slipped out of his large bed.

"How about I join you" I heard him call out from the bed as I stepped into his bathroom.

"That's about to you handsome" I smirked pulling his shirt over my head before I tossed it in the open doorway.

It was only a second after I stepped under the warm water that I felt his arms wrap around me as he kissed my neck.

Our quick shower seemed to take longer then expected but I had been happy to have the distraction of it before it hit me that we were going to be walking into a party with a group of people I had turned my back on years ago including one that I thought I would be married to by now.

I was silently thanking myself for bring a spare outfit that seemed to go perfect for the party. I had pulled on a tight pair of faded jeans and pulled on a tight top that thankfully seemed to highlight my curves before topping it off with some flip flops. I had left all my hair products at home so was forced to pull my wet hair into a messy bun because of Juice's lack of a hair dryer.

"Lets go Hol" he called out from his bedroom before I stepped into the room.

"You look gorgeous" he smirked pulling me in for another kiss before he quickly smacked my ass.

I let out a shocked screech as he slipped his hand into mine. He lead me outside and out into the driveway towards his bike. I couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked as he pulled his cut over his t shirt and quickly sat on the bike firing it up as he popped up the kick stand and walked it down the driveway.

"Ready?" he called over the engine.

"Let's do this" I called out climbing on to the back of his bike before I wrapped my arms around his tight chest and sighed as he was quick to take off down the road.

I sighed as we pulled up to Jax's house a few moments later. I had to silently remind myself I was doing this for Juice as I started recognizing the other member's of the club. I was quick to climb of his bike as he cut the engine. I was happy to feel his arm wrap around my waist as we walked into the party together, reminding me he was beside me.

"Juicey boy your finally here. What was the hold up?" I heard the familiar sound of the Scottish member.

"Just got distracted I'm here now" Juice was quick to respond.

"It all makes sense now. How are you doing sweetheart?" Chibs asked me giving me a quick look over before pulling me into a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

I had always like Chib's he had been one of the only SAMCRO boy's who respected my decision to leave Opie after he had cheated on me. He had always been good to me. I was relieved to find that he was the one SAMCRO member that Juice was closest to, it was obvious the two had an older younger brother type of relationship.

"I'm good how are you?"

"Oh you know how it is" he winked passing me and Juice both bottles of beer.

Before any of us could say another word there was a big cheer as Jax walked through the door holding a very small infant.

I couldn't help but smile as he walked around the room introducing the little boy to everyone.

"Holly Oswald, I am surprised seeing you here" I heard a voice from behind me call out.

I smirked turning to see Wendy standing there. I had known Wendy from a long time ago. She didn't meet Jax until after I was already gone but we had been good friends back in the day.

"Hello mama how are you?" I asked pulling her into a hug. I nodded to Juice as he motioned that he was going out for a smoke.

"I could be better you know. What are you doing here? I thought you were long gone from Charming"

"I hear that. I'm really sorry Wendy I heard about everything you had a rough go of it. At lest you have a handsome little guy now. I'm here with Juice. I came back to town for my sister and I guess things just kinda happened" I said taking a long drink of the beer in my hand.

"Yeah Abel is amazing. He is better with Jax now, he is going to be an amazing father. Wow Holly, I never thought I would see you with anyone other then Opie but good for you hun" she smiled before I heard my name again.

"Sorry Wendy, I gotta go but I would love to catch up in a bit" I called out before slipping into the kitchen.

It was only a moment before I realized that call I heard was from the queen bee herself Gemma Teller.

"Well hello there Holly, I'm surprised to see you here I thought you would be long gone by now" she said as she continued cleaning up the kitchen.

"I'm here with Juice" I responded taking another drink as I realized Opie's wife Donna had walked into the room. I had never met Donna Winston, I had nothing against the woman from what I had heard she was a woman who straightened Opie out and was a great mother but it still didn't make the situation any less awkward.

"He's a good boy. I'm glad to see he's met someone nice. We've missed you around here Holly" she said with a smile looking up to see Donna.

"Donna, have you met Holly?" she asked

"No I haven't. Donna Winston nice to meet you" she said with a sweet smile and a handshake.

"Nice to meet you to" I said just in time to see Juice step in the kitchen.

He was quick to lean over and mutter something in my ear about having to take Tara home before he shot out the door behind her. I cringed for a moment, hoping he was my escape from this current situation I was in but he had been so quick to leave I couldn't signal him to take me with him.

"Can I help clean?" I asked after finishing the last of my beer knowing I was going to be stuck there for awhile.

Gemma was quick to put me to work as I started clearing bottles from the rooms with Donna beside me.

"You know Holly I know we've never met before but I wanted to thank you" I heard Donna say as she emptied a few bottles in the nearby sink.

"Thank me for what?"

"Opie. In our whole relationship he has never cheated on. He has been honest and let me know there's been more then a few close calls but he's never actually done it. Which I know is hard for him. I get that it's part of the club but I have told him from the beginning I wouldn't put up with that. He told me he had cheated on his first real girlfriend and how it screwed him up for a long time. He said the day you left town he promised he would never hurt anyone else like that again and he kept his word. I wanted to thank you for that or I would have just ended up being another old lady who turns a blind eye to her husband cozying up with random crow eaters"

I felt a knot in my stomach as she finished her words. I had never known Opie had felt that way and I never knew he had changed so much. When we were together he had told me multiple times that he put the club before everything but now the more Donna talked the more it seemed like he was a changed man putting his wife and kids first.

"Don't thank me Donna. He cheated on me because I wasn't the one. He is supposed to be with you, he loves you that's why he doesn't cheat" I said dropping a few bottles in the recycling bin.

"Thanks, Holly. I'm glad you came back to Charming. Juice is such a great guy he really deserves meeting a nice girl" she said before Piney came into the room holding hands with Donna and Opie's children.

"Mommy were tired" they both said in unison.

"Alright guys let's get you home to bed" she said taking them from their grandpa.

"Let Gemma know I will be back" she called out before heading towards the front door.

"Dammit there is no powder for the dishwasher we heard Gemma call out as she walked down the hallway.

"Will do" I waived her off before she headed out the door with the kids in tow.

"What are you still doing here?" Piney asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Waiting for Juice, he was my ride home but he had to take Tara home for Jax"

"Well I am glad to see you here. That boy needs a girl like you to whip him into shape" he said with a wink.

Before any of us could say another word there a quick scream of police sirens rushing by the house. Piney's phone seemed to go off a moment later. I listened as he pulled into his ear "God dammit" was all I heard him yell into the phone before he hung it up.

"Something happened with Donna, I have to get to the club house the boys are gonna meet me there" he said taking off through the door.

"Shit, Gemma I'm going to get out of here and meet Juice at home. Let me know if you hear anything" I said giving her a quick hug before I took off outside.

I walked for a moment in silence, my stomach in knots knowing what ever happened to the woman I had been talking to earlier that night was most likely involving those police sirens. My phone vibrated for a moment before I slid it from my pockets.

"Holly, are you okay?" Juice almost yelled into the phone.

"Yes I'm fine what the hell is going on Juice?" I asked growing more concerned.

"Donna's been shot. I'm going with Tig there now. Holly can you get yourself home?"

I felt a cold shiver run down my spine at the sound of his words. How the hell had this happened the girl was just cleaning up and now she was shot.

"Yeah don't worry about me I will see you tomorrow" I said before hanging up the phone.

I walked around the quiet town for what felt like a very long town. I could not wrap my head around what had happened tonight. One minute everyone was happy and excited and now someone was shot. The night's events reminded me of exactly why I had avoided Charming. Nothing good seemed to happen here and when it did something bad was quick to shadow it. I shivered feeling the cold night air hit me as I continued walking. I stopped only when I heard my name.

"Holly" I heard his familiar deep voice say my name softly.

I turned to see Opie Winston standing at the end of a driveway. He was still wearing the clothes he had been tonight minus his leather cut. His hair was a mess and his eyes were swollen like he had been crying.

"Opie" I sighed knowing exactly by looking at him that Donna Winston was gone.

I rushed over to him wrapping my arounds around his neck as I pulled him into a deep hug.

"I am so sorry" I said kissing his cheek softly as I felt his arms wrap around me tears now rushing down both of our cheeks.

"She's gone Holly, someone shot her" was all he could say.

"I know Opie. I am so sorry" I said rubbing his back as I held him tight.

I hated this. I had been done with Opie Winston years ago and I had been more the happy with letting him live his own life with his wife and children but now standing here I didn't want to leave his side. My heart broke for him. He had clearly loved Donna Winston and now she was gone, leaving him heartbroken and alone with two children who would wake in the morning to find out their mother was not coming home.

"Please, don't go" he muttered his head buried in my neck.