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Chapter 1

Dr. Edward Masen couldn't contain the goose bumps that broke out all over his arms. It was ridiculous really. Empty hospital corridors were nothing to be frightened of. He took a deep breath and put on his usual mask of pompous indifference and disdain for incompetence.

The lights were dimmed this late at night, Edward observed, as his leather shoes thumped loudly on the tiled floors. His shadow loomed largely on the off-white walls, like a mythological beast stalking the halls. He yawned wanting to go home to a raging blaze in the fireplace, a tumbler of whiskey and a copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It was a Halloween after all.

Dr. Volturi was feeling nervous again, put the research facility on lockdown and relied on a skeleton crew to care for the patients. It just added to the large amount of odd personality ticks that Dr. Aro Volturi was inflicted with that made Dr. Masen feel superior to his delusional boss.

"You wanted to see me, Eric?" Edward questioned, as he popped his head into the lab of horrors.

A twitchy, young man looked up from his microscope. His thick, black framed glasses perched on his head, as he squinted at Edward. Eric Yorkie was almost blind as a bat without them. Edward wrinkled his nose at the untamed hair and Black Flag tee-shirt the scientist wore under his lab coat. Unprofessional was a hard limit for Edward.

"Yo, Doc. Did you or Jasper—" he began.

Edward placed his hand in the air. "It's Dr. Whitlock to you."

"Whatever, dude," Eric rolled his eyes and stuck his frames back over his eyes to take in the doctor before him. He knew the type. Edward was handsome and rich with a God complex. Eric hated these pricks he worked with. He went to MIT for fuck's sake. He knew more than any of them. "I got the labs back on the girls."

"Hmm." Edward stared into a jar with odd creatures floating in the green gelatinous goo. Their eyes were almost human. It felt like they were looking at him. "What are these things?"

They fit in with the rest of the experiments that lined the walls in aquariums and glass canisters. Some were simple cellular organisms that swam mindlessly through the water. It was the others that, in the dead of night, made Edward wake up in a cold sweat. Those unnamed, little monsters had spindly fingers the color of night and teeth so sharp that they looked like they could rip through your bones easily like a knife into butter.

Eric glanced over at the container with a bored expression. "A little bit of DNA slice and dice that Aro is so fond of. He's been hovering and muttering about Esme. Do you think you could shrink his brain for twenty minutes so I can get some work done?"

"The girls, Eric?" Edward asked to distract Eric. He didn't want to think about the empty, sea glass eyes of Esme and of the betrayal of Carlisle Cullen.

"Right!" He rolled his chair over to the computer and typed quickly. He spun back around quickly with an accusing look. "Have you been playing with their meds?"

He would never hurt them. Edward glared at Eric. "Of course I haven't! That's highly unethical and—"

"Their blood work doesn't lie, Ed. The dosages are way too low." Eric tapped on the screen. "The numbers show that the ladies should be awake, lucid and out of the happy place in their noggins."

"I didn't do it," Edward leaned down and analyzed the numbers before him. Something was terribly wrong. "Let me see if Dr. Whitlock knows anything."

Edward left the scientist and headed towards the common area that the girls spent the majority of their day. He walked quickly and noticed the lights flickered as the sound of thunder echoed in the corridor.

It was a dark and stormy night, Edward thought with a chuckle.

The room he entered was eerily quiet except for the sound of old Looney Tunes cartoons. Alice Brandon sat staring at the screen blankly with her tongue sticking out slightly from her lips watching Bugs Bunny trick Yosemite Sam, as Dr. Whitlock stared at her and doodled in his notebook. Jasper was an oddly handsome man with his blond curls, but his surfer good looks were marred by the scars that were etched on his face from a chemical burn. Edward thought his colleague was a bit unhinged from the accident and his obsessive personality was only getting worse.

The other girls wandered listlessly around the room. Edward's eyes immediately found Isabella looking out the window at a lightning strike. Her hair reminded him of autumn leaves and her eyes were warm molasses. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He hated her in a way. Isabella made him forget about Lauren and the children. Edward was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Instead of realizing his own weakness, Edward took it out on Jasper. "You think that's fair to Maria? The way you look at Miss Brandon is inappropriate. We're here to protect them."

He sat next to Jasper on a plastic folding chair that blended into the bland walls. It was the epitome of the sterile environment.

"Fuck off," Jasper muttered, his gaze never leaving Alice. Just the chance to caress her face would have him spiraling into nirvana.

"Is that why the ladies' medication is screwed up? Are you too concerned with drawing pictures of Miss Brandon?"

Jasper rolled his eyes. "It's not. The medication is fine."

"Eric showed me the numbers. The blood work is all screwed up," Edward pointed out.

"Eric is all screwed up. The little shit is growing weed in there," Jasper licked his lips as Alice rubbed her eyes.

That girl would bring Jasper ruin, Edward thought. He completely ignored the fact that he was not at all different than his co-worker. He tried to talk some since into Jasper again. Edward knew he sounded like a broken record. "You need to think about Maria and Carmen, Jasper! Your family! We are doctors and those girls are sick."

"We're mad fucking scientists and destroying their light," he hissed back. Standing up, Jasper looked at Alice who was petting Isabella's head. The girls had a nonverbal connection that made both men envious. "You're just as bad as me. I see how you look at Isabella. Fucking hypocrite!"

He slammed his chair into the table making the girls jump.

Edward grabbed Jasper's arm. "You need to get some rest, Dr. Whitlock. Go take a nap. I'll get you up in a couple of hours."

"What the fuck ever!" Jasper hissed. He let his eyes linger on Alice last time, as the tiny smile she gave him spoke volumes in his addled mind.

In a corner, Emmett McCarty stood smirking. Edward glanced at the jovial orderly with disdain. The large man took nothing too seriously and Edward found his comments to the women distasteful. "Mr. McCarty, let's get the ladies together for their medication before bed."

A line of chairs sat against a wall. There was a place for every pretty girl.

"Alright, my little sugar titties! Let's get you all lined up with mouths open in perfect circles for Big Daddy Em to pop some of his goodness in!" Emmett's blue eyes danced with juvenile humor.

"I'm going to get you fired," Edward hissed. "You treat the ladies with respect!"

"Aww come on, Doc! Look at them! They have no clue what I said." Emmett pointed to the girls shuffling to their seats. "Those big, beautiful vacant eyes just staring into nothing make them perfect females. It's none of the jabbering that I have to hear from Vicki every night with these girls. They're a bunch of living porcelain dolls. I bet they aren't even sick. Aro is keeping them screwed up for his own personal collection. That guy is messed up."

Edward glanced at the girls who now sat in their seats. There was Angela, with her straight dark hair and pouty lips. Jessica, whose ringlets made her look like a character out of a children's book. Tanya, whose empty eyes always felt like they were following Edward's movements. Rosalie, with her bombshell good looks and permanent glare just sat motionless. Sweet Alice, who had an innocence that couldn't be explained. Finally, there sat Edward's Isabella. She was the jewel that outshined them all.

It had to be admitted, reluctantly by Edward, that Emmett had a semblance of a point. The girls were drugged to a point of being limp versions of themselves. Their potential being snuffed out.

He wouldn't admit it though. "It's for their well-being. Let's get started."

One pill and then two went into the girls' mouths. Edward went down the row with Emmett following with little paper cups of water. The girls took them without any issues. He thought he saw Tanya smirk, but shook it off to a figment of his imagination.

At the end, there sat Isabella with her brown eyes looking up into his. She was so trusting. He placed a pill on her tongue and noticed a bruise on her cheek. "What happened to you, sweetheart?"

She just stared. Empty eyes belonging to an empty girl. It broke his heart.


Mike Newton saw it all.

Feet perched on his desk in front of the television monitors, Mike was the maestro of this lab of horrors. He took a bite of his Ramen noodles as he watched Eric work on more freaky experiments. What he wouldn't do to get in that guy's pants.

Mike was older than the men who worked here by about ten years. His thinning hair and paunchy belly made him a pariah with his coworkers. The only reason he stayed was Aro had a habit of hiring eye candy and ogling the doctors over monitors was better than getting mocked at bars. Plus there was the added benefit of knowing all of their sins. It gave him power and the knowledge that he could bring down this house of cards in a minute's notice.

The zombie girls that they were poking and prodding in both medical and sexual ways was were of no concern to Mike. He knew the secrets of this place. That McCarty licking his lips at the tall blonde girl was not at all innocent. That Dr. Whitlock watched the little one as she slept. It was creepy.

Dr. Masen? He always had his eyes on the brunette. Unrequited lust brought down stronger men. The doctor keeping his emotions in check like that was going to make the man explode one day. It wasn't going to be good and Mike hoped he was filming it.

It wasn't that Mike wasn't sympathetic to the girls, but he needed a job and Dr. Volturi paid better than anywhere else. Money paid for his silence and Mike was good at keeping his mouth shut for now.

Eric leaned into a small fridge and Mike leered. "A little lower, handsome."

Flipping on the oldies station, Mike settled in to listen to some scary stories. It was Halloween and he loved to be scared. The announcer on the radio sounded eerily like Vincent Price as he droned, "It was a dark and stormy night. The lights flickered in the old—"

The lights in the room did flicker and the monitors showed static instead of Eric working in the lab. Mike started banging on the television. "What the hell?"

The room went pitch black and all of Mike's screens went blank. It was impossible and Mike began to panic. He fumbled for the tiny flashlight on his keys when the emergency generator turned the backup lights on. The lights were red and gave the room a frightening glow. It made Mike shiver, but it was better than the darkness. "Thank God—"

Someone cleared their throat behind him and Mike swiveled his chair, "What?"

A look of recognition came on his face, but before he could say a word, a knife was plunged into his stomach and pulled upwards. His intestines and the contents of his stomach fell into a bloody mess on the floor along with his cup of noodles.

Mike slumped over and his murderer pulled his head back with a happy sigh. The knife made deep cuts into the man's face creating a series of pictures.

The assailant licked Mike's bloody gashes and hummed, It's a Small World.

The surprised look remained Mike's pale face. It was a small world after all.