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Chapter 2

Every day it was the same. Mop the floors. Change the sheets. Scrub the toilets.

James Taylor was a man whose life had become a broken record.

He remembered the time he played guitar in his buddy's bluegrass band. All the girls swooning in that honky tonk bar and screaming for him. Now he was in his thirties and that ponytail that made him feel youthful was full of gray hairs. His life resolved around scrubbing mildew from the tiles on the floors.

He pushed the large cleaning cart down the hallways of the old hospital. At least it used to be. James supposed they could call it a mental institution or evil laboratory now. He had to clean the lab the geek worked in and was certain that whatever was in there wasn't legal. He shivered at the thought.

They have human eyeballs and that shit just ain't right, he thought.

The lights went out, but before James could find his flashlight, the emergency lights came back on. The stupid storm.

"Hey James," Emmett lumbered out of one of the drugged girl's rooms fixing his pants. The pretty blonde who's face was always in a pinched expression like she was in pain. Poor girl. "Got Carolina on your mind?"

"Shut up the fuck up, McCarty," James stated, still pushing the cart. "You shouldn't be in that girl's room. It's not right, man."

The large man smirked. "Rosie and I got an agreement. She looks at me with pretty blue eyes and I make her feel good. At least, I think. She just stares."

James tightened his grip on the cart. Emmett was a menace. "You'll get what's coming to you."

"Whatever, dude." He rolled his eyes at the janitor. Emmett headed towards the vending machines, middle finger in the air and added, "Don't forget, James Taylor! You've got a friend in me!"

James let out a chuckle. Emmett wasn't going to think he was much of a friend once the authorities arrived and shut this freak show down. He had called them before he headed to work to give them a tip of Dr. Volturi and the staff's misdeeds. Those girls would be safe.

Angela reminded him of his little sister, Janie. God took her up to his pearly gates on a night like this one. Janie's old Ford Fiesta twisted around an oak tree like a pretzel. He couldn't save her, but damn it, he would save those young ladies.

He trudged along into an exam room that Dr. Whitlock used the most often. James frowned at the thought of Angela being poked and prodded by that man. It was probably worse for Alice, having that man staring at her with all his scars was probably horrifying.

The headphones of his old Walkman went on his ears and Willie Nelson began crooning about love lost in his gravelly voice. James emptied a trash can.

He barely registered the chicken wire until it had been completely wrapped around his throat.

Kicking and struggling, James was unable to scream as it kept tightening and cutting off his air supply.

His eyes bugged out of his head, as he tried to remove the wire from his neck. Instead, it cut into his fingers and the blood dropped to the ground like rain.

The life that he recently regretted had turned out so differently than he dreamed was slipping away. He bitterly thought before he lost consciousness, Why? I'm a good man!

His assailant let James slip onto the exam table. Grabbing his ponytail, the hooded figure took their knife and sliced his scalp off. It was hung by that greying ponytail on their belt and a happy whistling filled the room.

James Taylor was a good man and sometimes bad things happen to the best of them.


The lights went out just as Edward took a bite of the soggy tuna fish sandwich that Lauren had stuffed into a paper sack along with a banana, bag of pretzels and one of the kid's juice boxes. God, he hated apple juice.

Hands gripping the plastic table in the staff lounge, Edward squeezed his eyes in anger. Isabella would be afraid. He shook his head quickly. The girls would be afraid.

He rose as the red lights made the shadows look even more ominous. It was like demons were dancing on the walls in an attempt to capture his soul. If this made him feel uncomfortable, Isabella would be petrified. She might not outwardly show it, but inside to the very core of his very bones, Edward knew the innermost thoughts of his beautiful patient.

Quickly, Edward jogged through the halls. The sound of his shoes were echoing loudly through the hallways. He almost tripped over that long haired janitor's cart that sat outside of Jasper's exam room. It was in the way of foot traffic and made Edward livid. He would be filing a complaint the next morning. It was inconsiderate and an accident waiting to happen.

The rooms the girls inhabited were nearby and Edward went directly into Isabella's. His breath caught as he observed her sleeping soundly in her bed. Her rose colored lips and the full lashes on her porcelain skin were mesmerizing. It made him want to whisk her out this place and run away to a deserted island. There would be no Lauren's whining about their finances. He wouldn't have to listen to the constant bickering between Alec, Heidi and Felix. It would only be Edward and Isabella frolicking on the warm sands. It was the picture of bliss.

Edward didn't know what possessed him, but he kissed her lips gently. "I'll get the lights back on. Don't worry, sweet one."

He was certain he heard her sigh. It filled him with happiness.

It was hard for him leave her, but Edward wanted to make sure the lights were up before Isabella woke up that morning. Mike's office was in the basement and was the last place Edward wanted to travel. He wished he could send the janitor, who was most likely napping on an exam table.

It was even darker on the stairwell and Edward wished he had his flashlight. He stumbled down the stairs and cursed the lightning. He wanted to be anywhere else, as he walked into the door of Mike's office.

That's when he saw the remains of Mike's body. His scream filled the halls.

Emmett barreled into the back of him and exclaimed, "Holy fuck! What happened to the perv?"

"He's dead, you ignoramus!" Edward yelled, before he threw up in a nearby trash can.

The sight of Mike's face sliced up with pictures of stick figures carved into the flesh was bad enough, but the contents of his stomach on the floor made Edward violently ill.

"I thought you were a doctor? Do think anyone would mind if I eat that banana?" Emmett asked pointing to the desk. The banana peel was decorated in blood splatter and intestine pieces. "I bet Jasper finally went to crazy town. Look at those face slashes!"

Emmett started to peel the banana, as Edward threw up again. The doctor looked up wearily. "That's evidence."

"That's dinner. We need to go see Aro," Emmett tossed the peel onto the corpse. Edward began to question the man's nonchalant attitude towards Mike's murder. "Boss man has some guns hidden away in there."

Edward stood upright. "How do you know?"

"I have the keys to this place. I have the real power, Doc." Emmett dangled them in the air with his pointer finger with a cheeky grin.

Edward felt suddenly afraid. Emmett might not be the idiotic, simpleton he believed him to be.


Aro's office was located in the left corridor of the building. Edward remembered being in awe of the older man when they first met. Aro was sitting at his large, ornately carved desk in a matching chair with ruby cushions that was facing the wall. The older doctor spun around and greeted Edward with intelligence, wit and enthusiasm.

Since Esme was whisked away, Aro was now the picture of insanity. It made Edward fear for the young women put in their care. His Isabella mostly.

Edward looked up in shock at Aro's book shelves and instead of medical tomes were old dolls dressed in frilly dresses. Their faces were cracked and reminded him of Mike.

Aro had most certainly lost his mind and could have possibly performed the cruel act that led to Mike's demise.

The lights were completely off. A few candles lit the room. The reflection made the dolls faces appear even more sinister.

Emmett said, "Boss man, we have a serious fucking problem!"

Aro didn't say a word.

"Fucking Mike Newton is dead. Murdered!" Emmett added.

Not a sound came out of the older man.

Edward moved closer to the desk. "Did you hear, Aro?"

Nothing. They didn't have time for Aro's crazy to be on overdrive. They needed to protect Isabella.

In anger, Edward spun around the chair. He stumbled backwards at the sight before him.
Dr. Aro Volturi had no eyes. They were carved out and only empty sockets remained. His chest was opened and emptied. Instead of internal organs and bones, the cavity was filled with doll heads of all shapes and sizes.

The little heads spilled out onto the floor.

"Those are creepy little fucks," Emmett stated, as one rolled next to his foot. He picked it up and stared at it. "This is all sorts of fucked."

Edward had to agree.