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Chapter 5

Edward clutched the gun and ran. The tears were finally drying, but the laughter wouldn't stop. It loudly echoed through the empty halls. He sounded like a lunatic and perhaps he was.

"Come and fucking get me, Jasper! I'll rip you to shreds! I'm not scared of you!" He yelled this at the top of his lungs. "I'm not afraid!"

He kept running and screaming.

Fear was coursing through his body. A part of him was afraid that Jacob's fate would befall him, but more frightening was the fear that he was becoming a monster himself. Edward was thrilled at seeing Jacob dead. His Isabella was safe from that man.

"You want me dead, Whitlock? Chop me up? I'll fucking end you!"

He arrived to the common room still shouting at the top of his lungs. The door was still locked. Edward fumbled with the keys and, after dropping them several times, finally opened the door.

The girls wandered around aimlessly. He wondered if they were lost in their own worlds or if emptiness was their companion in that state.

The temptation to just leave them all there and just whisk Bella away was so very tempting. Leave all these empty husks of women behind to be found later. He was certain that Jasper would just leave the alone and grab Alice. The authorities would soon follow in the morning to look for the detectives. In his infinite kindness, Edward even considered placing an anonymous call to the police.

In the farthest and darkest reaches of his heart, Edward knew that the girls wouldn't be left alive. He really didn't care.

That's when Jasper burst into the room waving his own gun. It was covered in blood and goo. It was one of the dead officer's weapons. In his other hand, the doctor held a duffle bag. He hissed, "Edward."

"Jasper." Edward held up his own gun and pointed it at him. "Done enough killing yet?"

Jasper let out a high pitched giggle. It was manic. "Me? I was imagining it was you the whole time! I must say, we can't be sure if either of us is doing anything. We're walking around in a dreamscape, buddy!"

"I think you're disturbed. All I want is to get, Isabella—" Edward began.

Jasper lazily wandered over to a table and put the duffle bag on it. He unzipped it with one hand while still holding his gun pointed at Edward. Jasper pulled out a file with an insane grin. "Miss Isabella Swan of Forks, Washington. Your girl was the top of her class. Her hobbies are reading and taking long hikes in the woods. How lovely! Do you want me to burn these with the rest or take it with you? I don't really need Alice's. I was lucky to fall for an orphan with no past. Love you, baby!"

He blew her a kiss, but Alice just stared at the floor. Her fingers were still linked with Bella's.

Edward stared at Jasper in confusion. "You're going to let us all out without a fight? A big dramatic showdown?"

"This isn't a movie, Edward. We're both physicians and men of reason," Jasper pointed out. The wild eyed look in both men's eyes would beg to differ. "This is a one time offer only, because I have no time to mess with you. I have used guns plenty of times and I'm fairly sure that this is the first time you've ever held one. If this is going to be a shoot out at the O.K. Corral, I'll win and your Isabella dies."

There was no way for Edward to triumph over Jasper. His need for self-preservation was strong and keeping Bella alive was an added bonus. "Fine. What's the plan?"

"I'll let you and Bella walk out of here alive. I take Alice. Unfortunately, the rest of the ladies here are far too broken. It really is a kindness to put them out of their misery. I'll make it quick and painless. I'm a gentleman."

Edward felt a momentary flutter of guilt for blindly going along with this plan, but he quickly squashed it. "Alright."

"Unfortunately, a massive fire will take place and I'm certain it will take years for the authorities to discover what horrors befell the poor individuals that worked here." He shook his head sadly. "They will think we all perished."

"You thought of everything." Edward looked at his coworker in shock. He had taken Jasper's intelligence for granted.

The doctor laughed. "Well Edward, I'm a reader. There are so many books out there that can give you amazing ideas. Let that imagination run wild. Stephen King is a genius."

Jasper walked over to Alice and ripped her hand away from Bella. "Say good-bye to your little playmate, baby. She's going off with Edward and we need to take care of some business at my house after we finish up here. I need to clear out the safe then get rid of the wife and kids."

"Kill them too? Maria and the children?"

"She'll never accept I'm dead! I need to cut all the ties to my life outside this place," Jasper explained. "You should really think about doing it too. The fear of Lauren discovering you will eat at you. You'll need the funds and if she's dead you can clear out your bank accounts."

It was so rational and made so much sense to Edward. He nodded and started thinking of a plan to rid himself of the old ball and chain.

Jasper started leading Jessica over to the wall. He turned her body to face it. "All the pretty, little dolls lined up in a row. You want to help, Edward?"

The vision of suffocating Lauren with a pillow faded, as Edward registered what Jasper was saying. No he wouldn't help. He wasn't a monster. "Oh no. I'm a terrible shot. Give me a couple of minutes to get Bella to the entrance. I don't want Bella to hear this."

Jasper hugged Alice to his side. "My Alice is going to become the Bonnie to my Clyde. She is going to help me light this world on fire!"

It would be chilling if this newfound blackness in Edward's soul didn't find the sound of it amazing.

Edward took Bella's arm. "Come on, sweetheart. It's time to go."

She wouldn't budge.

"Let's go, Isabella!" He pulled a little harder.

Still the girl remained rooted to her spot.

He pulled harder. "We need to leave!"

Bella stood her ground. Her blank face gave way to a glimmer of determination. She reached for Alice.

"You are mine!" Edward was livid. He roughly pulled her to him. "I'm certain we will never see each other again, Jasper. Good luck to you."

Jasper turned from where he was placing Rosalie next to Jessica. "Safe travels, Dr. Masen."

With a savage pull, Edward dragged Bella out of the room and down the hallway.

He muttered as he pulled her, "She's mine! All mine!"

They had reached the entrance to the hospital when Edward heard the first shot. The building was filled with what was almost inhuman howling. He really didn't give it too much of a thought. Instead, Edward just dragged Bella out the main doors.

It wasn't until they reached his Mercedes and Edward had pushed Bella down onto the leather seats that he thought of the carnage they had left behind. He gave a silent prayer that the women's souls would be at peace. No one would ever question his extreme kindness. Edward Masen truly was gentleman like Jasper. Always thinking of the greater good.


The drive had been quiet. The only sound was the engine revving as Edward drove quickly down the tree lined road.

A small smile on his lips, as he thought of the billows of smoke he saw several miles back. Jasper had lit his fire. It was glorious.

Edward's hand was traveling up and down Bella's bare leg under her bloody nightgown. Slowly he stroked upward and rubbed her underwear. Soon he would be buried in her and they would be joined forever. It would be their wedding and wedding night all rolled into one.

"I'll give you some of Lauren's old clothes for now. She got fat after having the kids. I'll buy some pretty dresses for you later, love." He stroked her harder.

Bella just stared out of the window at the forest.

"Do you like this, love? Me touching you?" He was getting desperate for a reaction. There was nothing.

His fingers pushed inside her panties and placed his fingers inside of her. "This?"

Bella just looked at the trees, as the sun started to rise in the horizon.

He moved them inside of her faster. "Please!"

The car swerved into the other lane. A large tractor trailer that was barreling towards them blared it's horn. Edward quickly righted the car and pulled over to the side of the road. He took his fingers out of Bella, placed his arms on the steering wheel and rested his head on them. "What am I doing?"

His mind was a jumbled mess.

Bella started banging on the car window hard and grunting. Edward lifted his head to look at her behavior in shock. She was coming out of her stupor and he was regretting not stealing more sedatives before they left. He pleaded, "Calm down."

He was thinking about ways to knock her out without hurting her, until she smiled at him. The sun was shining in the window and Edward thought she looked like a goddess. The daylight always brought goodness back to the world.

She pointed to a path that led into the woods. Her smile growing bigger.

"You know this place?"

She nodded at him and took his hand. His heart beat rapidly.

"Would you like to go in there?"

She nodded and kissed his palm. He would refuse her nothing.

Moments later, they traveled down the dirt path. Bella's bare feet were covered with a sandy brown dust. The trees created a dark canopy where the light filtered through the leaves. Edward was confused about what they would find at the end. Would there be a house? Her family? Would he have to kill them all to keep her?

Instead, to Edward's amazement, it was a beautiful meadow full of pastel wildflowers. The pinks, purples and yellows seemed to sparkle in the sun. Bella began to run like a gazelle to the middle. The image was beautiful and he didn't stop her.

Instead, he watched with her with desire filling him. His gaze smoldering, as she stripped off her bloody nightie and underwear. She began to spin in the rays of light, the beams soaking into her bare skin. The tendrils of her auburn locks flying around her. The sun brought all her colors to life. She was no longer brown and mousy, but all the lovely tones that make up the earth.

All of a sudden, Bella stopped. She reached out towards him and Edward came running.

"You are so beautiful—" he began, but Bella placed a single finger to his lips to silence him.

Weaving her fingers through Edward's red hair, Bella pulled his mouth towards hers. The kiss filled him with a dizzying bliss. His brain was now only functioning with a need to be claimed by her. The desire he felt was crippling.

Slowly her intoxicating kisses made him somewhat lethargic, Bella shed Edward of his clothing. Her nails raked down his chest and he didn't even acknowledge the angry, red welts that were left behind.

Bella's hands stroked Edward's cock with punishing pulls that should have been painful, but instead he moaned happily as he hardened at her touch.

She pushed him into the ground to straddle him. Edward's fingers pushed into her making Bella give a little smile at his touch.

Her mouth met his and she lowered herself onto his erection, as a group of women came out of the woods. Most were smiling as the sunlight hit their pale faces. Their hospital nightgowns were now all covered in Jasper Whitlock's blood. His end was grizzly. A mere gun was no match for the brutality the girls unleashed on him. Alice rubbed her stomach. Their daughter would be cunning.

Bella looked over to her love and gave Alice a wink. Edward was too busy thrusting into her and attacking her neck with kisses to notice. Alice blew her a kiss. Their love was true.

Rosalie patted her stomach and smiled at the thought of stuffing Emmett's penis in his obnoxious mouth. She loved watching the life leave his body. Her daughter would be strong. It would be the only good thing that Emmett had ever accomplished.

Jessica and Angela were still barren. A cooler of Eric and James sperm were awaiting them when the women reached Carlisle's hidden laboratory. Their daughters would be intelligent and kind.

Edward thrust faster. His mind was filled with only visions of Bella.

Esme stood in the middle. The hood of Carlisle's old Boston Celtic sweatshirt was pulled down reveling her wavy hair and bright eyes. This was all Aro's fault. It was his jealousy of Carlisle that caused him to pump her and the girl's full of animal DNA. It was also his fault she killed her beloved husband. It was a joy stuffing Aro with his beloved dolls' heads. Aro used Esme and her girls as his living dolls and she found it poetic justice to watch the fear in his eyes as he figured out her intentions. Esme laughed as she ripped him open and started cramming them in his body while he watched. It was beautiful.

Her daughter was Carlisle's, because she would never give Aro the satisfaction of it being his. Esme's stomach had grown round with her child. The little girl would be sensitive.

Edward was crying with joy, his senses were on overload. "I love you, baby!"

The women watched as they twisted locks of Tanya's hair in their fingers as a reminder of their fallen sister. The girl had overstepped her boundaries trying to take what was Bella's. She was punished accordingly.

"Oh baby, baby, baby!" Edward moaned.

The world was constantly making discoveries about mysterious creatures in the far corners of the world. All the different venoms found in tree frogs that could cause so much mischief. The venom in that was seeping out of the women's pores and saliva made their victims delirious and unhinged.

Bella just rode Edward harder as he hands held her breasts. His gaze on her was full of admiration. "I will do anything for you, love! Anything!"

The really scary bits of DNA that the mad scientist put in the women was the praying mantis. It was a horrible decision on his part.

"Anything! Anything!"

The girls started humming, Maneater in unison. Esme chuckled. She always had a wicked sense of humor and her dear Carlisle had been a Hall & Oates fan.

Edward grasped Bella's face in his hands as he came into her. He smiled lovingly and cooed, "I'll be anything you want me to be."

Her daughter would be ambitious.

Bella opened her mouth wide. Sharp teeth like fangs appeared and she hissed, "Dinner."

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