# Chei Shinto #
Name: Chie Shinto Age: 16 Hobbies: Reading manga.

When my mother said I was going to Cross Academy, I was a little suprised. Okay, when I say a little I mean full on panic attack. CROSS ACADEMY! My mother told me it was a coincidence. I mean it can't possibly be THE Cross Academy! But still...imagine if it was! Hehehe!
I should explain. People don't realize that vampires DO exist. I should know. I am one. Yeah...its a great conversation starter. It sucks...no pun intended. I get so sick because I can't drink blood. Sure...it tastes great but...I want to be normal. So far...I've failed miserably. (But in all fairness...I didn't mean to make the school hamster explode! And then that one time I flew...)
I started reading the Vampire Knight books in my first year of highschool. I feel in love with Kaname from the first time I saw him...ah...Kaname! Takuma is my favourite though! I wuv him!
So yeah...I'm a crazy, vampire fangirl.
Like I said...
I'm not normal.

Chapter 1: Cross Academy.
Oh. Dear. Unicorns. This is not happening. This is all a big, super realistic dream. I am not at Cross Academy. I am not in the Night Class uniform. And Yuuki Cross isn't standing right in front of me.
...oh crap.
"Hello?! Are you okay?! CHIE-SAN!" Yuuki yelled. I made a rather embarrassing whimpering noise. "AHHH!" I screamed. Then I did the most sensible thing that you should do when faced with this sort of predicament. I fainted.

...okay...so I'm in my favorite manga. Clam down...its okay...
Oh who am I kidding? This is AWFUL! I cannot be apart of this! I am not a fricken VAMPIRE! Well...I am...but...THATS NOT THE POINT! I was distracted from my mind ravings by a familiar looking boy. A boy called Zero. God damn...
"Hey. Your awake. I'll go tell Yuuki." Zero said. Fangirl...oh god...FANGIRL!
"What is wrong with you, vampire?!" Zero shouted as I glomped him." Get off me!" Suddenly...he was pointing a gun at my head. Oh sugar. "Well...hey?" I said looking nervously at the gun." Thats a bit extreme!" Zero glared at me." Who the hell are you?" He snarled. I was about to speak when Yuuki came rushing in."ZERO! Put the gun down!" She demanded. Zero lowered his weapon."Keep that...thing away from me!" He snapped. Ouch. THING!" Hey! Look dickwad, I know I may have gone a little...to far but jeez! That doesn't make me a thing!" (So nah!) "Your a vampire aren't you. That makes you a thing." Oh...he going down!" Says you! Your a vampire too!" I retorted.
They both froze." How did you know?"
Me and my big mouth.

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