# In scare aidou #
Yuuki pushed Zeros firing arm. The bullet shot into the wall about 5 centimeters from my face. Phew...
"Zero! Leave her alone!" Yuuki shouted. "Its not her fault!" Zero glared at me. If looks could kill...
"You don't understand! Her family ruined my life!" He shouted. "Look. Its not my fault I'm related to Shizuka! I didn't exactly get a choice! I didn't even know until 2 minutes ago!" I say. Zero glared at me again. Then he stormed out the room. "Well...that was exciting!" I mutter.

Chapter 2 Oh. GOD! I am standing in front of the Night Class! Their all staring at me. I want to die!
"H-hello!" I stammer."I'm Chie!" Their still all staring at me. WHY ARE THEY STARING AT ME! "Your Shizuka Hio's niece aren't you?" Aidou asked staring at me suspiciously. Oh...right. "I guess so...at least thats what they keep telling me..." I say. Aidou frowned." How could you not know?" "Look! No one told me! Its not my FAULT!" I shouted. Then the windows broke. Oppsie. Wow...this day is going so well! "Scary!" Aidou whispered looking terrified.

After the whole scarring Aidou for life thingie, Kaname and Ichijo came in. KANAME! AND ICHIJO! I barely restrained myself from glomping them both. "Who broke the window?" Ichijo asked. Aidou pointed at me."She did! Shes TERRIFYING!" He whimpered. I glared at him and he hid behind Kain. " Um...sorry..." I said. "It was a...accident..." Kaname smiled slightly." Don't worry about the window. Its easily fixed." He said." Anyway its very rare to meet another pureblood.-" "WHAT!" I scream. "I'M A PUREBLOOD!" Kaname looked surprised." You didn't know?" He said. Then the other window broke.

Dear Mom Everything is going fine. I've almost been murdered, told my AUNT is Shizuka Hio, broke two windows (the bill is enclosed.) and been told I am a PUREBLOOD!
What else did you lie about? Is my father actually Dracula? Am I adopted? You have a LOT of explaining to do! So...how was your day?
Love Chie Michiko