Naruto The Yellow Death and Kushina Red Death :The Legend Of Two Deaths

It was after the hard fight with Zabuza and Haku and simply said Naruto was exhausted and wanted to go to bed right now as they were approaching the Leaf Village again.

But even though he was exhausted he still had something to think about what Zabuza said to him just a minute before he died.

Flashback begins

It was right after Gato's dead everyone cheered and was going away from the bridge to celebrate it in the now not so poor town to celebrate their grand victory.

Kakashi who was still exhausted could only eye smile and walk with the Villagers to celebrate and rest also while Sasuke who just awoke from the thousand needles was carried by Sakura who was on verge raping him. *Cough Cough crazy fangirl, sad don't you think *

Anyways, Sasuke was still sleeping as it was a relief for everyone.

But what quiet hurt him was that no one said from his team to him….

"Are you alright kid ?" Said a voice making Naruto eyes widen as he turned around and saw.

"What ?" said Naruto as he shockingly saw the just right to be death Zabuza lying on the bridge next to Haku who was already dead, it saddened him but he knew he couldn't change anything no not anymore.

"I said : Are you alright, that was quite a fight you put on by the way, you clearly outclassed me and Haku alright, that was really impressive ." said Zabuza very tired, he just mustered up the last of his strength to talk with the one whom he quite liked as he got guts that a man only could dream about.

Even though Naruto was shocked he just stared down to the ground sadly and said.

"That wasn't me."

"What ?"Asked Zabuza confused as he didn't know what he was talking about

"I said, it wasn't me , it was just the damn Fox takes control over me and gave me power, nothing more nothing less and surely nothing from me." Said Naruto as he sighed making Zabuza think for a minute as the silence broke in.

Naruto didn't know simply said to talk to someone who was dying right now as he knew he couldn't help him nor anyone else.


"What is your name, kid ?"asked Zabuza making Naruto perk up into his old happy mood again.

"Naruto Uzumaki, the Future Hokage at your service !" as he pointed at himself proudly making the dying man chuckle.

" I see so it's true ." said Zabuza making Naruto raise an eyebrow

"What is true ?"asked Naruto confused

"That there still are Uzumakis alive." Said Zabuza making Naruto widen his eyes

"W-what !" yelled Naruto shocked he doesn't know what to believe if he still got family

"Wow quiet down Gaki, I am dying right here, show some respect will ya." Said Zabuza making Naruto sweatdrop

"Hum yeah alright but can you please explain what you heard,please ." said Naruto making Zabuza confused.

"Didn't you know that all the Uzumakis were murdered many years ago but It seems not all of them." Said Zabuza making Naruto shocked as he said

"W-why ?" asked Naruto shocked

"Well the legends say that The Village the Uzumaki came from and made was known throughout the nation and was feared for one thing that no one could copy or even dream about doing it : Creating Seals, all kinds and all kinds of purposes they were simply said the masters of sealing but they scared so much the other nations that they decided to destroy it so they would never attempt to in the future to take over the world what is kind of weird as it said also a few things about them that they never would do something like that ." said Zabuza making Naruto raise an eyebrow again.

Zabuza sighed:" You don't know your family don't you." Said Zabuza earning a nod of the boy

"Sorry I don't know them, Grandpa said that they were killed by the Nine Tails Fox." Said Naruto sadly

"It's alright, I didn't know my parents either so don't sweat it, anyway the thing that were said about them were :

One they were the masters of sealing as it was kind of a natural talent that they are easily mastered in it.

They have a natural affinity for Water as the Uchiha for Fire

They have also a natural talent for Swords

They live Forever

Their chakra reserves are so big as hell and would easily match all the Tailed Beasts together

They all have red hair although it seems you are a half .

And Seven: They were like the Sage of the Six Paths : Peacefully as they never would start a war.

"Why so about the last one ?"asked Naruto confused

"Because they are descents of the Senju Clan and they would just Follow that path of Peace : With a Loving and Gentle heart which you clearly have." Said Zabuza eye smiling at Naruto making him smile at the man also.

"But what do you mean with other Uzumakis then ?"asked Naruto confused again making Zabuza think until he said.

"They say that the Most Dangerous and Reckless Uzumaki is still alive." Said Zabuza with a scared face making Naruto confused

"Who ?"

"The Red Death : Uzumaki Kushina, no one knows how but the rumors say that she is still alive." Said Zabuza almost pissing his pants thinking about her.

"R-really awesome…..hum who is she ?"asked the blond dumbfound making the other male sweatdrop

"Well she is kind of the best Sword user in the world, even I would just be just a little genin for her and I am already using the sword for more than 20 years seriously she is someone you don't want to meet especially with that temper of her which by the way you strongly have also." Said Zabuza chuckling as Naruto pouted and say :" I am not short tempered."

"Don't deny it brat , it's better if you accept it but anyway I think I am going to die now." Said Zabuza like it was a normal thing making Naruto Sweatdrop but cough as he still had one question in mind.

"Where is she ?"asked Naruto wondering where maybe his family member is

"I don't know, no one knows but people just say she is alive." Said Zabuza as suddenly started to cough blood

"Yep I am dying but thanks for listening Brat I appreciate it for listening to a dying demon." Said Zabuza chuckling as Naruto hold back his tears.

Naruto shook his head and said :" You know Zabuza even if you are a Demon you are the first person I ever could talk so easily to and I enjoyed this little conservation even if it was a little one, you are an amazing person and by the way I like your style also."said Naruto with a foxy grin making Zabuza chuckle .

"Oh really how about I give you a few gifts as a present from a Demon." Said Zabuza making Naruto his eyes widen

"Y-You don't have to?"asked Naruto making Zabuza chuckle

"Just accept the gift dammit,I want to give you a gift to remind you who the legendary Demon of the Mist was just freaking come here and be grateful I am going to give you something nice as it would probably suit your style." Said Zabuza gesturing with the arm that is poorly broke and cut.

Even though Naruto wanted to reject it as it would test his kindness he knew he couldn't reject an honored dying man right now but all he could say was.

"T-Thank you,I never got any gift to be honest since a long time ago anyone gave me something." Said Naruto almost tearing up making the other man already guessed what Naruto had within him.

Zabuza could just nod and say :" I know you are different from others Naruto you have a heavy burden on your chest but can I please place another on you." Said Zabuza letting his final tears fall as he turned to his right, the place where Haku who died laying down.

Naruto could just nod and say:"Anything, Zabuza." As he knew the fast but silent moment is going to come faster and faster any minute now

"C-can you please do me an Honor and destroy my sword and keep the secrets to yourself." Said Zabuza making Naruto eyes widen as he glanced at the sword that was on his back yet the blade looked brand new and unscratched .

"W-why , I mean look at the blade, it seems still brand new and I have a feeling you used it for a very long time." Said Naruto as he saw the handle was used for a long and looong time.

Zabuza could just let a tear fall and say :" Yes that's true but I also murdered many and many people with it and to be honest I want this blade destroyed so no one can use it for something very bad and I want you to take my Sword to make a new one and let it Reborn again as this isn't the sword's true form." Said Zabuza making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"I will tell you the secret of my sword Naruto so listen carefully as it is needed to remake it ." said Zabuza as he already coughed a lot of blood this time so you could see he was almost going to die.

"My Blade :The Executioner's Blade was actually called : The Shinigami's Sword or by its other name : The Demon's sword but how do you think it was made ?"asked Zabuza making Naruto shaking his head in no idea.

"Seals, they used the most powerful and the most dangerous Forbidden Seal that existed but that was nothing special for the ones who made them : Your Family The Uzumaki ." said Zabuza making Naruto eyes widen again in shock but he knew he should stay quiet as Zabuza coughed again.

"Anyways a long time ago your Village where your family came from where threatened many years ago by bloodlust swordsmen who heard of the sword talents of the Uzumaki so they challenged them to a fight and every time your family won with their skills and hard working style but that doesn't mean they quieted challenging them no the opposite they even came with more and more yet the Uzumaki where pure and kind hearted and accepted the Challenges even if they would die but no one did and that enraged them so much that one day when they met the Shinigami : They made a Pact, a cursed, a a forbidden and feared pact : The Pact of BloodLust ." said Zabuza making Naruto raise an eyebrow at that as Zabuza gestured for him to continue.

"The Pact was simply but terrible : The Shinigami would give them the power to tear everyone who they wanted into pieces as their power was one of the most powerful auras you could ever Feel, they could kill people with just gazing at them and their power was like that of a Demon, simply said the Pact was Wonderful : Terrible but Wonderful but it had his price." Said Zabuza frowning strangely to Naruto

"Whoever made the Pact must always Shed Blood whenever they drew the Sword because if they didn't then you must commit suicide or better said : You were forced to commit Senpuku as your soul is going to burn in hell." Said Zabuza making Naruto eyes widen even more.

"Anyways after that they almost killed every Uzumaki they thought they could overthrown the Shinigami himself and rule the living and dead world but that had its effects, instead of succeeding of course,the Shinigami punished them by sealing them away forever and ever where their souls never find rest : In My sword The Demon Sword and the Shinigami granted the Uzumaki clan the sword as an apology for his deeds but even though The Uzumaki had probably the most powerful sword in the world, they never used it and decided to bury it with a powerful seal attached to let the world never show the blade's It's true powers, only for me to find it many years later." Said Zabuza sad

"T-That Pact is really something." Said Naruto surprised

"And that's not all : You must shed blood everyday no matter what and if I ever would attach to someone then that person would simply die by my own hands except if I make the person's heart enough cold to reject my bloodlust like a tool." Said Zabuza making Naruto realizing something

"W-wait you made Haku that way to make sure she wouldn't die by your hands ?"asked Naruto as everything came to place as it was a puzzle piece long lost being found and put back into the right place.

Zabuza nod :" I wanted someone at least close to me as every human at least desire someone in their life to love : Like a father, mother, sister but mostly my case A son, Naruto I wanted a son or at least a kid but the last woman who loved me died by my own hands as the blade made me draw it and use it to draw her blood and you know what appeared on my blade : Tools don't deserve love, A tool like you must be hated and despised : Be A Demon, An excellent tool." Said Zabuza as he lets tears fall even more as the blood began to mix more and more with the tears.

Naruto himself could just cry himself as he watched the pitiful scene and it didn't help as the snow began to surround them now saying it was almost time.

"I don't have much time left but let me tell you the rest :As you already know or not: I killed my whole classroom but why , was it fun, did I desire blood,was I happy ,Hell no, Naruto let me tell you the rest of my story before I am going to continue yours." Said Zabuza getting a nod of Naruto who began to feel a feeling in his heart that was called :Respect and admiration for someone who struggled with their lives yet lived on until now.

"You see The Demon Pact could only made by one thing : By Drawing enough blood by using the sword from at least 100 people, if you could then the Pact was completed and so it was done : My Dream to overthrow the Mizukage began." Said Zabuza almost finished

"I wanted to overthrow the Mizukage because he was exterminating the people with Kekki Genkais, no one knows when or how but he including me : You see Naruto The Gift I am going to give you is my own Kekki Genkai although it is seen as a low class one it is one of the most powerful kind in the right owner : It is called Demon Rage, once the person who beholds this uses his emotions to it's fullest, he unlocks his true potential and gains a few things that makes the user a formidable opponent yet you must learn to control your emotions to do this, if you do then you can use it, it has many phases but I believe you can do it as for my other gifts well : I am going to teach you all my jutsus, they are all water but I believe it will suit you style." Said Zabuza making Naruto raise an eyebrow

"How many ?"asked Naruto wondering as he tries to man up and wipes his tears out

"Why don't you find out and don't worry it are more than you will think as I didn't even use my most powerful kind against you guys." Said the man with a devilish smirk making Naruto's eyes widen but was quickly interrupted as Zabuza coughed Blood again as he knew he was at the end of his line.

"Come here kid *Cough* before it is too late." Said Zabuza as he gestured Naruto must come closer as he did he raised two fingers weakly and said.

"Water Style : Memories of the Waterfalls technique."

And soon they were surrounded by strong Blue chakra, it was warm but protective, Naruto was shocked but relaxed once he saw Zabuza noting that he was almost done.

And as it was magic it stopped, so fast yet so strong,,, Naruto didn't know why but he felt : Stronger, older, more experienced ?

It was strange but it was like he had gone through a new kind of childhood but his thoughts were interrupted by the weakened voice now.

"A*cough*and do you like your gift, you may get used to it, you just had my experience and memories under one minute so it may be too much for you but let it just sink down, ok ?"asked Zabuza getting a nod of a now tired Naruto

"Don't worry about the exhaustion, the technique makes the one who was used on also weak so don't worry you just need a good nap." Said Zabuza in a kind voice making Naruto realize something as he chuckled

"Now that I have your bloodline, it seems I am your son also, heh Dad ?"said Naruto chuckling making Zabuza's eyes widen as even more tears were fallen but he could just chuckle and say

"Heh, Hahahaha,hahahaah *cough cough* I guess so brat well this is goodbye I guess *cough cough* son." Said a sad yet smirking Zabuza as he closed his eye but not before he heard Naruto say leaving him a smiling tear.

"Good Night, Dad." Said Naruto as he lets out a tear himself to his new but now dead father figure.

And so the fallen warrior died in an honored way with choosing his successor to let his powers rise once again in the new holder of the power.

The flashback ends

Soon after that Naruto was found lying on the ground found by Inari and his family because they were worried about him that actually made him happy that they cared about him yet it saddens him as he hears later that Kakashi was actually to focused on healing Sasuke while Sakura did the same, neither of them cared about him as he actually disappeared from everyone, not noticing the missing wheel but Naruto just shrugged of that thought as he was still smiling about the family he saved, although Sakura tried to convince Inari it was Sasuke who saved them all as Kakashi just didn't say anything to them as they say Naruto did an excellent job protecting them.

It may sadden him that he was seen as the worst of the team,even his Sensei didn't even say good job or well done to him but he ignored happy as Inari and his family time and spending time with him, that was actually something that made him happy as he saw them as a family he never had.

As The Bridge Builder who introduced Naruto his first taste of the alcoholic which he didn't like much to Inari and Tsume's amusement as Tazuna tried every day to introduce Naruto to the taste of life.

Although Naruto didn't like alcoholic drinks he had to admit it left him less depressed than before maybe something that can be handy in the future when he is.

Inari who saw him as he big brother played with him in games he never thought he will do as he was always avoided by other kids for a long time, you know those childish games but to Naruto it was simply he enjoyed as he never had someone to play with and it amused him even more as other children in the Village wanted to meet the Hero and once they saw Naruto playing with Inari, they wanted to do the same and of course Naruto accepted it and it made him even more realize how sad his childhood was as he felt the joy of playing with other children but that didn't matter now as he finally has a chance to do so.

Last but not least you have Tsume who was like a mother to him, she scolded him for trying to drink alcohol much to Inari's and Tazuna's enjoyment (although he had an earful too for trying to have Naruto drink also), she cared about him whenever he came tired back of training with his secretly new power (Naruto still didn't get a hold of it but he starts first with a Water Clone so he could get used to the element in a familiar way although no one knows it as he always separate from his team as Kakashi just taught Sasuke of how to get more control of the new Fire Jutsu (Fire Style : Dragon Flame ) much to his disappointment as Sakura just fawned over him.

Speaking of Sakura, he doesn't know why or how but….. she seemed suddenly not so attractive to him anymore, all he knew when he returned from his conservation with Zabuza or better said woke up in a bed that Inari's family placed him it suddenly hit him that Sakura wasn't so well…cute anymore ?

Yeah that is a way you could describe it or better said : She began to annoy him.

He doesn't know why but suddenly she became more annoying to him or was it that he just realized It ?

Well maybe it had to do with Zabuza as he said to him he had experienced his memories and including the child's years so…. Was the crush just a little child's one ?

Probably yet he wanted to have the crush back : Because she is so damn annoying as what :No joke just simply pathetic because at least when he had a blind crush it literally seemed that it made him deaf also because now he was turning deaf every time she screamed

Pathetic ?

Well Naruto doesn't know why but whenever he came across a civilian girl all he thought was :Weak.

He doesn't mean it in a bad way he liked a few Civilians but strangely enough he wasn't attracted to any girl anymore like a civilian or Sakura.

Was it because he liked Strong girls ?

Well not exactly because he felt an attraction towards the older woman like Tsume although not too much also as she was a civilian and kind of his mother figure but yeah maybe it had to do with Zabuza as he said also :Your Mental age is around the same as mine.

So Naruto came to a conclusion : Every girl his age was now well… a little girl.

It was complicated but it was true : He lost his interest in girls of his age, they are more like little kids to him it was also complicated that he understood more and more about the adult world, he finally understood why people smoking and drinking, he understood more and more about the dark side of life :Robberies, Murdering, Rape you call it, it's a thought world but Naruto finally understands what it means being an adult although he doesn't change his personality, he just….. Was more understanding than before, he wasn't naïve anymore or dreadful thinking although he still believes in what he thinks while he never goes back on his word.

But his dreams never changed : He wanted to have the recognition of the Villagers and their respect but now it seems that dream was far more than away but all he could say was,something that Zabuza said to him.

"You are a stubborn one aren't you."

Previously Naruto would have said that he wasn't but now he had pride on it.

In overall Naruto didn't change ;He is still your nice blond guy with an exciting attitude that would lighten up your days but now you could say he just became more of an adult in mind while his preference also changed in love although that's all well maybe that Is something good .

But now he was straight onward tired, he walked with his team for the past three days and man he was so tired as hell.

'M-Maybe I shouldn't have trained and played with Inari and the rest everyday and instead of that maybe I should have at least take a day off.'thought Naruto almost falling on the ground of exhaustion.

But then he just grinned as he had the memories of everyone smiling and cheering them goodbye and could just think.

'Well whatever,It was worth it.'thought Naruto as he also changed something with a few children and a few adults.

'I wonder how strong they are now.'thougth Naruto cheerfully as he did something that was a complete secret of everyone else : He trained a few people in the Village who were able to use chakra, well not so much but at a decent low genin Level as he at least learned them all one weak water jutsu each while he taught Inari and Tazuna and a few others in the Village about pranking- woops I mean setting up traps, Naruto was a trap genius as he pranked the Village a lot so he taught them a few tricks and made sure the Village had at least protection to low to mid level Villages.

But leaving that aside :He was simply put tired as hell and now he was even walking because the mist was so deep that they didn't even know when the sun was up or even the moon so they just walked and walked until… Naruto had enough which was now.

"H-Haaaaa I can't take it anymore,Please Kakashi-Sensei can we please take a break for at least fifteen minutes." Asked Naruto with pleading hands making Kakashi sighing and say.

"Now now Naruto we are almost there so please bear for a little while." Said Kakashi making Naruto sigh again.

In the past three days he asked it just three times and all he got was the same answer but he knows far too well when or why they are going to take break you it is when….

"Shut up Naruto-Baka and don't be so lazy as hell by the way can't you see Sasuke is still able to walk like he didn't break a sweat." Said Sakura angry at him like he was a good for nothing ninja , an idiot as she then turns to Sasuke with her dreamy eyes but even though she didn't admit it she was also so tired as hell but she didn't want to be humiliated like Naruto in front of Sasuke. *Cough Cough Pathetic Fan Girl Cough Cough*

She then stomped Naruto on the head who surprisingly just sighed and thought.

'I really wonder why I ever liked her,now she seems just like a little girl of 4 who doesn't get her toy she wants but in this case Mister Perfect who is in about to say in three, two one…'

"I think it's time to rest for a little while." Said Sasuke in his usual Emo Dark voice which Sakura replied

"Of course Sasuke-Kun you are always right." Said Sakura fawning over him changing her mood for quickly .

"Well I think you are right, why not as it seems it isn't so far anymore as the mist is becoming less foggier and foggier." Said Kakashi eye smiling only for Naruto to think in a sad way.

'D-didn't I just say that just a second ago.'thought Naruto sad

This is how is goes for about three days and even in those three days Naruto realized more than anything in those Twelf Years and that was : they don't care about him.

Whenever he said anything or asked anything he was just ignored by everyone while if Sasuke asked something he was just happy answered or heard, it's like he was a damn god for them, sure the boy had skills for a genin like him but he was also always more respected by everyone and always loved and helped by everyone like they rolled a red carpet special for him, like he was a damn god of good fortune and power while he always get help of Kakashi whenever he asked while when Naruto asks he is just simply ignored like air.

It saddens him but like usual he just shrugged off the thoughts and returned to his usual happy place as he had one thought : Well screw that I will show them all one day when I become Hokage.

And so the team rested for a while and then continued further on their trip but that didn't mean it wasn't anymore sad for Naruto as he listens to Sasuke and Kakashi talking.

"Now that I have my Sharingan unlocked, how about we have a training session as I need to get used to this new power." Said Sasuke smirking as he active his new Sharingan only for Naruto to mutter.

"Show off."

"SHUT UP Naruto-Baka, Sasuke is a lot better than you, mentally and physically !"yelled Sakura angry as she walked towards him and stomped him on the head but surprisingly again he just sighed and shrugged it off like nothing happen only for the two Genins to raise an eyebrow but they shrugged off the thoughts as they thought.

'He is just getting used to it.'thought the two smirking at their stupid teammate but this didn't go Kakashi unfazed as he had a feeling why Naruto didn't reply.

'Don't tell what I think that was, if so I must ask it to him and explain how he knows how to do that,maybe he can teach it Sasuke well at least there is something good about the Mother-like-Son boy, both are hard headed and stubborn.'thought Kakashi sighing but eyeing the blond now of how he knows the high level ability to…

'Kakashi must have noticed it also by now didn't he and by the look on his face he is shocked by my awesome skills : Water Armor, this just let me receive the punches while I just feel nothing of it and by the look of Kakashi's face it proves like I thought : It is an A rank level skill,good thing I did it on purpose.'Thought Naruto in a victory smile only for Kakashi becomes even more confused and wary of the blond.

Naruto practiced this for a week and just like Zabuza said it was like Natural for him to use water Jutus easily and because this used a lot of chakra it was just perfect for Naruto although he had yet to complete the technique to add a water nature by it but the good side is :It's invincible so he could always put a lay of protection over him as it might always be good to at least have some defence.

A Few Hours Later

Soon the Squad Seven arrived and walked to the Gate only for Kakashi to speak up.

"Okay I will report to the Hokage, I will call you when I need to but I doubt it any ways you may go home and rest and Sasuke we will discuss about your new training." Said Kakashi as the three nodded and started to walk away, Naruto was the last one as he was still tired from trying to get used to his new jutsu he applied on his body that tired him out.

"Except you Naruto I need you to answer a question." Said Kakashi serious as Naruto tried to stand up straight as he was almost dropping on the ground again as he just tried to say so normal as possible.

"Yeah ?"asked Naruto already having a hunch by Zabuza's his experience

"Was that really the Pressure Point Technique you used back then ?"asked Kakashi making Naruto raise an eyebrow as he thought.

'I see so that's the Name of the Water Shield without the Water element into it.'thought Naruto as he had a plan in his head.

"Sorry Kakashi but I have no idea what I did, I just tried it as it maybe could look cool to be surrounded by chakra but it seems just a waste don't worry I will dispel it , it wasn't such a good idea after all." Said Naruto as he scratched the back of his head only to get Kakashi eyesmile.

"I see well ok, you may go home now." Said Kakashi eyesmiling as he thought .

'That technique was a High Level A rank technique, if he applied anymore chakra he could have an S-rank…. Oh well it was just a fluke after all hmmm maybe I should have said to him about it… nah it's better if only Sasuke is able to use it because It will only be a waste if Naruto only uses it but still if Naruto wasn't so much like his mother I would have trained him just like Sasuke but oh well a loss for him.'thought Kakashi as he just decided to stroll to to the Hokage's place leaving Naruto's 'FLUKE' behind his head and forgotten.

Somewhere unknown

Somewhere far and deep in darkness was someone with a giant Ball of Glass on the table with the familiar scene on it. ( Hiruzen's Glass Ball you know the one who can spy on other people)

Right now the Person clenched the fists and yelled to the Crystall Ball.

"That's all….That's all!" yelled the person to the object

"No Explanation, no good job on your mission or anything not even a damn training while he is going to train that Damn Uchiha, oh how dare they not even acknowledging him or respect him no scrap that he must be treated like a god but instead of that he is treated like a good for nothing trash or Demon, it must be cruel, HOW DARE THEY!" yelled the person in rage to the Crystal Ball as the person suddenly soften it's expression and say .

"But don't worry Naruto I will take you there away and destroy the damn place where they musssst beg you for forgiveness and asss I will take you I will never let you go no matter what, not even the biggessst mountains will stand in my way to get to you,I will have you no matter what Naruto." Said the person the person suddenly laughs and say

"A Fluke….Ha-Hahahahaaha good one and the Pressure Points Technique, Amazing, you are simply amazing Naruto but don't worry I will train you and soon we will be together again for eternity and forever because for you….I will do anything no matter what." Said the person softening the expression into a loving one that people could simply describe as being Love sick of someone as the person stalks the other, now the person kisses the ball like it could reach the person in a loving way.

"Soon I wil be able to give you the things you deserve including my Love, KukukuKukukuKUKUKU, I will show them all who they must respect as a god." Said the person evilly as person wanted to look further into the ball but can't.

Being the leader of organizing the plan to destroy Konoha takes a lot of time so the person must go back to organize the plan to get the thing that the person wants the most in the world : Naruto.

So the person turns back to the crystal Ball and said to it like it could respond back.

"I will see you back tomorrow Naruto." Said the person closing the door with a powerful seal so even the closest person to it could open the door.

The ball was left alone, unchanged and still focused on Naruto as it was everyday, to let the person who wants to look at Naruto come back everday like usual for hours and hours.

Back to Naruto

Naruto sighed once again as he was now crawling to his apartment , he lost his energy a long time ago as he already ran from the Villagers just a second ago.

Now he was at the Red Light district and luckily no one came here as it was held by a seal that misleads even the highest Chunin the wrong way Naruto placed well more said 'lent' from a store who didn't want to give it and copied it the best he could and placed it gave it back to the owner in secret.

'A-almost there.'thougth Naruto using his hands as he saw his run down apartment around the block much to his relief.

So he crawls and crawls like he was a slug but he was stopped once he hears a voice.

"Hey are you alright ?"said the voice surprising Naruto who simply pained his eyes as he looks up without seeing how the man looked and stayed quiet as he knew he was someone who didn't recognize him and wants to hurt him.

So he wants to end this conservation quickly so he could run well crawl to his apartment so he could be safe from the people who wants to kill him.

"I-I am fine, a-a-anyways I must go th-thanks for worrying." Said Naruto as he starts crawling back only for strangely enough the sun to be blocked by something or better said someone.

"Wow you are pretty much messed up aren't you, don't worry I will help, where do you live ?"Asked the person shocking Naruto who still couldn't see anything by his exhaustion .

"T-There it isn't far anymore don't help me." Said Naruto making the other raise an eyebrow

"Why ?"asked the other making Naruto answer weakly

"If you do then the same will happen to you and I don't want that." Said Naruto exhausted as he tried to stand up once again but only to be caught by the person.

"Don't worry about that Naruto I will just treat help you to your apartment and lap you up ." said the person making Naruto widens his eyes again.

"Y-You know who I am?"asked Naruto shocked making the other chuckle

"Yeah sure everyone knows who you are quiet the prankster huh Naruto." Said the person making Naruto chuckle.

"I am aren't I." said Naruto making them both laugh

"You sure are, you sure are,come on let me carry you for a bit." Suggested the person making Naruto nod.

The man earned his trust already so he did what he asked and so the two walked to Naruto's apartment, they were almost there but suddenly a question raised in Naruto's head.

"Who are You ?"asked Naruto making the other chuckle.

"I am Kabuto Yakushin nice to meet you." Said the man politely revealing his silver hair and big round glasses

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