Naruto The Yellow Death and Kushina The Red Death : The Legend Of The Two Deaths Chapter 5

Two Months Later

Naruto was at the bridge sitting on the railings waiting for his teammates to show up as it seemed Kakashi was going to say to them if he applied them for the Chunin Exams or not although he had hunch of the answer is yes as Kakashi wanted to promote Sasuke into Chunin so he could go in a separate team with him and become his apprentice and surprisingly he did teach them because (It wasn't hard to figure out) to make sure he passes because Sasuke needs a team to do so.

So for the past week (He did the necessary training on the last minute) he taught Sakura some Genjutsu skills as some medical because it might be useful to heal your teammates In other words Sasuke but that's alright, he has the damn Fox to heal him and Poison doesn't even have an effect on him not even the most dangerous type will even affect him, he can drink it now like it is a soft drink no,he can after the harsh training of Anko,secretly (But he has noticed it of course) sometimes she would switch his drinks with poison and each time she extends the limit so he build a better resistance every time although when she does it, at night she cries in pain of something although Naruto has no slightly of a clue why.

Kakashi taught Sasuke some Censor type Jutsu as it might become handy in the exams as he also taught him the beginning of the Pressure Point Technique although he can barely use it as It uses A LOT of chakra and stamina to perform it so he had only the basics down and to be honest he didn't care as the Technique was useless itself except you don't feel any type of pain.

Naruto on the other hand has completely mastered the Technique and could even use Water Armor which was useful in the Fire Country with a lot of Fire Jutsu Users.

Naruto could still remember how Kabuto Taught him the trick behind it as also the REAL purpose of the Technique and the legend.

Flashback Starts

Naruto sat across Kabuto as he starts to meditate and trying to collect the chakra around him, it was a good chakra control exercise as the purpose of training in something only one of the Hokage could was watching him with a close eye until he said :"Stop that's enough Naruto otherwise you will be exhausted." With a teacher's voice. Naruto opened his eyes and watched him with a confused look and said :"But I am not even exhausted !" Exclaimed the blond making Kabuto shocked

'But how, a normal Ninja let stand a prodigy cannot even do this for three hours and he did four of them but how…. Except if it's….' thought Kabuto thinking for a moment.

"Naruto, do you hide something for me ?"Asked Kabuto with a serious voice making Naruto confused for a second until he finally remembered it.

"Oh yeah I am trying to master this jutsu I discovered on accident hum how was it called again … The Pressure Technique or something ?" said Naruto scratching the back of his head in a I have no idea form

"The Pressure Point technique, are you sure ?"asked Kabuto earning a nod of Naruto

"Yep that one although I have no idea what the purpose is of the Technique except that I don't feel any pain I guess ." said Naruto scratching the back of his head

"Then why are you trying to master it then ?"asked Kabuto confused

"Oh because I guessed it's at least a B-Rank jutsu or A-Rank although I have no idea why I think it's useful l to feel no pain in a battle because it might save my life as I can fully concentrate on fighting someone." Said Naruto sheepishly making Kabuto sigh

"You do know that this Technique had only been able to perform by the First and Fourth Hokage right ?"asked Kabuto making Naruto widen his eyes


"That's right, it's the original technique of the First but the Fourth Perfected it although Rumors might say it was someone else who taught him this technique although no one knows who." Said Kabuto making Naruto raise an eyebrow

"Why did they create it or what was the idea ?"asked Naruto making Kabuto response pretty quick

"Actually Naruto there is an old legend behind this story, it's actually from your clan." Said Kabuto making Naruto perk up and suddenly gets a twinkle in his eyes like little kids get when they hear a bedtime story although the reason why Naruto did so was because he was excited to learn something new about his long lost clan, speaking about clans.

"Hold on, this isn't a bedtime story, it's a dark but real happened legend." Said Kabuto making Naruto face even more brighter as it was a story nonetheless .

"Come on Tell me,tell me." Said Naruto excited in his unusual childlike mode, it was because he really wanted to know something more about his clan.

"Alright alright,let's see where do I begin oh I know." Said Kabuto exclaiming making Naruto even pay more attention to him.

"Ok listen well : A long time ago in a place far,far from here in a Village that only knew Peace and was always wealthy and fair: A Big war broke out and destroyed all the lands except for that Village,it was strange but they destroyed everything but one place,men could assume they were planning to destroy this place as last and they could only hope and pray that there was someone coming and then." Kabuto paused once he saw Naruto raise a hand making him nod and answer :"Yes Naruto ?"

"Who were the ones who attacked everything ?"asked Naruto making Kabuto think for a bit and said :"Demons Naruto,Demons they wanted to rule and destroy all the lands that destroyed something precious to them, they simply wanted revenge."said Kabuto earns a nod of Kabuto who continued."Anyways : One day their prayers were answered : A Samurai came with a strange cloak and simply defeated all the Demons that tried to attack the place he loved :You see he was actually a traveling swordsman who was travelling the world and came in Love with the Village one day :He wanted nothing more than to protect the place with his own strength and so he did, on his own he defeated all the Demons that tried to destroy the place and soon the years of sadness and terror ended in their favor and soon everyone celebrated short after he got an invitation of the Land Lord,once he goes there to meet the him and he gets a big reward for his courage and Power :He became his personal Gaurdian : That position was the highest what the Land Lord could give because if he died and had no sons than he must marry his daughter and rule the land himself and of course our Hero did that and when the Land Lord died :he became the next Land Lord.

He ruled the lands in many years of Peace yet he got many children with one wife as he stayed loyal to her and the Village turned better and better and the villagers trusted him with all their although there were questions lingering about him like :Why isn't he passing his throne over to his sons or , how does it come he never feels pain when he fights the enemies who tried to kill him and:How does he not even age and even :When is he going to die but soon their question was answered as the Samurai had no choice then to explain : He was simply Unmortal and couldn't feel pain, it didn't matter how many years passed by : The Samurai stayed the same like he didn't even age and didn't even seem to go older no he became even younger and when it came out : Hell broke loose, every other Samurai and men wanted to obtain that power, it was simply the most desirable thing a human wanted : To Live forever but that was not the end of it no :Even more people tried to find out how he is able to live forever and some were trying to obtain the power for themselves : By trying to marry him with their daughters even though he was he already married and so he could just reject every marry proposal as he knew what they wanted to do once they had their hands on his Bloodline as he may call it but…soon fate strikes and his wife died by a murder of his own dear Village leaving him alone but even though he was left alone with their children who had the same bloodline as him he still stayed loyal to the woman he married because he loved his Village and so years passed by until….they did something that changed the Samurai forever :The Villagers poisoned his children and he was left alone, you see Naruto he may be immortal but he can die like any other human :By someone who can cause him dead :Like poison and that regretted the Villagers completely ." said Kabuto making Naruto wondering why he paused

"He wants to have revenge and not in a small way but big and cruel way :He decided to kill them all and not only the murders but the whole Village and the whole Nation and so he did, he destroyed lands and buildings, he was merciless and when he destroyed the whole ninja world and when he was done :He killed himself by drowning and once he was drowned he created a whirlpool to let his existence be still there even if he wasn't : Legends say that on that place the Whirlpool was build and do you know what Technique that was based off ?"asked Kabuto making Naruto just guess

"The Pressure Point technique ?"asked Naruto making Kabuto nod and chuckle

"Do you know what ironically is?"asked Kabuto making Naruto just shake his head in a 'no'.

"The Samurai had actually a decease in his nerves and his body was not developed like any other person, instead of something amazing :He was just simply Ill Naruto and your clan has the Ability to live longer while looking young from that supposed to be a legend." Said Kabuto laughing making Naruto just confused

"Then how do you explain how The First created this technique ?"asked Naruto making Kabuto think and answer

"That's simple said but not easily done :You have to overflow your nerve system with a lot of chakra until you don't feel anything anymore that's how it is explained in theory but the amount to keep it :Is A LOT so it's hard." Said Kabuto making Naruto nod

"And now you are the last of your clan :The Clan that started from a legend well not the last one now aren't you." Said Kabuto smiling making Naruto perk up immediately while face palming :Of course he completely forgot to ask questions about her, maybe he could meet her one day.

"Say Kabuto, did you hear the rumor of Kushina Uzumaki ?"asked Naruto hoping that Kabuto would say yes, since he received the memories of Zabuza, he wanted nothing more than to learn more about this Kushina person, all he knew about her was that she was a master Of Kenjutsu and is a part of his family although he wonders how far they are related

Kabuto froze actually for a second when he heard that question but replied quickly as Kushina asked him to (With some torture of the Cursemark at the back).

"Yes I heard from her although I have never met her." Said Kabuto with a hidden guilt behind his voice,he really wanted to tell him all about her but he knew he couldn't and that was of course against Kushina's will but she had no choice as she is planning to do something that Naruto won't ever forgive her and if you combine the fact that she is his mother than well… you may expect something bad.

"Ha I see." Said Naruto as his face faltered in a sad smile, he really wanted to know at least something about her, it was strange how hopeful Naruto can be about a person he didn't even know yet he wants to know that person somehow no matter what.

Kabuto stayed silent while eying the youngster, he actually knew how he felt as he himself was feeling the same way when he was young before Orochimaru took him in : Lonely, it was a simple but horrible feeling, even though Naruto has him and Anko they couldn't replace a real family member which was saddening so he sighed in frustration as he clenched his fist as he knew how troublesome it is, he wanted nothing more than just to grab him and Anko and bring them to their Village and just live there while Naruto can be with his mother but he knew he couldn't as Kushina wanted revenge : Big time and the plan she explained to him was brilliant but terrifying.

Flashback end

Naruto was still sitting on the railing and even though he was smiling in a foxy way he was actually thinking depressing thoughts mainly about that Kushina person, she was the only family he has left and he really wants to meet her but….is it really true, is she really there or is it just a lie and if so then what then, is he the only Uzumaki left and has he really no family left on earth and he forever alone, that thought alone makes him depressed and not for a little while but for a looong time.

But he shook his head and decided to spend the time he has into something useful so he picked up a leaf of a tree and started to focus chakra into it to discover something.

Flashback begins (again)

"Say Naruto can you come down here for a second ?"asked Kabuto to Naruto who was currently climbing trees to train once again on his chakra control and after wise target practice

"Sure." Said Naruto who jumped down and walked to his brother who nodded

"Can you hold this in your hand Naruto and try to put every bit of your chakra into it but try not to use your other chakra." Said Kabuto with a serious remark, Naruto sighed actually , he knew of course what that meant : Try not to draw the Kyuubi's chakra , of course he knew what his master meant but what worries him is that the fact that he sometimes he has restless nightmares with that damn beast in his body and the beast knew all too well how to torture someone like Naruto : Not by giving him a pain that people would just draw to commit suicide to relief from the pain as he suffered from it already a lot nor by blocking his chakra channels to his stomach so he can't eat anything as he saw in his memories that the kid already had months of not eating a single thing for three months under his belt (almost dying) but something that would break Naruto's mind completely so he could make Naruto his next body by drawing his beast side out of him because after all : Every human has their instincts, he is just drawing them by not letting him does he do that : By simply sending him terrifying images and dreams into his sleep about how he coldly murdered a whole nation while just enjoying them as a meal, the purpose of this was drawing him insane so he could start enjoying murder every human he cross by although it's just a begin, he plans on taking then over this body so he can break out, it was clearly he had no good intention for the humans and especially not for his jail.

But of course our favorite glass wearing freak noticed Naruto's somewhat odd behavior ever time he used the demon's his chakra and now forbid Naruto from using it all too much but he knew he can't forbid Naruto it after all their plan has A LOT to do with the Kyuubi so they couldn't place a seal on Naruto so he could have no problem with the Kyuubi anymore although they have no idea how far that problem is, they could guess he sometimes couldn't sleep and Kabuto just taught Naruto a jutsu that is called : Forced Dream jutsu, which actually was just self-explanatory .

But Kabuto doesn't want to risk anything so he still forbid Naruto from using it although he didn't have any trouble with it …for now.

Anyways back to the situation .

"I want you to take this leaf in your hand and focus all your chakra into it until it shows any sign and don't ask me why just do it please." Said Kabuto though he didn't get any answer from Naruto who already learned to just listen and do everything what is told to him and so he did.

Naruto focused all his chakra into to the leaf but it had no reaction which was strange,he already was taught by Anko who taught him how to practice his Natural affinity which was wind and water and he both got reactions with the leafs so there was something strange going on with this Leaf.

After a while Naruto quit because he already felt the Kyuubi starting to give him chakra he didn't ask for so he nodded to Kabuto who grabbed the leaf back and studied the leaf himself though he had a smile on his face.

"Well well what do we have here : It seems you are almost ready for it and that really surprises me, if you can do this than I might teach you it also but you have to wait a few months till I think you are ready and that isn't actually a lot because that is actually impressive for someone like you."said Kabuto only drawing a confused glance from Naruto making Kabuto chuckle once again

"You don't have to worry anymore Naruto, you have it though you just have to practice and once your practice is done then I can start teaching you things that are interesting."said Kabuto making Naruto just more confused but before he could ask anything he saw Kabuto walking away but then he turned around and showed Naruto the same Leaf he had in his hands and he knew he had to stare into it though he doesn't know why until it became clear to him : The Leaf was burning Blue!

It was not a normal fire either, it wasn't only blue but very very…cold ?

Naruto was flabbergasted at this and only heard once again a chuckle of Kabuto who enjoyed his reaction very much and walked away.

"For now just try and practice to put your chakra into this leaf and don't worry about which kind just make it one of the Leaf's Forest and you can start on training it and once the time is right then I will teach you how to do that no let me correct that phrase :Than I will teach you how to do that and more." Said Kabuto with a dark chuckle making Naruto just more confused and confused but it wasn't until he remembered he had already read about this with Kabuto.

"Wait a minute this is-"

Flashback ends

"This is forbidden jutsu huh, I wouldn't expect that Kabuto had something like that under his sleeve but still I wonder if I can do that also." Said Naruto to himself while trying to put chakra into it but no avail, he doesn't know why it must be a Leaf's forest one but he had a feeling Kabuto would tell him but Naruto didn't know if he had to be trilled or not.

"After all : Forbidden jutsu is known for damaging the users body in any way possible although still I didn't know Kabuto could do that the only one who was known for doing that were two people : The First and the Second Hokage." Said Naruto to himself once again while sighing.

He really had no idea what to do with this yet he knew it,it proved that Kabuto knew what he was teaching him yet it made him even more of a mystery.

Naruto was thinking strangely to himself but then he stopped he felt already one chakra signature coming towards him, actually two no three though the last one had to be Kakashi because he could his chakra quiet well.

"Sasuke-Kuuun."yelled a certain pink head loudly to even burn his ears off

'Oh great the shit will begin already with pressure on the shit.'thought Naruto rolling his eyes though he hid it quiet well but that doesn't mean that it didn't mean trouble wasn't going to begin

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